Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dialadect Resurgence (Book 2)

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Power Beneath the Mask

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Chapter 10: Power Beneath the Mask


I ready myself, drawing my duel swords, hardly expecting a good outcome from this. Signas looks at me, and calmly points his index and middle finger at me.

“Lightning,” He says softly, I almost don’t catch it, and I dodge at the last second, as a massive arc of electricity bursts from his fingertips, missing me by only an inch.

So his main element is lightning? Usually people can only use one element, but then again…


I take a risk and dive at him, swords raised to skewer him. He looks up at me, and opens his hand so that his palm is exposed towards me.

“Fire.” He commands, and a massive fireball erupts right in my face, singeing my whole body in searing flames. I manage to get out with only minor burns, had I stayed longer, I would have been toast, literally.

Alright, Lightning and Fire, no problem. That’s his two main elements. I know there are exceptions to the rule, but there should be no way he knows more elements than that.

Even still, he’s no pushover if he uses gestures like this. I’m pretty sure that if you master the art of gestures, you no longer need to vocalize commands in the ancient dragonic language. I need to get towards the earth, where I have an advantage with my Earth Fairy War powers. If I can get him close to the ground, I should be able to counter him with my own magic more effectively.


I begin to fly away from him, towards the outskirts of town, flying as fast as I can. Only a minute later after I’m sure he’s decently behind me…

“What do you think you’re doing? Running from a fight?” Signas says almost in a bored tone, before kicking me in the face.


My body goes sailing back towards the city straight for a skyscraper.

Oh shit, this is gonna hurt… and I can’t stop myself in time…


CRASH! I break through the whole building in a mere second, and erupt in a shower of dust and glass through the other side, and keep flying until I hit a second one, and continue flying, right into Signas, who is waiting for me at the other end.


“Come now, this is easier than my morning exercises.” I spin around, and slice him in half. His top half looks down at his bottom half and then looks at me.

“Danica, look again.” I look in alarm as his two halves freeze over and become solid ice.

Ice as well? But then…

“KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE FIGHT, PXIE!” Signas yells as a massive whirlwind blasts me straight into the ground, the ground cracking and uplifting from the force.

Wind too? What the hell is going on? Don’t tell me he can… use all of them?!


“That’s right, Crown. I’m glad you’re noticing. The average spellcaster only has two main elements, and cannot hope to learn more than those two. Even the elves are bound by this limitation. I however have no such limits. In fact…”

He raises his hand and closes it in a fist at me, and the ground starts rising up like a shell around me, intent on crushing me to a bloody pulp.


“I will say that’s impressive, but earth won’t work on me!” I growl as the earth shifts to my control, and I form it into a suit of armor. I raise my swords and shift into a defensive stance.

For a moment, Signas is quiet. Then…

“Hmm hmm hmm…” Is he… laughing?

“Ha ha ha, very funny. But seriously,” He says, punching me in the cheek and shattering my earth armor as if it was glass, “Don’t pride yourself over such weak abilities. It makes you look even weaker.”


He suddenly melts into shadow.

Stop this, if you can.

I look out towards sea, and gasp. “Is that… A TSUNAMI?!” I scream. “How the hell am I gonna stop that thing?!”


A massive wall of water, ten times taller than the tallest skyscraper is roaring towards shore, as it travels it starts leaning over to crash down.

There’s no time, I’ve got to form an earthen shield, and quick!


Pouring my strength into my spell, I take a deep breath and will the earth in the bay to rise. It groans, creaks, and then slides up, becoming a massive wall of stone larger than the tsunami, and it collapses as soon as the wave hits, fortunately diluting the impact into the city.

“Whew… that about became a nightmare.”

“You have no idea…” A sword impales me from behind, and Signas stands behind me, his eye showing great frustration.


“And to think I had so much more planned for this. You’re not worth using my own Keido against. You’re not even worth this pathetic shell of a body your soul dwells in.”

I feebly attempt to slice him, but he just jumps back, taking out the sword as he jumps.

Haven’s Cloud’s blade drips with blood, MY blood, its own owner.

“Signas! Give me back my sword!” I point my blades at him in anger.

“Humph. Try and take it if you can. Call out to it with your will, see if it responds. Go on, try it.”

I feel deep within myself, searching for its presence. Please, come to me, aid me! Help me!

