Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dialadect Resurgence (Book 2)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Collapse

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Chapter 11: Collapse


Everything begins to blur and distort, colors fade to grey and meld into an endless white. Slowly they pull out from the endless white and reemerge into a scene familiar to me, a sight I beheld only twenty minutes ago: Feltatus is once again far below me, masked by passing clouds.

“Just what the hell is this? Did he say, ‘Time-Space Reversal?’ How is it possible? I’ve never heard of such a power, in all my studies of magic! I may not be an expert, but I know enough to know…”

I turn to face Signas, who is staring at me passively.

“Time and Space magic is supposed to be something that only the gods use. Mortal magic users could never hope to attain such a power! Yet here YOU are, wielding it as if it’s second nature to you! Explain yourself!” I yell at him.


He narrows his eye. “Such demands are not for those so far beneath my level. While Ramok can destroy whole mountains and landscapes, that is a far cry from my own strength. With but a wish, I could issue all of civilization’s very oblivion.”

I smirk. “Then why not do it if you’re so mighty? Why kill random people for no apparent reasons? We know the Covenant is responsible for random disappearances and murders; I would like to know what such a powerful being like you could possibly get out of doing that! What’s your aim?!”


Signas tilts his head to one side, as if confused. “All this badgering, as if you honestly expect me to answer in your favor. But I’ll answer briefly, all the same. We seek individuality, to become complete, our own selves. As we are, we are but parts of another’s soul. Yet why should we simply be forced to return, and lose ourselves for someone else’s gain? That is the purpose of the Covenant, to protect and empower, so that we may rise as true Souls, no longer bound by the destiny fate would have for us.”

I frown. “Become whole? You want to become your own selves? What does that have to do with anything?”

Signas looks to me, his eyes unreadable as ever. “As far as you’re concerned, it has nothing to do with anything, you are indeed right. I need not explain ourselves to you any further than that. But because you’re a threat, that’s why I have ordered attacks on you before. But now you’re pathetic, no longer the threat we believed existed. But still, you have proved to be much stronger than I initially assumed. For that reason, I shall accommodate with holding much less of myself back than before.” He chuckles lightly. “I wonder how much of this you will be able to withstand before you pass to the next life.”

He stretches out his hands, and all around skyscrapers begin to rise, being torn from their foundations, dust clouds trail behind as they ascend. At first I barely register this, but then I realize as the sounds of people screaming reach my ear, what exactly he’s doing.

“You bastard…!” I snarl, just as Signas throws a skyscraper right at me, forcing me to duck down lower in the sky. Signas spins in the air, sending a whole barrage of them flying at me. I dodge them; the wind streams they create blow me around, making the task difficult. I look back, concerned for the people’s safety, and look back to Signas just as a skyscraper slams into me, knocking me into the ocean far below.

I struggle against the sinking currents caused by the skyscraper’s descent into the waters below, fighting even as my muscles start burning from the strain. I gradually work my way back to the surface, gasping for air. After I rest my longs for a minute, I immediately go back down to try and help the people trapped within their metal underwater prisons.

Signas kicks me with his knee right in my stomach, forcing me back out of the water, and into the air.

“YOU BASTARD! Let me through! There are people inside those buildings you’re tossing so carelessly!” I scream in anger, drawing my swords and charging him.

Signas starts laughing. “If it bothers you so much, then you should start catching them, after all this is a game of catch!” He yells as he lifts more buildings into the air.

“…Just who do you think you are?! You’re toying with people’s lives, treating them as if they’re worthless toys!” I yell at him, determined not to let him harm more people.


“Is that not what happens when you play with toys while you play your games? Sometimes they break.” He says carefree as he thrusts more buildings at me. I throw up walls of earth to stop and slow down the buildings from being thrown any farther, and move to strike Signas. He readies Haven’s Cloud, then charges at me in response.

