Chapter 31: Epilouge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Matthew weaves in and out of the crowd of soccer players, dominating the rival team. The crowd cheers him on as he rushes through his opponents, he notes and exploits every flaw.


With one last surge, he strikes out, slamming the ball into the goal. All of the fans of the visiting team moan, while Matthew's team recieives a great outcry of joy. The final goal of the game and the season had just been scored. He laughs, and smiles with his teammates and close freinds, and even their coach, normally a grouchy man, breaks into a proud smile.


No one noticed that Matthew's mind was darkened with worry. Several long, agonizing weeks have went by, and the police have found nothing. 'Sara literally has vanished,' The news bemoans.


Matthew, for the past few weeks, has been struggling with a growing sense of depression, though he manages to keep his freinds, teachers, and virtually everyone else out of knowledge.


Though not all is bleak. Lately, his mother has been in good spirits, something that he had not seen in years. It is almost like she is planning a surprise, and is trying to keep it a secret.


Matthew smiles. It's good to see mother is getting back on a good start. Tommorow, I'll be seventeen, and I know Sara's birthday is coming up too.


After the team hits the showers, Matthew drives home in his black car. It's an older car, but opperates really well with great mileage. Cars these days don't use typical fuel. Cars in Florida use solar power, while other states use Hydropower cars.


He pulls into the driveway, where his mom waits at the entrance to his house. She's smiling, which makes him relieved.


She walks up to him, and warmly embraces him.


"Hey, how was your game?"


Matthew smiles faintly. "It was great. We won, and I scored the winning goal. So what's with you? You're in a really good mood."


She pulls back out of the hug, her eyes are wet from happy tears.


"Come inside and I'll tell you."


He comes in, the house has the smell of chocolate chip cookies.


"So what's happening? I know you're happy about something, so just tell me."


She smiles, the stress lines on her face have eased greatly.


"I've got a new job. I'm starting next week."


Matthew can't help but break into a grin and embraces her.


"Congratulations, I'm proud of you!"


"So when's the victory party?" She asks.


"Around dinnertime, which will save us cooking. You can go if you want."


His mother nods. "I have every intention of going."


For the first time in a while, they sit down and discuss things, and slowly build the bridge that was torn down, along with their family. For the first time in years, Matthew is glad to be home.


Sitting on the couch, his mom decides to turn on the tv, the news already is on air.


And it is in quite an uproar.


"Massacre in Los Angeles, a news special regarding the mysterious activities, and the engagement they had with a sole individual who ended up killing a whole battalion, as well as several squads of police officers. This individual came armed with military grade weapons, and survived countless direct hits from bullets without any injury. The individual, a female, is now currently part of a massive manhunt all across the mountains, currently, no luck has been reported in the search for this dangerous individual. Our only glimpse of the female is in this following video, which is the only media the military has provided at this time."


The video, while grainy, shows a blond haired girl being shot at, with no injury what so ever. Matthew doesn't care about that, instead, it is her appearance that grabs his attention. Glowing red eyes, and a long braided ponytail are pratically the only things that are different, but otherwise is the spitting image of...


"Is that who I think it is?" Matthew says with great concern in his voice.


His mother shakes her head. "Nonsense, it can't be your freind Sara. Sara is a nice lady, much less bulletproof." She chuckles. "I will admit that is one strange girl."


"...If you see this individual, contact your local law enforcement agency immediatly."


The news slowly shifts from the events in California to boring politics, which neither Matthew or his mother care for. They shut off the TV, and the lights, and then walk outside to leave. The evening sky is a brilliant gold, and as they drive on to the school's party, they forget about the strange sight on the news.


The party goes into full swing as they arrive, and they simply celebrate a life turning for the better. They forget about the bitterness of the past, the struggles and hardships they endured.


Towards ten o' clock, the party comes to an end, as storms begin to rumble off shore.


Matthew hopes that life stays this way, gentle and calm, not like the savage storm clouds, raging and full of anger and wrath.


This is what he hopes, dispite the feeling crawling at his heart.


The feeling that a storm is about to tear his life down to its very foundation.




The End


For now.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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I did enjoy reading this, but it felt a little short for my taste. I often take pleasure in reading this genre, and to have something set in the future made for a good plot. You included the news reports, only adding more and more realism to the story itself. Well done.

Wed, April 24th, 2013 12:31am

Embrace the Weirdness

Hey guy, did you delete mah comment? If it was on accident, here's what I said:

Hey, I read the entire novel today. Here's basically what I have to say, and you can take it into consideration:

The story, overall, I say was pretty good. There did seem to be a few missing holes, and sometimes it seemed like things went by pretty fast. Like for instance, we only heard about, I don't know, one - three chapters about Matthew, and I just thought that was kind of weird.

Character development; it seems like out of all the characters, I guess the Director was the most stabled and detailed. His sort of personality never wavered, but with other characters like Sara/EXOL8, their personalities just didn't seem to fit right and contradict themselves a bit.

There were a lot of grammar mistakes, and you don't have to think anything about this, considering that I'm sort of a Grammar Nazi XD But it was just like, commonly used words that you used over and over again like "definitely" was "definatly", and even the word "sequel" was "sequal". So just little stuff like that.

I understand that the chapters were short, but I think they would have been better if more description was used, and if the thoughts of the characters that point of view was in use wasn't so scattered and kind of almost cheesy, as if they were just general statements that anyone would say.

I just think in general, it would be better if you elaborated more. It's not bad, but it's not too good either. But basically, this is just my opinion; you don't have to think anything of it.

Anyways, I think you're a budding writer, and in about 5 - 10 years time, you'll definitely be on a roll! :D But I really did like it.

Wed, May 15th, 2013 9:26pm


I did not delete it, you didn't comment before now. Thanks for your feedback. I have not had time to repost the corrected version lately, I have gone and fixed spelling and grammer since posting the story.

Wed, May 15th, 2013 6:46pm

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