Chapter 16: Artillery

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 15: Artillery


The sounds of armor clad soldiers marching through the forest rumble like thunder, filling Sara and the others with dread. Alex now fully looks like a teenager. Her pain is gone, but she has inherited from it a killer headache.


"Sara, what will we do? They're everywhere!" Theresa asks softly.


Sara. Give me more time. If you can stall them for about an hour, I can take over for a while. However, in this condition, Alex will slow us down.




"THERE you are. I finally found ya, ya little buggers!" A man's voice booms.


Sara, no time for moral debates! Fight back!


I can't!


SARA!! Instinct roars. Grow a spine already! I will help you, but you have to listen to what I say!


O-ok! S-s-sorry!


No apologizing, incoming big dude!


BAM! A giant meaty fist slams next to Sara, who launches herself up high, out of the cave.



High above the forest, Agents Miranda and Thomas observe the treeline from a copter. Along with five others, they were on a new mission. Arrest the Director and hold him for questioning regarding the strange events that occurred earlier at his private facility, Recon Tech. Recon Tech is a military grade facility, paid for by the military. So of course, they would have to bring an equivalent to counter any resistance.


But in addition, find and bring in any one who might know what he has been up to... most likely that girl that was seen leaving the facility.


Miranda cocks her gun, and gives the signal to move it. The copter lowers carefully, just above the leaves, where they drop down into the forest of needles. They already hear the sound of fighting, and laughter of men. Something is already happening.



Left! That's not your left! That's your RIGHT! Instinct roars at Sara, who is desperately attempting to fight back against the super soldier, who evidently must be another one of the Director's crack joy freinds.


WHAM! Sara finally lands a crippling hit to his chin, sending him stumbling backward.


He regains his footing, and snarls.


"Not bad kid. However, time is-"


BOOM! A rocket blasts him to piecies, and from the smoke emerges the two FBI agents from before. The guy calmly wields a smoking rocket launcher, while the woman carries two semi automatic pistols. When she sees Sara, her face softens, and she reaches a hand out, unaware that this is her target. While Sara may share semblance to other other self, her eyes are timid, and her long flowing hair makes her look completely different.


"Girl, are you alright?"


Sara, run.




Just run.


"Alex! Fly away with Theresa and get out of here!!" Sara yells, then frantically races for the cover of the trees. Behind her, Alex takes flight with Theresa in her arms, and they fly away safely, much to the other soldier's anger.


"Wait! Girl! Hold on a minute!" The agent yells behind her, struggling to keep up with Sara's frantic pace.


Sara, thanks for holding out so long for me. Go ahead and switch, I've got you covered for at least twenty four hours.


...Thank you. I just... really want to rest...


As Sara recedes within herself, and Instinct emerges, she says softly,


I know. Just rest for now. I've got your back.



It hits Miranda, Thomas, and the footsoldiers at the same time: that girl was their target, and they'd just let her get away.


"Damn! Thomas, take care of the soldiers! I'm going after the girl!"


"Gotcha!" He yells, firing his weapon at the soldiers, forcing them to take cover.

"Get going, but DON'T over do it like our last mission!"


Miranda rushes off, and notes the stride of her quarry.


"She's fast... I'll have to use a more desperate measure to catch up..."

Submitted: January 17, 2013

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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