EX0L8: Retribution (Book 2)

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The continuation of EX0L8, BOOK 1. Sara continues her journey to Florida, in a race against the Director who gave her the name, 'EX0L8', his most prized experiment.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - EX0L8: Retribution (Book 2)

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A squad of armed men around a finely dressed man watches nervously over the calm ocean waters of Florida, fully aware of the danger their job involved. The man in the center knows perfectly well the capacity of the one he’s been waiting for. She personally took on a full regiment of fully trained US Armed Forces with no effort. But fighting isn’t why he brought himself all this way. He has a completely different agenda.

As senator of Florida, he knows now all too well her origins. After General Gunther professed to have sponsored and supported ReconTech in its illegal human experimentation projects, he had given the government much information on the project, including its known experiments. Perhaps the most important evidence to be brought against ReconTech would be its greatest experiment.

EX0L8, by his records, Sara Goodmen, resident of some obscure rural town by the sea. According to the latest knowledge he had acquired, Sara was inbound for Florida, but it would be highly unlikely that she would travel by land; instead, she would likely cut across the Gulf of Mexico.

His men start as a huge fountain of water erupts from the calm waters of the beach, and a barely clothed, ragged girl lands gracefully onto the beach. Her long, curled blond hair has water pouring from it, her entire body, and clothes are soaked. Piercing blue eyes stare at him and his armed guards, quickly analyzing them. Short, ragged breaths come from her lips, as she now feels the strain of crossing the Gulf for four weeks without a break.

For anyone else, it might’ve been impossible. But an ordinary girl, not even trained in athletic swimming, could cross a body of water like that? She is a rare, strong specimen indeed. Gunther told me her experiment designation was, ‘Mermaid’. Is that true? Is she really modified to that degree, or is it just abilities that earn that nick name?

“I know you must be thinking we are enemies, Sara. I know you probably don’t trust us. But listen before you act hasty. We are here to help you, help you reclaim the life you once lived, and to help you help us punish the man responsible for what has happened to you. Come with us, we can help you. There is no need for you to fight anyone now.”


The girl remains silent for a moment. Then, lifting her head, she says in a solemn voice,

“You may not be seeking a conflict, but if you truly had peaceful intentions, you would not even need to consider resorting to bringing armed men. If I decline to join you, you thought to try to use force.”

The one thing I told these buffoons was to hide their weapons so she didn’t get the wrong idea! I should have insisted more, and followed Gunther’s advice. Now things might get out of hand… quickly.

“I’m afraid that the reason I am going to be attacking you is a completely different reason than the one you are imagining. You imagine that the sight of these weapons poses a threat in my mind, and that I am going to react to them. That on another occasion might be true. However… what you want… and what I want are two different things. I have only one true goal now.


To live, to fight, to love. I have no interest in the ways of the rest of your kind. After I get what I have come for, I will never look back. I am moving forward, and putting one thing in my path. The Director will have a reckoning, he will suffer his retribution. And it will be…”

She reaches out for a guard’s neck, malice entering her eyes.

“By these hands.” She chokes the life out of the man, the other fleeing, dropping their weapons as they turn tail.


She silently walks up to the senator, a passive look on her face. She quickly decks him on the forehead, knocking him out swiftly.


“I will not feel sorry for those who get in my way. …Matthew… today begins my return, my first and last return to the place we grew up…”

A cloud parts from the sky, illuminating the land in the moon’s peaceful light. The radiance for a moment sooths Sara’s heart and peace fills her mind. Yet soon after dark memories poison her mind, threatening to destroy her sanity yet again. She clutches her forehead in agony as they collect in a seething tide of pain and emotion, until they eventually subside.

“Yes… these memories… they used to blind me with their violence, their strength. But now I can almost bare it. Goodbye, Instinct. You were a faithful guardian of my mind, but all that time… was it really four weeks? …It felt much less than a day… yet an eternity at the same time… during this last trip… you began to fade away, didn’t you? We were becoming one, even before the ocean…  And now we are one and the same… Your power, your wrath… and my heart… all one.


Look out Director… I’ll be coming for you soon…” Sara whispers with a deadly grin.

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