Chapter 27: The Departure

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 27: The Departure


The Director walks into the dark room, a silent frown on his face.


"Counciler, are you awake?" He calls out softly.


"But of course, dear Director." An artifical voice, the sound of an AI speaking rings out from up high. Lights flash on, and the Director stands in a massive chamber full of electronics. In the center, attached to the ceiling, is a massive device that moves as though sentinent. Its 'head' has a massive light that switches between every color. The light blinks like a real human eye, and locks onto the Director.


"How may I help you today? Do you need me to run a calculation for a new species?"


"...With all of these setbacks... these complications... do you think our program will fail? After all of this work, I'm worried that things are going to fall on our heads. Will it all end in failure, or is there a way out of all of this?" The Director asks, stress playing in his voice.


"Why not at all, Director. The venture is doing well. As I predicted they would, the organisims created from the artifical genes that I discovered how to procure have a strong desire to spread their condition. If you remember, this is a keystone to the success of the plan. I will admit the legal complications of the FBI mucking about in our buisness could slow us down. It's a far cry from commerical selling at this rate, considering the amount of trouble we could end up in at this point.


However, do not dispair. If things do not work out, there's always our mentioned... plan B. Don't worry, one way or another this plan shall succeed."


The Director thinks for a moment.


"What about Russia? Our comrades and the Central AI there are silent. They've not responded to any communications in some time. Do you think we should-"


"Do not worry, there's no need for concern Director, I'm sure they can take care of their own... projects." The Counciler says quickly.


"...Very well. I am heading off to intercept one of the Mere."


Once he leaves, the Counciler chuckles to himself.


"Oh what pleasures are mine... countless lifetimes... countless research, I do believe victory is at hand. I shall enjoy watching the next step in human evolution unfold..."


Getting through security at the station was easy, no one even batted an eye when Racheal boarded the train, and it left on schedule with no delays. Soon, L.A. begins to roll behind her, as she travels to the east. She just hopes that Sara would get through to safety as well.



"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Soldiers yell and scream in panic as Sara and Instinct rip through their defenses, sending those who get in their way flying.


"Out of the way!" They yell, racing through the highway at reckless speed. With one last push forward, she flies out of L.A.'s quarrintined streets, out of the city limits, and on her way to freedom.


Laughing from the adrineline rush, wind roaring in her ears, she soon escapes into rural Califorina, turning east.


"Catch me now, Director!" She mockingly yells into the evening air.



In a snowed out woodlog cabin in Washington, FBI Agent Thomas looks at the unconcious... thing laying in the bed of the living room.


This thing... what is it? Is it like the girl we were after, one of ReconTech's experiments? He wonders, focused intentyl on the unconcious creature. He had found it lying out in the cold, its eyes shot out, yet somehow holding onto life. It had been a painful, slow process, but he had finally brought it back to stable condition.


I have got to thank Mother for insisting I take a medical degree... it actually came in handy.


A low groan issues from its mouth.


"Man, I can tell that this is going to be a long day."

Submitted: March 09, 2013

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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