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Chapter Four: The Legendary Six

Orcus, the giant brute of an orc, slapped me on the back, making me cough.

“Of course we’re here. When you left us overnight, only giving a very vague and cryptic goodbye note, we just had to follow you.” He grins with his saber-like teeth, and I smile back at him grimly.

“Besides, Vifur, it’s not that hard to learn if there’s a planned attack on another nation. Word spreads like a wildfire through a beautiful forest meadow, full of peaceful flowers.” I roll my eyes at the elven female, Helisia Nightflower.

“You guys tracked me down eh? I made especially sure to disguise my tracks as a random deer. You never suspect deer.” She rolled her eyes.

“You dumb dwarf, it was just so easy to make out your heavy footprints, not to mention you had eaten some spiced steak that evening before setting off.” She tsked, which annoyed me greatly.

“I helped too!” A squeaky voice said down below me. I looked down at the gnome, before kicking him down the convenient slope that was right behind him.

“No one cares about your failure of ‘aircraft technology’ nonsense!” I yell as he tumbles and cartwheels in disgrace. I laugh when he stops and immediately tries to get up, only to fall flat on his face in a pile of dung. I pitied him, and cleaned him up.

“Sorry man, I just love messing with you.” I apologize sincerely.

“Then why does it always end me up with a pile of dung on my face?!?” He roars. I shut up and leave him alone. I was going to regret doing that, I could tell. He was fingering his shock stick. I had bad memories with that shock stick.

“Sssso, what’ss the plan, Vifur?” The reptilian voice of Shadowfang Blackwaters slithers out from behind Orcus.

I glare at his direction. “Can you at least not hide behind Orcus? That’s really going to get old.” He ALWAYS does that!!

He slowly comes from behind Orcus, he’s slightly taller than the average man, and can be quite shy, until you make him mad. He wields two long rapiers, which he uses when he’s not using his long fangs to poison someone. I never see him without his robes, but he walks really funny. He also climbs walls without using his hands, and it’s quite freaky, really.

“I agree with Scaly Head over here. What’s the plan?” Helisia asked me, her copper hair gleaming like the actual metal. She focused her violet eyes on mine, determined for an answer.

I sigh, deeply annoyed.

“You’re just as distracting as Telva is.” I growl. They both yell at once,

“HEY!” I stifle a peal of laughter. They all frown at me.

“We’re going to ask as many times as necessary, Vifur. What’s the plan? Because we’re helping you, regardless if you like it or not.”

I bow my head.

“To be perfectly honest, when the time comes, I still don’t know what I’m going to do.” Telva tsks at me.

“You? Vifur Heltimen? Without a plan? Has the universe gone nuts, or is it just our heads screwing with our head? Or maybe… for goodness sakes, you dumb dwarf, you’ve always been the leader, you might as well get your act together and…” Beneath my helmet’s eye slots, my piercing blue eyes narrow. Few people see my face, because I always wear this same helmet.

“This is not the time when we hunted down a dragon that attacked that farming village. This is not the time when we fought the cave troll in Candorian Malstra. This is WAR. Don’t ever assume you can ever make plans or ever be prepared for it. There is no such thing as being prepared for the blood and gore, not to mention, the death. I admit, I got us through those situations, but they aren’t the same as war.” Silently, I’m about to break down, but I’ve had years of experience in hiding unwanted emotions. I’m not about to let my comrades see me cry yet.


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