I carefully time my dodge at the last second, and swing my sword at his masked head, aiming to cleave him at the neck. My sword makes impact, slices, but then completely goes through him as if he wasn’t even there.

WHAT?! I barely have time to think as a sword cuts me open at the waistline, and Signas sails right past me, blood flowing from his sword, MY blood, MY sword.


I hit… I hit… so why? How did that happen? I clearly should have cut his neck, I know I was on target, I didn’t miss! So how…? No, is his power that great, that he can alter the time that he…?


“Allow me to explain it to you clearly, Danica.” He says as my wound closes from his magic once more.

“It’s very tricky, Time and Space, they both have limited effects when used separately, one cannot change physical state in Time, yet can alter what time an attack actually lands. However, if I only did that, you would have seen my image blurred, my real body slightly behind my present body. By combining my power with Space, I am able to erase my body and existence, and either appear ahead of you or after you so that I strike first. That is the basics of the technique I’m using, though the actual technique is next to impossible to detect and counter, even with this knowledge. Unlike motion, I can travel without any particular alerting movements.”

He means that most fighters have a reflex that can give them away before they strike, but this technique doesn’t seem to have a flaw like that. He can stand perfectly still while using it, so I can’t judge what he’s going to do… damn…!


Signas rushes me again, thrusting his sword at me in a multitude of fast stabs, forcing me to go on the defensive and start to dodge and weave in and out through his strikes, and as I do so, I search for an opening. Eventually I detect a pattern and thrust me own sword under his guard and manage to stab him in the chest. Blood pours from his chest, and he stops and looks at me.

“…Well done, you paid attention to that opening. However…”

“AGGGH!” I yell out in pain as a blade runs through me from my back and out through my stomach.

“You fell for another trick. I don’t have to use my powers always together, they work very well apart. For instance, this Spatial Clone. A physical and spiritual clone, to the last detail.” He says from behind me, and as I watch, the one in front of me begins to fade away in multicolored light. I look behind me, and Signas holds Haven’s Cloud, the blade embedded well into my back.

“You’re keeping up with knowing my abilities, but your ability to foresee them and counter them is poor. If you cannot adapt in this situation, you will never defeat me, nor even come close to truly wounding me.”

That’s when I smile. “You know, I may not be all that powerful, but I still have my own tricks up my sleeve”. My face cracks, and my whole body turns to stone, and crumbles away.

Signas chuckles. “My my, unexpected. I see you have earth clones. Not as solid as my clones, but they feel real enough to fool someone. I assume you just cast the spell, because I can’t even trace where the real you is.”

I whisper behind him, “Maybe you should turn around.”

“Dan-“ I stab him straight in the back, my first sword piercing through a lung, and my second through his heart.

“UUUGH!” He chokes out, coughing up blood.


Hang on… what’s wrong with his voice?! It’s off… it sounds like…

“W-why would you…. Why would you k-k-kill me?” The voice of my boyfriend Drasmere chokes out in front of me.

“N-n-no! W-hat’s… what’s happening? Signas was right here, I stabbed him… and…”


“And you fell into another trap. Spatial Replacement Technique.” Signas says from behind me, laughter in his voice as Drasmere begins to slid off my sword blades and fall down below headfirst into the city.


“DRASMERE!!!” I scream, cold wet tears of pain rolling down my face. I turn to Signas with rage, “HOW DARE YOU-“


Signas grabs my throat, and violently crushes it, a gurgle is the only thing else that comes from my throat except for blood.


“Now join him, wretch.” He tosses me down with incredible force, and as I fall, my vision begins blacking out, blood raining down into the city. My vision blurs, my sense of hearing begins to be replaced with a high pitched ringing and echoing, leaving only my consciousness.

N-no… n-no… Drasmere…. How could I… kill my own… my own…


As I continue to fall, I pass into darkness and pain fades from my body, and I swear I hear:




“Danica, you pathetic weakling. Must I save your pathetic ass again?” The voice echoes over and over in my head, as I drift alone in the dark void.

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