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Chapter Five: Heralds of Doom


I finally went to sleep that night, after a short dinner. I had hoped disturbing nightmares would not haunt me, but I can’t get lucky breaks. Such is my life.


I stood, more accurately hovered over a great… nothingness. It sparked with violent electricity, and slowly pulsed purple. It was like a great void of energy, the nature of it I could not sense. I made the mistake of looking down, and I saw a terrible sight.


The devastation that I had seen from my last nightmare returned to my memory, but now I saw it everywhere, on the whole world. I gazed at what WAS Oxorin, from far above. Its whole surface glowed red with hideous fire, and it had been violently fractured and broken into pieces.


I yelled in great terror, the red light flaring intensely, as a low laugh filled my hearing, and thing began to spin wildly…


I bolted upright in my bed, drenched in sweat.


“What is the meaning of these dreams?! They can’t be real… there can’t be such a future like that… it’s impossible… the gods would never allow it…”


Except the gods will be powerless, said the terrible being’s hideous voice.


And this time, I woke for real.

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