Chapter 9: Inferno

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 8: Inferno


The huge metal blast-proof doors fly off their heavy hinges from one strike of EX0L8's fist, her whole body having been redesigned to handle such a strike, felt almost nothing. EXLG0 and EXCaR both wince from the resulting bang. They look inside the containment chamber, which is not as vast as EX0L8's, but still impressive, about the length and size of a football field. On the other side, another metal door like the one they forced open looms.


Various control panels with flashing lights of various color dash along the side of the complex, while various pipes filled with different liquids snake on the walls and ceiling. Metal plates and white marble make up the walls, while the floor is an ice cold concrete. However, the most important piece to the room is the creature inside.


EX0L8 reconizes him immediatly. "You. You're the strange fire I saw earlyer when I tried to escape from the giant test tube. Who are you?"


An echoing voice responds as he turns around.


"Ah, EX0L8. Father told me that you would come this way. I guess he was correct." His eyes literally burn red, while he gives her a molten smile.


"Care to give up now, peacefully?"


EX0L8 narrows her eyes, anger growing quickly.


"You didn't say who you are. And who is this, 'Father' you speak of?"


The fiery being smolders a bit stronger. His eyes close, molten eyelids sealing off the blazing spheres.


"My name is EX80A. As Angel might have mentioned, I am classified as Dragon. I will ask again, will you give up peacefully, or will I have to drag you back to where you belong?"


EX0L8 snarls. "Not on your life! I'll never go back, once I leave here, I'll never come back! If you think you're so tough, then shut up and fight!"


EX80A lets out a heavy sigh. His eyes open once more, blazing with anger. His body ignites in a roaring inferno, the flames licking the air in tongues of burning light.


"You leave me no other option. I must beat you down, untill you have not a nerve to fight back!"


He lunges towards EX0L8, his bulky, muscular arm launching forward to smash into her stomach. EX0L8 dodges with lightning fast reaction time, and punches him in the side, knocking the wind out of him. She continues with a punch to the face, which he blocks with his bare hand.


EX0L8 smirks. "For a nickname of dragon, you don't look like much of one."


He eyes her coldly, yet a faint smile crosses his face, and a small chuckle escapes his lips.


"Really, EX0L8? Then why don't you have a tail fin, mermaid?"




"It's simple. When water touches your form, your true self is revealed. Your changes are involuntary, I can hide my form at will, as will Angel. Centaur's change will be more permenant. We are the seniors, they are the juniors. However... I have been here several more years than you, EX0L8. I am more matured than you, and was born to fight. If it bothers you so much, EX0L8, then feast your eyes. Behold my real appearance."


Two blazing horns begin to protrude from his forehead, and two giant wings of fire erupt into being. A long, slender tail with a sharp blade on it's end grows and lashes about like a whip.


He breathes fire at EX0L8, who dodges the deadly stream, and looks back as the heat of the flames causes the water pipes around the room to burst, rushing in and dousing them all in water up to their knees.


EX0L8's eyes begin to tremble with terror at the sight.


"No... please no... not again..." She whispers with mortal terror.


EX80A chuckles darkly. "Too bad for you."

Submitted: December 05, 2012

© Copyright 2021 DracoWyrm. All rights reserved.


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