Nothing, though I feel the blade’s own presence within my soul, it’s as if it refuses to acknowledge my call.


“You see,” Signas says quietly. “This is what I meant. It’s not just a matter of asking for help, you need to be able to help yourself. It no longer acknowledges you for I am its proper master.”

I snarl in frustration, and lunge at him. He sighs, and rushes me as well. Before I can even swing my sword, he ducks under the blow I planned to make and punches me in the gut, sending me into the sky in mere moments, clouds zipping by my head. I pass through one, the water vapor chilling me to the bone and drenching my whole body. As I begin to slow, I notice Signas waiting for me.

In a millisecond, he drop kicks me, sending me crashing back down into the city streets, the impact destroying much of the road and the surrounding buildings.

I cough up blood, unable to move. Signas begins to appear, his image starting out multicolored and hazy before solidifying before me.

SMACK! He delivers a solid punch to my gut, making me spew crimson blood from my mouth, it begins to run down my chin and drip onto the ground.

I… couldn’t react… to any of those attacks… it was like, I completely lost sight of him in mere moments! How is he moving so fast?

A weird tingling goes throughout my body, and my injuries fade away.

“Get up. As much as it would please me to finish this, I know this isn’t the best you can do. Get up, and get serious or I swear by the goddesses I really will kill you this next time.”

I waste no time in getting back up, an angry scowl blazing on my face. Swinging my sword with deadly speed, he ducks his head back, only to find my second blade coming in from the opposite direction.

He leans back, the blade barely sniping his blond hair. He puts away Haven’s Cloud and draws two duel swords.

With a loud clang, our swords clash, and sparks fly. We start slowly, but as the duel progresses; our quiet dance becomes a violent dance to the death. Despite my best efforts, even when our blades start moving beyond normal speed, I’m barely able to dodge his offensives, and my blades are continually rejected by his pinpoint precision and speed.

Suddenly disappearing from sight, only to slice my right leg and my back, Signas begins moving even faster. His very body becomes a blur, his movements becoming more offensive as I am forced back into a defensive stance, just to avoid being stabbed in the heart.

Keep calm Danica, analyze. You’re doing fine, keep your head calm and focused, keep in the game and don’t let him score a hit. Every hit can determine the course of battle, focus!


Even with my best attention, I can no longer discern his movements except at the last second.


“Good, good, I was worried you were going to disappoint me.” Signas praises my swordplay, while not losing any of his lightning quick speed.

“I must admit, Light has nothing on your capabilities, I’m struggling to keep up now!” I reply, beginning to run out of breath.


We both step away from each other, and circle each other for a brief moment turned into hours of nerve racking tension, before we lunge yet again. Signas lands on his feet behind me, his swords covered in blood.

“Black Shadow Step, Cross Execution Cut.” He says dully as more than ten sword strikes to my chest, five to my back, two to each of my legs, and one shallow slice erupt with blood from my body, and I land on ground in a shivering heap.

Signas stands over me, sighing. “I take my words back; you’re still not even a challenge. Apparently swinging a sword is the only-“ I cut him off with a stab to the chest, fury in my eyes.

“You may mortally wound me, but don’t you damn lower your guard, you asshole! You could have done anything, but I will not forgive you for deliberately sending an attack on my home! I will not allow it!” I yell at him slowly getting back on my legs.


He looks down at the sword still wedged in his chest, as blood starts flowing from the wound and staining his cloak red.

“I see. Even with a  wound like that, you’d rather keep fighting and risk losing your life in defense of home. Admirable, one could even call it a sort of strength. That’s still not good enough.”

His body flickers, and turns multicolored, and then fades away. I hear a noise behind me and turn to have one of my arms sliced, almost losing it. I panic and move away, just barely avoiding losing it.

I double over in pain, the searing pain burning me where he severed my arm’s nerves.


I force myself to look up, and he’s completely unharmed, no trace of any injury on him at all.


“Wh-what is this? A-an illusion?!” I stammer.

He chuckles. “If only it were so simple.” He holds his arm out, and opens his hand.

“Spatial Reversal.” He says dully, and the nearly severed arm begins reattaching itself, and all the wounds and blood disappear from my body, in fact it feels like it never even lost blood.


He looks around, as people start coming to investigate the source of the fighting.

“This certainly won’t do.” He claps his hands, and a wave of force is emitted from him, spreading out everywhere.

“Time-Space Reversal.”

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