Oni Kage Harikeen (Demon Shadow Hurricane)

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Based on the Naruto Shippuden anime. Kimaharra works for the Akatuski, but what enemies will she end up confronting?
Find out!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Oni Kage Harikeen (Demon Shadow Hurricane)

Submitted: April 02, 2012

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Submitted: April 02, 2012




Oni Kage Harikeen

A fan fiction by Laura Slaughterly, Brooke Verel, and Blake D. Price



It has been assumed that Deidara, Sasori, Pain, Hidan, and Kakazu were either killed or incapacitated indefinitely. This is a lie. After Naruto defeated Pain, and his ‘change of heart’, Pain returned to the Akatuski once more, as well as Konan. How are the others alive? It’s because of me. Who am I?


I am ex member of the Land of Dragons, the largest nation in the world. It is not on any maps of the ‘Great Nations’ of the east. It lies just out of the boundaries of their maps, surrounded by huge thick walls. It is forever warm, for it is a place of light and eternal peace. Yet it was not always so.


Once, there were two empires. The Land of Light dominated the north, while the Land of Shadow dominated the entire south. The two wielded two unique chakra types: light, and shadow. Hatred of the light drove the Land of Shadow to invade and attempt to snuff out the light, for it burns their bodies. However, they overestimated their immense powers.


Today, what’s left of the mighty empire is nothing but a husk, yet its ambition is still as strong as ever. Behind a great veil of shadow, where no sunlight falls, they still lurk, far to the south.


I left my village seeking help controlling my powers with the Twelve Tailed Dragon, and I found it in the form of Orochimaru, who convinced me that he had a way to help me control my powers. He was really after my powers, and one day, I had enough and stole his Akatuski ring, and left. I soon arrived in the Land of Rain, where Konan found me. When I woke up, Pain stood over me, and asked me where I was from. I answered him; I don’t think I can call it a place I come from, more like from where I had escaped. Orchimaru’s hideout. Then I presented him with the ring. After many attempts to gain info on me, and having shown my skill in combat, lord Pain accepted me into the Akatuski.

That brings me to today. You may be asking me, why was I spying in the Village Hidden In Masks?

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