Chapter 12: Breserk

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 11: Berserk


Boom! With a heavy explosion of sound, EX0L8 tears through the grate on the side wall of Gate B.


"Well, that wasn't so... tough..."


About a thousand footsoldiers turn and point their guns at her. Unfortunatly, these men were decked out in full body armor, and happen to have double the average human's muscle mass.


"Ha ha ha," One of them says with a throaty, artifical voice. "End of the road for you, EX0L8."


EX0L8 snarls in frusteration.


This is going to be tough.


Gate A


"Listen, Agent Miranda, Agent Johnson, for the last time, we have a biohazard going on, and our security forces can't keep up! We'll be closed for a few days! Come back in another week, we'll be open by then."


This was the excuse that the gate officer was told to try to keep the FBI away untill the EX0L8 crisis was rectified.


"Now as you can see, we're quite busy, now would you please-"


BOOM! A massive explosion rocks the area, and a massive fireball roars into the air. Bodies fly everywhere, and one lands right next to the two FBI agents.


Miranda turns and gives the gate officer a cold stare with her light green eyes.


"Oh sure I believe you, there's nothing suspicious going on. Stuff it, I'm going in!"


The officer grabs her arm.


"Wait! You don't understand! Trust me, you do not want to go in there!" The man's voice trembles with fear.


Another explosion, and more men go flying. The FBI agents then clearly see the cause of the explosions. EX0L8 is armed with a guard's rocket launcher, and is mercilessly shooting them down.


Miranda darts forward, her short brown hair blowing back as she rushes EX0L8.


"FBI, drop the weapon now!" She yells, pointing her own gun at her.


As soon as Miranda gets too close, EX0L8's fist smashes into her stomach, and sends her flying. Her partner, Johnson, catches her with a soft, "ohf"! His black spiky hair gleams in the light, as does his sunglasses.


"That's some strength, for a little girl." He says quietly.


A soldier tries to sneak on EX0L8, but she simply blasts him without looking back.


A cold breeze blows as the three look at each other, their intentions concealed behind grim faces.


"Who... the hell are you?!" Miranda snarls, getting to her feet.


"EX0L8. That is my disignation. Get out of my way." She says without a heart of emotion in her voice.


"What are you, crazy?! You just killed several hundred men, and you tell me to just get out of your way? Are you some sort of moron?!"


EX0L8 raises her pistol. "I said out of the way."


"Or what?!" Miranda challenges.


In less then a second, and without a word, EX0L8 puts her arm around Miranda's neck, starting to strangle her.


"If you and your freind don't leave me alone, I'll kill you. I'll never come back to this place, no one will ever make me change my mind!"


Nervously, Johnson backs away, and EX0L8 takes her chance, tossing Miranda as she rushes through the gate, and disappears into the Washington pinewood forests.


The gate guard nervously stammers into his walkie talkie.


"D-Director, we have a very big problem. EX0L8 has escaped into the woods. She is now in the North Cascades National Park."


"What direction?" The Director asks coldly.


"Her current trajectory indicates she will be headed towards Lake Chelan."




The Director silently orders the sniper to shoot the guard, and orders a squad to take the FBI agents to Mount Vermon. They would have very little time before EX0L8 finds a town... and potentially starts an infection.



Submitted: December 19, 2012

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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