Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Leila

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: House of the hybrid

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I hate school. Even more now. I used to just hate it because it was boring. Now my reputation is ruined, and my old friends, hate me. Yeah. I’m lucky enough to say that the principal didn’t get involved, yet. English Language Arts went by really fast today. Probably because I spent it all arguing with my friend, and punching a boy that I hated. Yeah. That’s what my life has become. Science went by even faster, even though we watched a boring video about freaking reptiles. Then math went by so slow, I thought it would never end. I hate math. I suck at it too. Then I noticed this kid, this, this boy, staring at me. It made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted to say,

‘Hey! I already have a boyfriend!’ But… I couldn’t. Because then that would just make the kid get all argumentative, and be all like,

‘Yeah… So what?’ In their stupid pathetic little voices.

Ugh, this is why I hate boys. They’re stupid animals that nobody needs. Anyways, my teacher, Mrs. What's her name, is really mean. To me. And me only, in my class at least. She always rats me out on stuff every other person does. Anyways, after math was my favorite subject of all. I got 110% in this subject! Lunch! It is the only core class I have with my best friend in the world, Arya. Now that I think about it, I only have one actual class with her, orchestra. Anyway, back to lunch. I sit down and wait for her to come to our table. This is what happened:

“Oh my god, I just came up with the best freaking plan ever. We write a note from Biana to Nico!”

“How is that an amazing idea?” I said.

“BECAUSE! It’s a love note! For Valentine's day!” She said. She was right. Valentine's day was coming up soon!

“Good idea!” I said. “But how? We can’t write like her!”

“Hmm. Good point.” Arya said and she sat and thought. “I know! We have her draw a picture, and sign her name on the picture. Then we write TO: Nico FROM: Biana. Easy!”

“Great idea, but, what will the picture be? And won’t she be curious to who its to, and to who it’s from?”

“We could say that it was gonna be from you to your boyfriend?” She suggests.

“Yeah. You’re right. That might work.I can’t wait to see the look on Nico’s face!” I said.’

But that one sentence, was the biggest mistake of my life. After we did this, our lives, were on edge. We were in BIG trouble!

The next day, I come to school, and Arya is miserable. She’s wet, sad, and she won’t talk to me. But I know Arya, and I’m glad I do, because when she’s in a mood, that is not a good one, you are literally, stepping on eggshells. Giant, weak egg shells. To a giant, strong, mother dragon. Who cares more about her babies than anything else in the world. So it’s best to just leave her alone. I walk away from her, and I realize she doesn’t have any of her books. She must’ve gotten kicked out of the orphanage, and slept in the school ever night. You would be surprised how many times that happens. Arya always finds a place to stay before the orphanage lets her back in. I had a bad feeling that this time was different. Hmm. I’ll do something about it. I wonder, did she steal a cookie yet? Probably not until tomorrow.

Walking back home sucked. I hated walking alone. So I brought my worst enemy,and tourcherd him the whole way! Exciting right? Yeah. This is what my life has become. I like it though.

“Would you kindly point me in the direction of my house?” Philip asks me.

“No.” I respond with barely any other expression on my face than bored.




“Because your an animal the nobody cares about and you have no point in life.” I said, joking around.


I playfully push him into his backyard, and he walks into his house. Strangely, he always walks in through his backyard door… never the front door. Hmm. Weird. I continue on my way, but instead of playing on my phone as usual, I think. A casual thing I  do when I’m alone. Some people long for socialization, but I only socialize when I have it. Sometimes I’ll want to talk to one of my friends, but not just for entertainment. For important stuff. But me, I usually think when I’m alone. My mom, and my english language arts teacher say that I have a very wonderful mind. That I think smarter, not harder. Like other kids. They think that everything we do in school is hard, and that we need to think very hard and carefully. Nope. They are so wrong. So away from the truth. My school, is a talent school. Everything we do, is a lesson. Every question asked, is a trick. Everything we ask, never truly has an answer right back at us. We really need to think. Think of all angles of the situation. Every little inch. Every nook and cranny. And sometimes, we’ll need to dust, or blow all of the mess, the unorganized information, and only think of the things that we really need to answer our problem. Not question, but problem. We need to really think about it. And sometimes, we just need to clear our minds, and start over. No matter how far we’ve gotten. Cause if we mess up one little bit, it’s all over. It is incorrect. The whole thing. Like dominos. Imagine all of the dominos in a big long, curvy, twisty, line. If you slightly nuge one of the dominoes, all of the rest of it all falls over. Then, you just have to pick them back up again.

At this point, I’m home. I drop my bag onto the floor, and do a belly flop on the couch.

When I get home I fall on the couch and fall into a deep sleep…


The next day, I wake up, and do my normal morning routine. Wake up, morning pee, change, eat, put on makeup, do my hair, brush my teeth, make sure I have everything for school, leave, and wait for Arya to get to school. Though today, I didn’t see her. Is she absent? No, she’s never absent. Her orphanage wouldn’t let her. EVER. She threw up once in class, but the orphanage wouldn’t pick her up from school. And at the end of the day, when she got there, they locked her in her room. And made HER clean it up when she threw up again. I wish- no. I wish that she could come with me. In fact, now that I think about it, she might be getting kicked out… oh no. I get these weird feelings A LOT. And whenever they happen, I had thought about it just moments before. As I waited for my other friends, I realized I didn’t have any… anymore. After what I’d done, I don’t think anyone except for Arya likes me. Uh-oh. What if the teachers, and the staff members, and the principal all get involved! Oh no. Oh dear. OH CRAP!

