Chapter 4: Others

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3: Others


The scientists carefully observe the experiment, watching for any sign of sentinet activity. The long, flowing blond hair drifts almost lifelessly. The closed eyes and the soft, unguarded expression suggested a peaceful being, but they knew different. This one had the potential to kill. However, it remains trapped in its massive test tube.

EX0L8 is a truely magnificent being, they can't help but think as they observe it's newest changes. The legs have joined into a large tail fin, gills flap softly on it's neck, and it's ears have become jagged on the sides, and long and pointy at the ends. The Director said that one final criteria for her completion had to be met: the pupil must be slanted, like a cat's. Or... like a predator's.

"How much longer?!" The female scientist with brown hair and glasses whines. "I want to see those eyes..."

"Ah shut ya trap, idiot." The bald, older man with a goatee growls in frusteration. "When she wakes up, she... oh." He says in surprise as EX0L8's eyes snap open, red eyes glaring with a predator's malviolent pupil, like that of a snake's dreadful eyes. She holds her baleful glare untill she looks down and sees her transformed body. Her expression turns livid with rage, and lets out a fearsome screech, so violent that they can hear it from the thick glass.

The glass, under the great strain, shatters, flooding into the room and sending alarms blaring. EX0L8 flonders about on the ground, exposed and vulnerable to the world's eyes. On seeing the woman struggling to her feet, and the woman's partner lying dead, a stone corpse, EX0L8 begins to stalk forward. Slithering over the glass riddled  zombie of a man, EXOL8 silently approaches the woman, the intent to kill dominating her brain. As she advances, the woman becomes more frantic.

"No! Don't hurt me!" She screams, even as EXOL8's legs morph back to normal before her eyes, and her gills disappear from sight.

"Do you really expect me to forgive you? After the hell you put me through?" EXOL8 says in an almost silent, dreadful whisper. She clamps onto the woman's neck, crushing it slowly, as though her neck was only a pathetic insect.

"S-stop..." The woman let's out a bloody croak, her vision fading.

"Freeze!" The sharp click of guns being primed to fire ring out. A whole squad of guards takes aim to fire. "I said freeze!" The lead officer yells as EX0L8 turns to them, still clutching the woman's throat, only mere seconds from crushing it.

Just as she is about to kill her, EX0L8 hears that loathsome voice.

"EX0L8! Stand down!" The Director yells.

EX0L8's eyes gleam with rage, and crushes the woman's throat completely, not even a sign of remorse shows in her violet red eyes. Blood gushes down and out the mouth, coating her hands in crimson liquid.

The Director snarls in frusteration.

"Men, stand down. Bullets won't harm her anymore. She's superhuman now. Remember that."

"...Superhuman? I'm superhuman?! I'm... I'm... A FREAK!!!" EX0L8 screams with rage, and flies forward, with intent to kill.

"EX80A, please intercept." The Director says calmly, not even a twitch of concern.

EX0L8 sees a dash of flame, and vainly attempts to dodge, and her world goes black.

There's... more? What is happening...?

Submitted: October 21, 2012

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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Intense! You definitely got me wanting more. I can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Mon, October 22nd, 2012 5:53pm


Well, you'll definatly get more, as soon as I finish the next chapter!

Mon, October 22nd, 2012 1:35pm

Yume chan

That was great one my friend^^ very nice action but yo! If I had to watch it, it be very gory lol^^. Much like the action in silent kishi. Very well written I could see it all before my eyes. Yo that EXOL8 is strong, I wouldn't mess with her in fact if I saw her I would run in complete different direction^^. Not like that would help she is probably faster also:p great chapter^^, Can't wait to read on :) keep up the good work^^

Tue, March 12th, 2013 6:00pm


Glad to see you like it! I'm currently working on Chapter 30, which will be the last chapter. I will also have an epilouge as well. Hopefully you'll enjoy the book once completely finished!

Tue, March 12th, 2013 3:16pm


So the Director has another entity he can use to stop EXOL8 if she gets out of line, even though bullets won't harm her anymore...the plot thickens.

Sun, March 17th, 2013 11:03pm

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