Dragon Tide Chronicles: Dialadect Resurgence (Book 2)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Halls of Stone

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Submitted: July 18, 2013



Chapter 8: Halls of Stone


As me and Grimmhorn travel through the long marble hall, I look at the countless murals that decorate the walls. I spy a curious one which catches my interest and stop.


“What’s this mural about?” In the mural, a winged being depicted in gold showers light on the mountains, while below four mighty dwarves shake hands.


Grimmhorn pauses for a moment, and then keeps walking.


“That, Danica Crown, is a depiction of the elder days. Ye fairies would not remember those days, except in what ya’d refer to as, ‘fairy tales’, amusing as that phrase is. In the good old days, the four great Dwarf Nations and the Great Dragonling Kingdom were strong allies. Together, we prospered; there was peace among the four clans. Under the watch of Alexandi, there was much joy in the world. Even the humans, quarrelsome as they may be amongst themselves, they too enjoyed great peace. Even Yashin’s great kingdom cannot compare with that day and age of peace.” His tone sounds oddly nostalgic.


“If only those days could have lasted. What days they were. Now look at what we have. Our four clans lash out at each other’s throats, and the humans quarrel bitterly, attempted rebellions a way of life in Yashin’s kingdom.” He looks at me with eyes of regret.


“You know very well by know what ended those days. When the war between your nations started, everything collapsed. The good days ended.”


I always knew that the war devastated many lives, but… it affected more than just our warring nations… they affected everyone?


“Grimmhorn… I had no idea that war even had an effect outside our borders. I’m…”


Grimmhorn raises a hand to stop me.


“Enough, Danica. It’s alright. What is important is to know our past, but not to dwell on it. There are many who have yet to learn this lesson, and live by a life dedicated to hatred. It becomes the only thing worth living for, and their way of life.”


He looks to me with stern eyes.

“Aladoria has had great suffering; this world has seen much hatred and violence. That is no excuse to lose our selves.” He stops and puts a hand on my shoulder, with great difficulty.


“Danica, I believe that ye’r generation, who has faced the world in a way different from everyone else, has a true chance to understand one another. From both sides of the war, ye both share pain, so is it not true that by that alone ye have a bond ye can use to bridge these years of hatred? …Danica, I believe the one who will lead this world to a new age, a new era of peace, will be ye. The road will be long, the road will be tough. But in the end, I think it is possible.”


I stare at him with a sense of awe and respect. The dwarf lord has really been there, seen it all for himself. He’s seen so much more than me, and really understands this world more than I do.


I swallow hard. “Th-thank you…”


He smiles, his beard twitching from the movement.


“Danica, now’s not the time to be losing ye head. I’d get ye head together, because we’re almost at the mountain city.”


I turn back to the path ahead of us, where two heavily armored dwarf guards stand watch over an iron gate. Without a word, they eye each other and swing the gates open for us, the hinges creaking slowly.


A dim light pours out of the opening, over a crystalline city, countless spires twisting up high into the cavern in the mountain. A small hole in the roof lets in natural light from the sun, which is currently setting right into view.


“Wha…? What is the city made of? It looks… so beautiful! It’s magnificent!” I exclaim in wonder.


Grimmhorn’s beard twitches, he’s smiling again.


“Ever heard of quartz?” He chuckles.


I blink at him in surprise. “Quartz? I thought it was something more expensive, like diamond or…”


“Nope, just quartz, nothing too special.”

I look down at the center of the city, and notice something. There is a crystalline design, almost a golden color in an Alexandian Sun symbol, the mark of Alexandi.


I point it out to him, confused by its presence.


Grimmhorn strokes his beard. “Very observant, Danica. Most fairies wouldn’t have that kind of eyesight, I’d imagine. But what do I know about fairy eyesight? That was a gift from ol’ Alexandi. It allows our magic users to channel magic for any elaborate rituals. It’s the secret of my clan’s success against dragon attacks.”


I blink in surprise. “Dragon attacks?! You guys have been attacked by dragons?!”


Grimmhorn looks at me with an amused expression.

