Chapter 10: Desperate Struggle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 9: Desperate Struggle


EX80A begins to laugh as EX0L8's body painfully begins to morph, her legs melting and fusing together into a tail fin once more. The metamorphisis tears her leggings apart, and ends up with EX0L8 lieing helplessly in the water.


"How pathetic, that your own unique abilities are your undoing!" The other blast doors slide open, and a storm of heavily armed guards surge through, the doors slam shut behind them.


"Damn it!" She yells, and sweeps up her gun and points it at EX80A. He calmly grabs it and crushes it into a ball, and tosses it aside.


"It's game over. It's time to give up."


The guards grab EXCaR and EXLG0, and begin to drag them away.


No... I won't... let it end like this... I'm doing this for Sara... for that 'Matthew'... for everyone the Director has made suffer! I can't give up now... GET UP!!!


EX80A flies back from the force of a tailslap directly to the face, and crashes into a wall.


"What? How did she...?" He notices a huge surge of water racing towards the guards.


"Damn you fools! Look out!" He yells, too late as EX0L8 races through the water, and trips them wither her tail. The force forces the guards to release EXCaR and EXLG0, sending them sailing into air. EX0L8 bursts out of the water, and gracefully catches them just before splashing back down into the water.


EX80A snarls, and charges her, flames trying to reignite. Smirking, EX0L8 splashes him with a wave of water, dousing him completely. She rises up, slaping him with her tail, using the extra momentum to begin whaling on him with her fists untill shes finally smashes him into the wall again.


"Uh...uh... are you ok?!" EXCaR squeaks in fright.


EX0L8 laughs bitterly. "I guess." She sinks down into the water.


EXLG0 tilts her head. "I hear something."


The sound of heavy running footsteps can be heard, and it is coming closer.


"Ugh, more guards. If only..." EX0L8 looks around desperately, trying to find a way out.


A alarm of some kind suddenly goes off.


"Excess water levels detected. Draining process iniciated."


A panel under the water slides open, revealing a massive drain.


EX0L8 smiles. "Hello escape route. Grab a hold of me."


EXCaR and EXLG0 nervously grab a hold of her waist, and EX0L8 smashes the drain open, just as the guards storm in. EX0L8 doesn't wait a moment, and plunges down into the pipe, rushing through like a torpedo.


Now to get myself out of this facility.

Submitted: December 07, 2012

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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