Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dialadect Resurgence (Book 2)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Dragon Spirit Anoun

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Chapter 2: The Dragon Spirit Anoun


My vision fades to black, as I get the sensation of being pulled under a thick liquid. When my vision returns, the world’s color is gone. In its place is a land of greyscale, and everyone else isn’t moving.


“What’s happened?” I wonder aloud.


A deep echoing chuckle is the response I receive, and my reaction is to shudder. The voice which made that laugh sounded far from human, it sounded like that of a dragon. I turn to look at the entity behind me, and I behold a huge dragon.


“Who- WHAT are you? I’ve never seen a dragon like you before! Even a black dragon is nowhere near as dark in color as you!” I speak the truth, this dragon is devoid of all color, and the only color stands out sharply: his eyes. His armored, shadowy form barely holds itself together, as though he is made of mere smoke.


His reply is like a thousand blazing braziers burning through the air: “I am Anoun, the great Spirit Dragon of Darkness.”


My wonderful dark twin who Alexander insists I don’t associate myself with slowly appears next to him. I consider his words, and wonder why he is so upset about it anyway.


“You have been brought here by us to discuss something of dire importance. These… Dialadect that Alexander and Yashin have spoken of, they are far more dangerous than anyone could ever begin to imagine. They are a race we hoped would be one day forgotten. After all, their name means, ‘The Banished Ones’. Not only do they threaten the world now, but they have caused many troubles for the gods. They destroyed the Towers of Torik; there is no question of this. However, their history with Aladoria goes back much further. This is the second Chaos War in all of history. The first happened in the planet’s youth, although even I don’t remember much about it.  The world took many thousands of years to heal from those scars.”


“So they have been causing trouble for a while?”


The dragon spirit slowly nods. “It is important that you trust yourself …Danica, Crown.” He pauses before saying my name, which interests me.


“If you don’t learn to trust yourself, you won’t be able to defeat this evil.” He gestures to my Darkness, standing beside him. “Although, be mindful that she is not like your typical darkness. There is much more to her than one would realize.”


He looks at me. “Do not doubt yourself, but do not trust your own power to the point of foolishness.  Much of this world’s troubles have resulted from a mortal’s foolish belief that their power made them invincible to consequence and reality. That is why I have brought you here. And one more thing, seek out the Red Dragonflight leader, Cahroun. He will be vital to getting the dragons on your side, as well as uniting them against the forces of Chaos, for they are long divided by hate and jealousy.”


I nod. “Cahroun, I’ll remember it, thank you, Anoun.”


He chuckles wearily. “I wouldn’t thank me… not yet. Be careful, for Darkness is a power few can learn to control.”


His body fades, and everything else begins to blur. The last thing I see of the Spirit World is my twin giving me a playful wink.


We’ll keep in touch.”


Great… looking forward to it…


And with that, I awaken from my trip into the land of spirits and return to the living. I look to the far west, where the might Dragonfang Mountains await, far from sight. Historically, dragons have maintained a strict border with the mountains, prohibiting any from crossing beyond their foothills. Any attempt to do so has always led to retaliation of the most severe. Even with our advanced technology, we cannot defend from a sudden dragon assault.


If I am to succeed, I must cross over into the Land of the Dragons, a land unseen since ancient times.


Alexander walks up to me with a smirk.


“I see what you’re up too. Mind if I tag along?”


I smile. “Sure, I’ll need as much help as possible.”

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