“Ya didn’t know that we dwarves and the dragons don’t get along? I’m amazed. For the longest time, our races have clashed over territory, and of course, gold and all of our other treasures. It’s not true that Dragons attack for the purpose of gold and stuff like that. It’s only true if it’s an attack on us. Our vaults have centuries of treasure stockpiled, unfortunately that is double edged sword. Dragons are almost magnetically attracted towards treasure, so it seems. The Metallic and Gem dragons aren’t the problem, it’s the damn Chromatics ya look out for.”


He sighs. “What’s ya interest in it? It isn’t anything special, though there’s rumors of a secret temple or something down below it. Our magicians have looked at the thing up and down and to the alley and found nothing special in that regard.”


I look at it for another moment.


“…Nothing really.”


Actually… there is… its kinda weird, but I’m getting a feeling as though it’s… calling me there. Is there something special about it that Alexandi wanted me to find? Wait a minute, I hardly know him, how would he even know me or care enough to do such a thing?! Man I gotta get my head straight!


We walk to the upper level of the city, a much classier and more designed section of the city at that. He indicates a large building, and enters, I follow him quickly. On the inside is polished dark wood, with extravagant silk rugs and carpets decorating the place. On the left and right are two long hallways, full of doors. He takes me to the right, and opens a door halfway down.


“For now, stay here. The next meeting with the other four lords will be arriving soon, yer quarters are that of a full house, so if ya need to bath or do anything else, feel free to make yaself at home. If ya would excuse me, I have important work to do.”


He closes the door softly, and I’m alone again in a foreign city.


Well, a bath might be relaxing after that nasty battle earlier on. After that, I think I’ll take a look around after dinner, it should be coming soon, right?


Man, this has been a long day.


I enter the bathroom, which is surprisingly ‘modern’. It perfectly matches the steel and tile standard of most fairy bathrooms.


This must be the ambassadorial quarters. They remind me of home. Mother’s probably worried, I should check in soon. There’s so much to… to…


What… the hell is that in my mirror?!


A black shadow figure stares at me from the mirror, a wicked smile on its face, its figure awfully familiar.


“Oh no, not this again! Alright… calm down…”


Close your eyes, don’t look, it’ll go away soon… calm down… everything will be just fine….


After a couple of minutes I dare to open my eyes and nearly jump out of my skin when my dark self not only is still there, but is standing right in front of me.


“You’re awfully rude, ya know. What the hell do you mean, what the hell is that?” She pauses as I stab her in the abdomen.


“You do know that won’t work on a spirit, right? I hope you realize that. Fine. I’ll leave you alone, but don’t blame me if you regret this later.” She spits, and then vanishes.


I’ve been seeing her more and more lately… her power is starting to scare me to be honest. How is it that I couldn’t have taken Ramok down alone, yet she was able to fire… what was it, a Herrio, and blow a huge chunk out of Ramok like it was nothing? …Regardless of that, he healed right away, so that was a moot point, but still! Just what is she, and how does she possess that kinda power?

Despite taking a bath, and even having a wonderful and entertaining meal hosted by Grimmhorn and his amusing jokes and interesting stories and legends, I can’t help shake off the feeling of dread and fear I felt when I saw her, my body continually shakes from the encounter. I stare out at the twilit cityscape of the dwarves, at the center of the city.


There it is, that pressure, that almost… need… to investigate that symbol… what’s with it anyway? It’s so weird… …Ok, if I keep thinking about this any longer, I’ll go insane!


After putting my armor on, and strapping my two duel swords to my belt, I fly out of my quarters and land in the center where the symbol remains embedded in the stone.


A weird feeling prickles my scalp, as though something is with me, watching my every move. I shudder, the feeling that someone just breathed down my neck striking fear into my heart.


And then it hits me, a moment before the voice falls on my ears.


There’s only one spiritual aura that can make me feel this way.


“Hello, Danica Crown. Fancy seeing you here.” The cold voice of Signas whispers in my ear before everything burns black, and a terrifying sensation of falling reverberated through my senses.

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