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Chapter 69 (v.1) - The Last Lines Drawn

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Submitted: September 23, 2012



Chapter 67: The Last Lines Drawn


We reach a huge, circular room in the temple, and Alexander stops walking.


“This is it.” He says quietly.


Huh? What is?


“The Sealing Stone Chambers. The Grandfather Dragon, when he sealed Ramok and himself away, he created these sets of stones. The blue ones,” He indicates the ones on his left, “Would be used to either tighten the seal on him, or release the Grandfather Dragon. As for the red ones…” The realization of what he is saying hits me immediately.


“So if we use the red seal stones… we’ll be able to seal away Ramok forever?”


Alexander shakes his head. “No. For maybe a hundred years, maybe more. But not forever.  Ramok’s seal can’t hold forever. The seals may only give us a day, we don’t know. But what I do know, is that we need all the help we can get, and right now, the Grandfather is the only one possibly strong enough to put an end to this, once and for all. Take the red seals, I’ll take the blue.”


I nod my head, and as I take them, I notice an eerie feeling about them, words of Chaos inscribed on them in red.


“So… how are we going to get in there? The Demon Shaft or whatever it’s called?”

Alexander sighs a bit. “Just so you know, I think it’s important that you know this… but Ramok isn’t evil… at least, HE isn’t.”


I give him a confused look. “Huh? What are you talking about Alexander?”


He sighs deeply. “Ramok, never was the true villain. It’s what is controlling him. That, Danica, is the true enemy.”


What he is saying slowly dawns on me. “You mean… he’s… possessed? By what?”


Alexander eyes me carefully. “A Dialadect. Not a demon, a Dialadect. Dialadects are beings that are cursed to have eternal life, but at the cost that if they are killed, they have no afterlife. After death, they are damned to nothingness. We don’t know how it got into Ramok, but we know that Ramok is far past saving. The only option we have is to put him out of his misery. All that really is left is a shell.”


No longer as enthusiastic as I was, I just nod. “So… how do we get into the Demon Shaft?”


He smiles rather grimly. “We go to the Sealed Grounds.”



Feltatus City…


We are gathered around a meeting table, a big one at that. Countless fairy generals are looking at the complex map we have put up, displaying Alesia, the Dragonling Isles, and the Chaotic Desert. I point out all of the known movements of the Gem and Insurrection armies, and Elizabeth looks up at me, concerned.


“But how would we get troops to the Chaotic Desert? Our navy is strong, but no match for air forces… of that magnitude! What are you planning, David? I’d like to know, in fact I think everyone here would like to know.”


I take a seat. “Sit, and I’ll tell you. My plan will take a while to explain in the absolute detail. Well? I’m waiting.” I cross my arms, and prop my feet on a footstool, looking very much carefree to the unobservant person. However, I am FAR from carefree. We have one day left before Alexander makes his move to stop Ramok, and we need to be in coordination. Otherwise… it won’t matter if they activate the emergency seals. The chaos energy of a civil war would absolutely destroy the seal. We CANNOT afford to waste time debating.


Reluctantly, Elizabeth and the generals take their seats, looking very anxious. I huff in small pleasure, eager to begin. I’m beginning to take after Alexander, he just loved to make us antsy about our missions.


“Alright, gentlemen… and women. I’m going to keep it simple, and simple I will keep it indeed. Our goals are simple, as long as you don’t over think it.


“First, we must cut through the Gem Fleets, both navy and air force. Then, we must establish a base of operations, and try to allow the Chromatics some naval breathing room. Assuming that goes well, considering the fact that we have some excellent tacticians in the room, we then begin to retake vital areas of the Chaotic Desert, such as food farms and mines. We must shut down all rogue weapon systems, we don’t want missiles on our behinds.”


I pause for breath. “Any questions?”


Elizabeth raises her hand. I look at her quizzically.




She smiles slightly. “You’re fairly long winded, aren’t you?” I sigh, irritated.


