Chapter 15: Playing Chess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 14: Playing Chess


"I don't understand, if EX0L8's purpose is to mate and muliply, how does she even infect people? And more importantly, why are you so worried about capturing her?" Gunther asks The Director impatiently.


"Her condition is spread via contact with the body." He finally replies, in a monotone.


Gunther starts. "Wait, so did she infect me when she smacked my on the head?!"


The Director simply chuckles. "No, not quite. It requires contact from WITHIN her body. Coughing, sneezing, contact with a bodily fluid, she could therefore transmit by kissing or through reproduction. You're in no danger."


Gunther relaxes, just a little bit. "Alright, I guess that's good to here. But what about that Matthew person? Did you ever find out who he is?"


"...Yes, I did."


Gunther blinks. "Umm... ok. So then who is he?"


"...He is a boy from Florida, he is currently living with his mother. It is suggested that he has feelings for subject EX0L8 in her former life. It would appear that this affection was mutual, but neither party was capable of telling the other."


Gunther looks at him sharply.


"What's changed? Why would she be so obessed with him now? Her affection couldn't be that strong could it? Now that I think about it, a report said she cried that name during the night. Puzzling."


"Not at all," The Director says. "It has to do with the modifications her new DNA I implanted altering her behavour. All of the subjects develop a natural desire, an instinct to find a partner for life. Similar to what you would call a soulmate, she has no one else in her past that she remembers. That makes him the only possible choice."


The Director then turns and faces Gunther.


"He plays soccer and football on the school team, quite well. However, he does take pride in his studies, and maintains straight A's in all classes. Of all of them, his favorite class is science. THAT, is a good son, I should think."


"Uhhh... how on earth did you..."


The Director continues, ignoring his question.


"He lives with his mother, ironic considering that he pays everything for her. He is a loyal, true freind and would never think of betraying them. However, he has an concerning fear of the unknown and change, as well as distrust to that which is not normal. It could wind up to be a serious problem later on."


Gunther gives him a wide-eyed look of confusion.


"Ok, seriously. How on earth would you know this much about him? You've never met him, and I'm pretty sure you don't have authorized use of government computers."


The Director just gives him a coy smile.




Matthew's mother, Rebecca Brown, looks miserably at the mantle, at the picture frame that symbolized her family several years ago. The man that is and was her husband stood tall, a firm smile on his face with stern blue eyes, and dark brown hair. He wore glasses that fit in well with his face, and wore a large, clean white lab coat. He tucked his hands into it, a habit that surely would never fade away.


He was a genius, a renowned scientist of the genetic science field. Even though he had left them for his work, he still payed for their monetary needs, but it was Matthew that gave them their spending money.


She just wishes that he would be here for her son, especially since these difficult times have come up.




The Director laughs at Gunther's confused question.


"How would I know these things you say? I never said I didn't know him, in fact I HAVE met him before. I know all of this because it's my JOB. I'm that boy's father. Not that it matters anymore. I have no purpose in store for him or his mother. Society is the only reason I even pay a check."


He laughs coldy, and walks out of the office. Once he is gone, Gunther growls.


"You cold, sick bastard..."

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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ohh... I like that twist, plus god that Director is evil.

Sun, January 13th, 2013 6:44am


:) Thanks! Glad you liked the chapter!

Sun, January 13th, 2013 4:44am

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