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Chapter One: Vale of Asendar

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I scowl, annoyed. This rather dumb, hideous dwarven solider would NOT stop talking to me. I could care less about his name- I just wanted him to shut up. People were excited to see me; I was popular around here before I left the dwarven clan lands in search of a purpose. However, this wasn’t something I could stomach. This guy walked beside me, all the way to register office, and then some.

He was going on about how he thought the design of the valley’s walls was inferior to ironically, an even more inferior version he came up with, and I began to ponder the benefits of slamming his head with my warhammer. Although, I’m not supposed to use it for such trivial manners. The name of the warhammer was ‘Holyga’, it was a unique holy artifact left in the Tempess Temple, which on one of my adventures was hired to investigate an attempted burglary I stumbled upon it.

I checked in with the clerk in charge of the registry, who was flabbergasted to meet me.

“G-good day to you, Lord Vifur Heltimen!” He cried with alarm, not expecting a ‘lord’ to show up at his registry. I honestly didn’t know what he meant by ‘lord’ however.

“Lord? What are you talking about?” I ask, deeply confused.

“When you left on your grand adventure, you were anointed an honorary Lord of Dom’orond, sir!” The clerk stammered. I roll my eyes. POLITICS!! I hate and truly despise anything to do with politics. A Lord of Dom’orond is a top ranking member of the army, able to command several legions at once. It was a truly great honor, except with a price. I would have to speak often with politicians, and serve as the leader of hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of dwarves. I didn’t think I was ready for such a thing.

“What land was I appointed over?” I scowl, hoping to be deployed somewhere like a bastion, instead of the front lines. I listened as I heard the distant drums of war to the west.

“Why my lord, you were appointed over this valley, the Vale of Asendar!” I groan. Perfect. Of all the locations I would be in charge of, those damned politicians put me in charge of protecting my own home, right at the front lines. Flipping fantastic. I begin to feel light headed, and I stammer, “I-I need to sit down… now.” He catches me as I faint, and everything goes black.

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Yume chan

ooh this story sounds interesting, i have many question though, is he a dwarf, why did he faint in the end hehe^^ Suspense getting to me now, i do love the cul war-hammer he has, bet it hurts to be slammed by that. Wana read on so hope the second chapter comes soon. :D

Mon, January 23rd, 2012 2:40pm


He fainted because he couldn't take all the sudden responsibllity of having to protect his entire clan and home.
And as for the war hammer, oh yes it hurts. Infact I intend for Vifur to use it. Yes he is a dwarf. I'll work on the next chapter soon. Thanks for commenting :D

Mon, January 23rd, 2012 1:17pm

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