Chapter 30: Final Road (Finale)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 30: Final Road


...Sara? Instinct calls out to Sara, as waves crash at the seashore beside them.


What? She says bitterly.


...I'm sorry.


...It's not important anymore. If we can't find Racheal, we can't find her. the Director knows we're going to Florida, we need to disappear.




They stare off at the Texan countryside behind them, breathing in the last air from the land they will breath for a while.


It's time... now that we're here, at the Gulf of Mexico, the Director will not be able to find us. Once we find Matthew, we'll take him with us, get our freinds back... and then...


She closes her eyes.


The Director will pay.


With that thought, Sara runs into the water, and as her change starts, dives into the pristine water and swims deep into the sea. She begins to travel at a depth that would make it impossible for the Director to track her down, far out of his reach.


She swims along with the fish, sharks, and the rest of the beings of the ocean. She breathes in deeply, entering a trance-like state as she heads east to Florida, to home, and to Matthew.


The Director sniffs the air, concerned.


"She was just around here."


His two accompanying assistance look at him.


"What makes you say that?" The short black haired assistant asks him impassively.


"Because I can smell her scent. Let's move. The other one will be arriving in town soon. Let's move."


The two assistants look at one another, concerned.


The Director declines any transportation, taking his time. His vision blurs, and he blinks furiously.


Damn sight. I should have been more careful with the Tracker modification. I'm not losing sight... I'm losing my sense of color...


But it has its benifets.


He can smell that other girl, the one that EX0L8 had infected. She would be arriving soon by train, and he had the advantage of time.


He reaches the town's train station, and waits paitently, a confident smile on his face.




Racheal wakes up from her afternoon nap, feeling refreshed. The town's outline is fastly growing larger, soon she will meet up with Sara and head with her to Florida. The sky is a brilliant blue, but a storm is fast approaching. Thunder rumbles and lightning flashes on its edge. It would strike before the train would arrive, just before she would get off.


She observes the trees that blow in the wind of rural houses, the wind picks up, whipping up small squalls of dust. Soon the rain falls, first little taps, and then slowly growing into a loud endless droning roar. It soon grows very dark, the only light  comes from the lightning which lets loose on the earth, as if violent spirits were waging war.


The train slows, and finally stops. A low wave of sound eases through the train, people start to talk amongst themselves, getting ready to get off.


Racheal only takes her purse, with all of her information inside. Dispite her confidince, she feels uneasy about the storm, and getting wet.


If I get wet, I'll transform...


She slowly walks out and into the cab isle, to the train's exit. She takes a deep breath and steps out, under an umbrella, held by...


A man in a lab coat.


He holds up the umbrella, smiling.


"May I help you out of this rain? Do you have a ride, young girl? Or can you handle yourself at the station?" He says warmly, a sincere look on his face.


Her hair on her neck still stands straight up, she doesn't trust him.


Not having another option, she cautiously follows him inside, and he leaves her alone, to help the other passangers.


She breaths a sigh of relief, when a voice says from behind her, while she watches the man,


"Too bad huh? He's such a nice man, helping a sweet young girl from the cold rain..."


That voice! She turns, to face that monster of a man, the Director.


She turns to run, and bolts through the station, to the other side.


She almost makes it to the exit, when he cuts her off out of nowhere.


She throws a punch at him, but he blocks it, and gives her a suprised, almost confused look.


"Why aren't you stronger? I should have been budged backward by the force of your strike. Could it be that you only inherited speed from EX0L8? No matter. You're coming with me."


Racheal's eyes open wide with terror, and she turns to run, but he grabs her and covers her mouth and nose with a tranquilizer covered cloth. She loses conciousness, and he smiles triumphantly.


"Oh sad little thing. You didn't have a prayer against your own true creator. This proves one thing to me. Those infected and born of these magnificent creatures, as though are born from their creator, recieve their traits in different proportions. Truely, the essense of evolution itself is manifiested in these!"


He slings her over his shoulder, and says to the gunman next to him,


"Kill the witnesses. I'm leaving, and your pay shall be well worth."


The gunman chuckles darkly, and draws his gun.


The Director walks away, leaving only the man to his dark desires, while he seeks his own.


A van pulls up, and he places her in the back, chained to the wall. He climbs in the passanger seat, and nods to the driver. They drive away, and soon reach a fork in the road, where a limo waits for the Director.


"Take her to the labs. You know what to do." He says to his assistants, before stepping out and into the limo. He seats himself in the back, nodding for his own driver to proceed.


He had captured one, but it is the Alpha, the leader of the Mere, their queen which matters most ot him. He has to reach Florida, and bring her back. One way or another.


The soldier lurked outside the train station, and had observed the kidnapping of the girl. He had watched the gunman kill innocent lives, and watched the van drive off. From a mere instinct, he had determined that the man in the lab coat was responsible for the creation of these beings, and for his own transformation as well.


He has never been one for revenge. Even as he heads south to the beachfront, he doesn't hate the girl for changing him. He doesn't even care about that.


He hates the fact that this man must be behind General Gunther's behavior and orders. If this is to retrieve the beings, then he was being used in a massive cover up, most likely to keep the beings a secret.


He doesn't know why, but he has no sense of loyalty to the army anymore. Maybe he just knows he as to warn the girl before the man finds her. And for some reason, he knows exactly where to go from here. Into the ocean.


Gunther looks out the hopsital's window, even after being cleared to leave.


"Um... sir, you do know that you can go right?" The nurse asks timidly.


"Yes I know. Just give me a few more minutes."


Gunther ponders everything that has happened, since the begining. At first, he had ordered ReconTech himself to carry out these things, to experiment on superhuman projects. He felt no guilt in doing so, he didn't care about the details. All he wanted was the results.


But then he met Sara, and her alternate identity, EX0L8. He saw her pain, and for the first time, understood the depth of what he had done. Gulit began to burn at his councious, and eat at his dreams. He could not bare it.


To rid himself of this guilt, he contacted ReconTech's rival, BioMech, the manufactorer of prospheitic body parts. He had them implant a computer chip in her brain, which then activated, disabling her bindings and changed the security logs. It was all to rid himself of guilt.


It wasn't enough. He became convinced that he had to admit, to pay for what he had done.


Yes, all of this is his fault. And now, Gunther feels he's spent enough time delaying. With or without her, he'd do what is right. He'd testify in court, even if it meant jail. Even...


...if it meant death.




What would matter is he would die, doing the right thing.

Submitted: March 14, 2013

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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Love how the director called her the queen. Very cool.

Fri, March 15th, 2013 7:54am


Thanks, glad to hear from you!

Fri, March 15th, 2013 5:49pm

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