“Ow, ow, ow! OW!” I scream. Someone must’ve stubbed my toe. On purpose. Oh, no. Maybe not. It was just Arya running up to me. She has tears running down her face. She says,

“Leila, Biana and Nico both hate us! What are we gonna do?”

“I don’t exactly know Arya.”

“How are you keeping so calm? I’m never like this! Is it really not so bad?”

“I don’t know. You know me better than I know me. How about you get calm, and guess.”

“Okay…” She whimpers to me. “Are you- you  thinking about random th- things?” She slowly asks me.

“Yes I am. You got me again.” I joke.

Just then, the school bell rings, and the sixth graders pour in. Our school is set up weirdly. There are three double doors. All separated on the same side of the building. The sixth graders go in through one door, the seventh graders go through another door, and the eighth graders go through another , separate, door. The sixth graders go in first. Then the eighth graders, and then the seventh graders. Sixth grade first probably because we don’t want to get trampled, and and the seventh graders last probably because they are all at the main door, and in the middle in between sixth and eighth. Arya and I find our way to the orchestra room to drop off her viola in the classroom, as we do every morning. Then we cross the building, just as the eighth graders are near the end of their line of students. We find a gap to go into so that we don’t get trampled. We walk to our lockers, that are right next to each other. Wonderful. HE’S here. And by HE, I mean Philip. UGH! I hate this kid!

I open my locker using my amazing, “locker opening skills”. I put in my combo. Zero, twenty nine, twenty. Easy! I push up the lock, and pull my locker open. I take off my backpack, and coat, and hang up my coat in my locker. Then, I hang my backpack up by the little hook that keeps my locker closed when I reset the lock. I unzip my backpack, and open it. I take out all of my english language arts, science, math, and social studies stuff I kept in my backpack. Then I crouch down, and put my math and social studies stuff in the bottom of my locker. My locker is very organized. Backpack and coat on the hook in the top middle part, three shelves, (one on the top, and two on the bottom) and stuff hanging on my locker door. On my locker door, I usually have a mirror, always fit to my height, a miniature dry erase board with a dry erase marker next to it. A pencil holder, and a small, box. In the box, I usually keep food. Or gum. Mostly gum. I have one brand of gum that I keep. Orbit gum. The best gum EVER. The flavors I have are, Peppermint, Spearmint, Bubblemint,  Wintermint, Cinnamint, Sweet Mint, Citrusmint, and Apple Remix. Normally I’ll give Apple Remix, and Cinnamint to other people, cause I don’t really like them. I hand Arya a piece of Wintermint gum, her favorite, and we both head different directions to class. I go to math, science, then english language arts. And Arya goes to science, math, english language arts. We have english language arts, (also known as, ELA) together. I go to math, and I sit down in my assigned seat. As normally others might do in their class. But no. Not this time. Today, everyone moved to a different table than me. So now, I have a whole table to myself. Because now, everyone hates me. Along with Mrs-

“Leilamein McAkinstor!” Mrs. Vacker yelled at me.

“Yes ma’am?” I say in my polite innocent voice.

“Why has everyone moved from your table?”

“I don’t really know Mrs. Vacker.”

“Are you sure?” I wanted to punch her.

“Yes ma’am. No clue.” I hesitated to find the right words. “I guess everyone just wants to sit near their friends.”

“Mhmm.” And Mrs. Vacker got back to the lesson. I basically zoned out the rest of the lesson… but I’m good when it comes to math. Both Arya and I keep at the least, a ninety percent in every class. My last test I got one hundred percent. So did Arya. That’s probably because we studied together. I don’t know how we did it, but we somehow got her orphanage to let us have a week over. That is kinda like a sleepover, but for a whole week! It was awesome! Arya just told them that we were going on a field trip, and she totally got them to sign a fake “field trip” teacher note that we made and printed out! They’ll fall for anything as long as it makes them look like a good orphanage! That’s their weakness. Ah. Now pretty much both Arya and I have little power over them. That’s good. We kinda know our ways around them. Even better. But, Arya, and I, were, different today. And I don’t think anybody noticed. No one really realizes how bad we feel. How much we really could’ve, redone ourselves that day. That- horrible day. When we slipped that horrible note, into Nico’s locker, and made the most horrible mistake of our lives. What have I done? Someday, somehow, at sometime, this mistake, is going to come back and haunt us.

Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Amy R. Beckett

I like how you've set up an everyday setting for interesting/extraordinary things to happen in. Your characters seem quite well built and quite different and the change in POV helps to show this.

There were a couple of grammar slips/typos so maybe just have a quick check through (don't worry, we all do it!)

Keep up the good work!

Tue, April 12th, 2016 5:34am

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