Chapter 29: An Encounter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 29: An Encounter


Sara watches the country side, waiting. Perched in the snowy mountaintops, she waits for Racheal's train to pass through the tunnel far below.


Quietly, a soldier observes her with curious intent. He has followed her all the way from L.A., using his skills in tracking to keep up with her. However, his actions are against his orders to regroup.


He watches her as she silently gazes onto the plains far ahead, as though she were a predator silently awaiting her prey.


I was there when she killed all of those men... I don't know how she didn't notice me...


The higher ups haven't told us anything. And the things she's done... are clearly not human... what is she?


His foot slips, and her head immediatly looks in his direction. After a few intense minutes, she relaxes and turns around.


He swallows.


I've got to be more careful!


Sara sniffs the air, something begins to bother her nose. Not sensing the source, she focuses on a more stressing issue: the snow when it melts dampens her shoes. Soon the water will leak through and touch her skin. There is a pool of water she found in the foothills she can hide in, but she needs to move quickly. She moves to get up, but quickly senses a faint noise, like something sliding on the snow.


Is someone following me?


She looks around, but doesn't see anyone.


Someone's definatly here. Somewhere over behind the ridge, but I can't tell where exactly.


She gets up, and starts climbing down the mountain with relative ease, until she is out of sight of her unseen watcher.


What is she waiting for? Did she find it?


The soldier wonders, then begins to follow in her tracks. What would take her a few minutes would take several hours of painful navigating on the steep slope for him. He stumbles once, and afterwards does not have any other issues. He follows her trail down into the thick trees below, where he silently watches for signs of her presence. Finally, he comes across a hidden pool ringed by a raised lip of rock. The pool itself is very deep, he cannot see into the bottom.


A branch cracks, and a girls whisper says, "Ah, I found you." She laughs, and then a strong blow to the head knocks him out cold.


When he wakes up, his armor and shirt are off, and hanging in a brank.


The heck? Why are those there? Where is she anyway?


He notes a disturbance in the water, which rises until the head of the girl emerges from the depths. She smiles almost playfully, her perviously solid blue eyes now have a strange violet red hue in them.


"Well, you're awake. I've got questions for you." She speaks with a hint of secret amusement.


"I-I've got my own questions for you too. Starting with-" She holds up a hand to silence him.


"I'll ask the questions. I reconize you from before, when I fought those men. I let you live, because you didn't shoot at me."


"First off, do you know why-"


"Just what are you? How can bullets not affect you?!" He interupts, earning a deadly glare from her.


"If you have been actually paying attention, I've already revealed what I am to you. Or is the water too murky for you to see down to see?"


She moves forward, but differently from a human's walk. She grabs the top of his head, and he starts to struggle.


"Calm down. I'm not going to kill you. At least not right now."


She slowly pushes him down, down into the water. What he sees surprises him.


Her top half is clothed, and human. but when he looks down past the edge of her shirt, which reaches down past her pelvis, he sees a long tailfin.


He almost forgets to hold in his breath from astonishment. She lets him up, and he gasps, but not so much for the need of oxegen than for his immense surprise.


"How did this happen to you? Were you born this way?"


Millions of questions flood his mind.


She gives him a look.


"First question, boy. Were you sent here after me, and if so, who?"


He swallows, hard. "I came of my own whim, no one has sent me here. I came out of curiousity."


Her head tilts to one side, curious herself. "How old are you anyway?"


He gives her a look of confusion. "I just joined a month ago, twenty four."


She studies his face oddly, and then sighs.


"Alright then."


Suddenly, her hands grab his throat, choking him. Her eyes are a deadly blood red, uncaring.


"Sorry, but I can't let you live. You're only going to give me away to whoever is your boss."


He wants to scream, 'No, I wouldn't!" but he can't even breath to protest.


No! Don't kill him! Sara yells to Instinct.


He will give us away!! She yells back.


Just let him go, it's not worth it! He hasn't done anything wrong! Sara pleads.


Alright then, what do YOU suggest doing then? We can't trust him!


...I don't know.


Instinct thinks for a moment.


Very well, if I can't kill him, I'll make sure he won't dare go against us. I'll make him one of us.


What?! No, don't do that! Aren't you just doing what the Director wants?!


The soldier feels his throat open, she is no longer strangling him. She tilts his head up to look straight in her eyes.


"What is your name?" She asks in a strange tone of voice, mesmerizing and normal at the same time.


"...A-Andrew Smith..." He murmurs.


Wha...what's going on here?! Wasn't she about to kill me? Why is she... looking... at me... like that??


She plants a sharp kiss directly on his forehead. Sara let's out a stormcloud of anger roll through their mindlink, furious.


Andrew feels a burning sensation starting in his body, slowly growing more painful by the moment.


Instinct swims to the other side of the pool, and pulls herself out. Drying her fin off with a towel she found in a cabin, her legs quickly return to normal. She puts on shorts, and walks away as Andrew's cries of pain start to echo out.


As soon as they head back out into the open plains, Sara rips control from Instinct, furious.


While... while you were kissing him, we missed Racheal's train! What's wrong with you?! She mentally points out the now distant train far up ahead.


Sometimes, I hate you... I... I wish you didn't exist!!!

Submitted: March 14, 2013

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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