S.A.T. (Socially Awkward Teens)

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A novel about several mismatched lives

Chapter 1 (v.1) - S.A.T. (Socially Awkward Teens)

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Pandora's P.O.V.

Two hours. That's how long it took for me to finish my hair and makeup. Sometimes i think i should quit doing this whole "scene, kawaii" thing but then i look in the mirror and remember that i look pretty fucking cool. Five minutes before i started filming my MyTube video, i tool off my teeth whitening strips, making them white as a fresh pearls. Double checking my hair, i started the camera up. Besides, i had big news to tell my fans.

"Hey, it's Pandora Paws here and you're watching my vlog on MyTube! Now i know i usually do a weekly video, but last week, i found out some kinda big news, Well, at least to me. I am moving. And where am i moving to you might ask?" I start to drum on my thighs as i wait for the anticipation to build up. " Well I'm moving to Twin Falls, Idaho! i know, not the most exciting but I'll have jet lag, so no video for a couple of days. My room is all packed up and were flying. it's going to be a long flight from New South Whales, but I've always wanted to visit America. Well, that's my vlog update for new, I'll talk to you next time, Pandas! This is Pandora, signing off" I blew a kiss to the screen and turned the camera off.

I grabbed my ipod and turned on my "get up and go" playlist as i went out for a jog. I had to keep my size 2 figure didn't I?

Rebby's P.O.V.

Logging on to Mytube, i see the top trending. My eyes go wide when i see there is one labeled "Aussie, to Twin Falls, Idaho". What. The. Fuck. Why is this trending? no one gives a damn about Twin Falls. I would know because i LIVE in twin falls. I dragged my mouse over to the video and clicked with force, curiosity taking over me. "Hey, It's Pandora Paws!" This crazy looking girl with purple eyes looked gleefully at the camera, as if she was actually talking to someone. In some ways, i envy her. You can tell by just looking at her that she isn't shy one bit. Unlike me who is like a mouse and will run away at the sound of a light switch flipping on. I ended up zoning out and scrolling down in the comments. Of course, they were all telling her how much they hope she likes her new place and blah, blah, blah. I wanted to throw up looking at all this cutesy-wootsy crap. They only liked her because she's "pretty". Out of all the hate i could give her, i had one nice thing to say. she was unique. She finally started talking about her move to Idaho. it might sound bad, but her teeth annoyed me. They were...too white andperfect.At the end of the video, it signs off with her blowing a kiss. Again i envy her confidence, and how she can be so outgoing. If i tried to doing anything remotelyclose this, all my comments would be filled with hate. I can tack that on to my list of things that make me insecure. Pretty people.

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