Chapter 14: A Flower Blossoms

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 12: A Flower Blossoms

Alex and Theresa return, both looking tired, but for some reason, Alex looks almost like a zombie.

"You okay?" Sara asks her timidly.

She nods quietly. She seems to be shaking a great deal, something that Sara notices easily.

"What's wrong? I know there is something wrong, so just tell me and save us the trouble."

Alex doesn't reply, but instead falls on her kness, and starts to cough up blood.

Sara pales at the sight of blood.

"A-Alex?! What's wrong?"

Alex starts to cough more and more violently, as two huge wings rip out of her back, causing her to cry out in pain, and then passing out.

Sara turns frantically to Theresa, who looks just as frightened as she is.

"What's happening?"

Theresa sighs heavily. "She's undergoing her change. She's just now growing her wings, we did say that she is Angel, and I am Centaur. I am also due for my final change, when I grow into a full centaur."

This could be bad, Sara. If they're changing now, it'll slow us down.

I know, but we can't just leave them behind!

I wasn't suggesting that, Sara. However, our situation is critical. The Director must have sent a search party out by now, they could find us at any moment.

Yeah... I know.. but what do we do?

...See that cave to our right? Let's hide there. I can already smell human scents approaching this area.


"Alright, let's go in that cave, we need to hide. There's a possibility that they're on to us."

Theresa nods. "Ok, but I don't think Alex can stand on her own."

Sara smiles. "That's alright, I can help you carry her inside."

They work together, and after a few minutes, they manage to drag a gasping Alex into the cave.

They take turns on watch, every other hour, one watched the outside, while the other cared for Alex.

On Sara's third turn, she noticed something abnormal with Alex.

"Alex... you've just grown several inches in this last minute! You looked like a ten year old before, now you almost look like a teenager like me! Theresa, come quick! Something else is going on with Alex!"

Theresa scrambles in, and she is taken aback by Alex's change.

"How old are you two anyway?" Sara asks with concern.

"I'm seven, Alex is eight. To me, it looks like you are an eighteen year old, but I'm pretty sure you're sixteen, am I right?"

Sara looks at her with surprise. "Umm... yes I am sixteen. Wha- wait, you mean you guys aren't even ten years old?!" Sara yelps.

What is the Director doing with us?! Why is this happening to us anyway? Alex now is starting to look more like a teen then a ten year old, and she's only eight! On top of that, her wings are still growing like crazy! Why is this happening to our bodies?

D-d-amn... She struggles, her split personality preventing her from feeling anger.

Alex's breath grows heavier and hotter, her breath becoming visible with clouds of vapor. Her head is red hot from a fever, and her eyes look unfocused.

Just what does he want with us?!

Submitted: January 09, 2013

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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