Dragon Tide: Aladorian Blood War (Series): Noble Team

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - A New Adventure

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Chapter 1: A New Adventure

I stood in line with my twin brother Tox, waiting for our turn to sign up for the Frontal Offensive Unit. My name is Nox, I'm sixteen in human years, but at least forty in real years, if that makes sense to you. But put simply, I'm forty, but to a dragonling that's the same as being sixteen.

For some reason, people always think I'm pretty, on the rare moment when a perv comes along, 'sexy' is their choice of words. Fortunatly, my brother takes care of me, so I don't have to worry about it. I have long copper colored hair, light chocolate brown eyes, and a very light brown skin tone, with caramel colored 'patterns' along with it. I am wearing a tight red jumpsuit, with a white rose embroided on it, pretty much the only thing I LIKE to wear. When I do smile, it often dazzles people, even the sternest guard. However, I rarely smile anymore, especially since the damned war started. It doesn't help that I'm shy.

My brother gives me a stern look, and I realize that I've been tapping my foot impaciently.

"Sorry," I mumble. He gives an exasperated sigh, before turning his attention to the line. My brother is basically a male version of me, except he has hair that goes down to his shoulders, not to mention it's shaggy, and he is ver strong, while I couldn't fight a broom. Sad story right? See, I have a physical disorder, and can't be left alone or I'd just get hurt, so brother Tox is trying to get us ito the army succesfully.

After several minutes, I get bored and casually gaze around at my surroundings. We are in a large, bustling market square in the large town of Quinsati, one of the few standing Dragonling cities near the Fairywoodlands. Merchants are yelling, attempting to sell their goods, kids are running amuk playing tag, or beggint their parents to buy a toy or candy, and refugees are whispering about rumors they have heard while hiding in their corners. A busy, annoying place.

I eventually notice a man staring at me from the oppisite end of the square, in a hooded cloak. When he realizes I'm looking at him, he starts walking towards me. I immediatly tap my brother on the shoulder.

"Umm... Tox... trouble!" I say slightly paniced, as the man is still coming closer. Tox takes one look at him and balls his fists and growls,

"Hey, you, what do you want? Who are you?!"

The man was now standing in front of us, but it was clear he was an adult, young at that. His face was still obscured.

After a minute of silence from the man, Tox threw a punch, which the man easily stoped with his bare hand.

"A bit impacient, aren't you? But couragous, I'll give you that. Still, you need more power behind your punch, it was pathetic." Tox's eye twitched in irritation.

"You didn't answer me." He growls.

The man chuckles. "I really don't have to. Listen, I'd rather not see you two waste time here, so listen. There is a special unit called the Redhawks. Go and talk to the recruiter, and show him this." He holds out a buisness card, with only an insigina of a red bird on it. "He'll tell you what you need to do then. Well, see ya later."

"Wait!" My brother yells angerily as the man disappears in a giant burst of flame.

"Damn it all! Who was that jerk? And what the heck is the Redhawks?!" Tox yells in fury.

"Tox, please just calm down..." Tox cuts me off.

"Not now Nox! Come on, let's ask the recruiter about this." The line had thinned, and it was now our turn.

"What was going on just now, you two?" The recruiter asks, his eyes furrowed.

"Perhaps you can better explain it." Tox shows him the insignia, and the recruiter pales.

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