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Dragon Tide Chronicles

Book Two: Dialadect Resurgence


It has been four months since Ramok disappeared back into the Searing Rift, the great hole torn into the world from his return. Stretching all the way down into the bowels of the planet, it travels into the Demon Shaft, an alternate dimension used by the gods to imprison their worst enemies, but it doesn’t stop there. It snakes down all the way into the Realm of the Arcane, the plane of magic itself. Here all the energy of the Universe is visible to the naked eye, and it is the source of all magic. It is here that Ramok remains trapped, locked in battle with his brother Xah’mmad. The question is, how long can Xah’mmad stand his ground?

While the two have fought, Aladoria has not slept in peace and quiet. In fact, it has been the polar opposite. The Dialadect, a race of planar beings consisting of millions of species, has begun to emerge from the Demon Shaft. While Aladoria may be engaging with them for the first time, this is not the first example of the devastation they are capable of. Only once before, have they ever caused chaos on Aladoria, and the side effects of their destruction led to the Dragonling Civil War.

An event that happened only five years ago; the Fall of the Towers of Torik.

A pristine night unlike any other, in the middle of summer. No one would ever imagine that an event could happen such as the fall of the greatest marvel of engineering and magic, the Towers of Torik, especially not on that warm summer’s eve. For much of the night, all was calm. But late in the dark hours, tragedy struck. A Dialadect, disguised as General Alexander, snuck into the flying city’s engine room. A huge explosion rocked the city, and one of its districts sailed far away, and crash landed on the Sapphire Isle. The rest of the city was not so fortunate. While they began to plummet down from the heavens, Alexander pursued the imposter throughout the falling city, desperate to stop it from getting away. However, he failed, it was already too late.

In a terrifying, ever increasing in speed plummet, the city began to nose dive. The sheer friction of the city moving against the atmosphere resulted in it turning into a giant flaming bomb, which screamed right over Feltatus on its way down. Halfway across the ocean, it finally impacted; the force flung millions into the skies, including Tomatahniel, the young son of Torik, and the current Elder of the Sapphire people. Tom, Alexander, and only a hundred others survived. However, the nightmare had only just begun.

A mere moment after impact came an earth shattering explosion, the like of which that rivals some of the strongest Destruction Bombs. No force could ever match the fierce devastating power of an Arcane Explosion. The explosion sent enormous tidal waves roaring across the ocean, and propelled Arcane Fire into the skies. Only hours after the tidal waves impacted, did the night truly transform from a night of peace and tranquility, to one of absolute disaster.

The Arcane Fire descended on the nations, a fire that no water can put out. It consumed the forests and destroyed countless lives. It was so strong, that even the very waters burned and boiled. For weeks after, terrible arcane storms would rage across the globe, wrecking further havoc.

However, it was one final event that spelled doom for the Chromatic people. The same imposter found Tom, and then proceeded to nearly kill him, and threw him over a cliff. The result was catastrophic. The Chromatic Dragonlings were put on trial, and accused of treachery. Under peaceful and armed relocation, the Chromatics were exiled, banished to the far away desert continent of Nadisera, the Chaotic Desert.

The Dialadect have many times laid waste to worlds in their time, and now, such devastation will only increase, as the long captivated devout beasts of Chaos now rise again. And this time, they won’t just divide Aladoria. If they are not stopped, they will literally bring the end of the world, and choke the planet lifeless.

The Chaos War has begun, and all those who cannot stand will be swept away in the new tide of death.

Submitted: November 26, 2012

© Copyright 2022 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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Charles Mausolf

Awesome start! I am so glad I can come back and finally can start reading your stories once more. this is such a good recap of things that has happened, also a grand start to things to come

Sun, February 10th, 2013 2:48am

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