“Fairies. I forget how disarming your humor can be. Very funny, I’m sure. Let’s try to focus, please?” My voice has an edge of pleading in it, as I’m not in the mood for crap like that. When no more sarcastic questions pop up, I continue.


“Once we have secured vital Insurrection holding spots, we move to divide the enemy fronts and flank the enemies so that both our troops and the Chromatics can act as a anaconda, and crush them from both sides. Once we have done that, it is our job to get Tom to call his attacks off. And then, we route the Insurrection into surrender. Simple as that, assuming things go to plan.”


Elizabeth raises her hand again.


“What is it now?” I ask, getting irritated.


“What happens if things don’t go to plan?” She asks.


I give her a look of warning. “If things don’t go to plan, then Ramok will rise again anyway.” Silence fills the room.


“But… what does Ramok have to do with the Insurrection?” Elizabeth asks, confused.


I sigh deeply. “Everything. The civil war is fueling Ramok’s strength. Soon, if we don’t stop it, Ramok will be powerful enough to break through, even if Alexander and Danica activate the seal’s boosters. This mission is vital to their success.”


“Then there’s no alternative. We WON’T fail. If it means my daughter succeeds, I’ll gladly help you on this mission.”


I smile. “Thank you. Now, get your fleets ready. We need to get started. After today, we’ll only have three days to stop the Insurrection and stop Ramok.”


The fairies silently pack up, mentally preparing themselves for the upcoming battle. I can’t blame them. After all, this is life or death. And not just for them, but for Aladoria itself.




Central Isle, The Sealed Grounds…


After a brief teleport, we land in a giant clearing; the sound of the ocean’s roar is faint.


“Where are we, Alexander? I don’t recognize this place.”


Alexander smirks faintly. “This, little pixie is the Sealed Grounds. This is where Ramok was originally sealed away. It can be used as a doorway into the Demon Shaft. Stay here, I’ll be back soon. I have some last things to attend to before we go, and it’s a private matter, so please, stay.” With that, he leaps into air, and teleports away, leaving me to set up a fire and camp, figuring that I may as well get some well needed sleep. I close my eyes wearily, but grateful for the chance to rest.



A mysterious palace…



I, Signas, gaze upon my fellow Covenant assembled with distain. Only I have anywhere close to the power of Alexandi, as I have the greatest portion of his soul. My throne rises far above the others, as is my right as number one. Theta, right below me, growls in irritation. His growls are actually common language, only marred by a serious throat injury. His voice was never pleasant to listen to anyway.


“Theta, for the millionth time, I’ve told you what our goals are, it’s amazing how easily you forget.” I scold him, very much irritated with the whining fool.


“Grrrraaaauuuugghhh…!” He growls yet again, more insistent.


“Ask some other time. Not right now.” I snap, anger rising quickly.


Shade looks up at me with a questioning look.


“What is it?” I call out shortly.


“What does Danica have to do with the plan, Signas? You refuse to let me kill her! Why is this?! She should be punished!” She yells, forgetting her place, again.


I remain silent, to alert her of my impending wrath.


“S-s-Signas, it’s not necessary, I was only… GAulp!” She strangles out as I viciously seize her throat.


“She has EVERYTHING to do with it. When I call for her… execution, I will let you know. Light was merely a test of her abilities. And his as well. The fool died because he was too proud of his own power! And THAT, is the weakness of anyone. For now, we wait. We remain here until the situation… downstairs… improves.”


She looks at me, her eyes deeply confused.


“We’re… waiting…? But what if she can’t overcome him? She is far too weak! Light should not have lost to someone with such a weak soul…” She stutters to a stop, as my eye’s stern look silences her.


“She WILL overcome him. There is a difference between the strength of a person, and the strength of their soul. A great deal in fact. She has barely begun to evolve into her ultimate potential. The moment her soul gained Keido, was the moment Light was doomed.”


“And now, we wait for the right opportunity to strike, when she begins to unlock what is perhaps her greatest secret… that is when we strike.”


The moonlight of this world’s moon slowly begins to shine from the faint skylight.


Everything is going EXACTLY how I planned it.

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