Chapter 19: Return From The Wild

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 18: Return From The Wild


Several days later Sara and Instinct find themselves at a beach, after a long, tiresome journey.


The city of Los Angeles sprawls out ahead of them, but all they know is that they need to find a place to stay. Wearing fresh new clothes she stole from a general store farther back, she sighs.


I wonder how long it will take for the Director to find us.


The Director sighs, and puts his phone down.


"Gunther. She's nowhere to be found. She's your jurisdiction now. She's most likely at Los Angeles by now. You'll have to move quickly to stop her now."


Gunther shoots him a cold stare.


"I thought you planned on freeing her anyway."


The Director nods. "That was until her unstable personality developed. I want to fic her before she meets Matthew."


Gunther growls. "What's your son got to do with this anyway? Are you seriously just using him?! He's not just a tool you know! He's your son!"


"Matthew is the only one EX0L8 really cares about. She is an orphan after all." He states calmly, ignoring Gunther's outburst.


Gunther walks away furiously, as much as he hates it, he doesn't have a choice. He has to do what Issac, his so called freind demands.


He straps on his armor, grabs his assault rifle, and storms out of Recon Tech's facility. He will have to draw on important allies to find EX0L8 quickly.


She can run, but she cannot hide from the military.


Sara finds her way into a park, where she thinks it will be a good place to stay. However, dark clouds are growing across the sky, and she can hear thunder rumbling.


Ah perfect! If I get wet, someone will see me for sure! And plus, I'm so hungry it hurts! What do I do?!


While she mourns her situation, a teenager walks up to her.


"Hey, are you alright? It's going to rain really hard tonight, you should go home!"


Sara smiles meekly.


"The thing is, I don't really have a place... I guess this is as good as I'll get-"


"Oh you're homeless? No problem. you can stay at my place!"


Sara looks at her appalled. "Is that ok with your parents?!"


The girl smiles. "I live on my own, I'm eighteen. Come on, I'll take you there."


"Oh really?! Thank you so much!!" Without thinking, she leaps up and gives the girl a big hug, and kisses her cheek.


Realizing what she just did must see awkward, she flushes. "Oh.... I'm so sorry, I just go so happy I-"


The girl laughs. "Chill out, I understand! It's good to be grateful. Come on, let's go before we get wet!"


Sara reluctantly and carefully walks after her.


Sara. Why did you do that? That's not normal, even for your airheaded nature. What was that for?


...I don't know. I don't really know why I did that, It felt like it wasn't voluntary.


That's strange... let's go. We should move along before the storm comes.

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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