Life's Twists and Turns

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Amanda is a young woman in her early twenties experiencing life's twists and turns on her own for the first time. The easy route is always an option; however, Amanda is determined to make a difference in the world....on her own. Choosing the difficult route, Amanda is often faced with eventful new challenges that can make or break her future success. Amanda must balance her busy life between having fun and doing responsible adult activities of working and going to college.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life's Twists and Turns

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012




It was Friday evening and I was busy preparing for going to the club with my roommate and best friend, Lindsay. As I looked in the mirror at my hair and outfit, I contemplated making changes. My hair is long, straight, and brown. For tonight’s occasion, I have my hair pulled up high with loose curls dangling down. After reviewing my outfit, I decided to wear my plain red halter top, white shorts and knee high shiny black boots. I have always been a sucker for the color red! I quickly put on my brown eye shadow & mascara which goes well with my bright blue eyes. It doesn’t take me long at all to get ready.

I hope Lindsay is ready to go as it is nearing ten thirty. We on the east side of town and it will take at least thirty minutes to get there. “Lindsay are you ready yet?”

Lindsay replies, “I need a few more minutes.”

I decide to grab a beer and check my bank account balance while I am waiting for her to finish. It is Lindsay’s turn to drive tonight so why not get an early start. I am relieved to find that I have enough to pay the bills and can spare thirty dollars for tonight to cover my entrance fees and drinks. Lucky tonight is ladies night and we each can get five free drink tickets.

After about fifteen minutes, I hear Lindsay say she is ready to go. Lindsay has short brown hair and has not really done much with it other than put in some gel to give it more volume. She is wearing blue jeans and a blue spaghetti strapped shirt. The blue shirt really compliments her soft brown eyes. I wonder what took her so long to get ready tonight?

We hopped in her little green Geo Prism. The car runs well for being in six accidents (only two were her fault). The rest of the accidents were from either from her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy or another vehicle slamming into hers. She hasn’t replaced her passenger side mirror which was destroyed after her last accident. It is amazing that all of the doors still open and the car hasn’t been totaled yet!

When we arrived at the club, we are stopped at the entrance for an ID check. Luckily my other best friend, Sara is dating someone who works at the club. Tonight he is working the front entrance and we get in for free. Lindsay does not like Sara which makes it difficult for me to arrange time for both of them alongside of working and going to school full-time. Sara doesn’t mind Lindsay though. We get our drink tickets and check in our coats, then head for the bar. Lindsay has changed a bit after we turned 21. She typically only likes to go to places that serve alcohol. Normally I only drink on the weekend evenings as my time is filled completely during the week.

Enough about work and school, I am out to have fun tonight, I thought. I slipped my ID and coat check ticket in my boots. After grabbing our drinks, we head to the dance floor and begin moving gracefully to the music. I have always thought of clubs as a “meat market”. My friend Stacey had once called clubs this and it has stuck with me ever since. When you think about it, guys are scanning the room for chicks to dance with and try to get lucky with later on. I guess if you think of meat at a grocery store, people scan the shelves for the best looking piece to bring home for dinner.

In no time, two guys come over to us and begin bouncing behind us to the music. Lindsay and I have gestures we use to determine if we should move away from the guy behind us. I do not see a gesture from Lindsay; however, the guy dancing with her is straight U-G-L-Y. His pants are nearly dropping to the floor and the guy has nasty looking scars all over his face. He looks like he crawled out from under a rock right before he came to the club. She can do so much better than him. I nonchalantly nod my head to the left so that Lindsay can get the hint we need to move. Lindsay catches my signal and begins to follow me to the other side of the dance floor.

Before reaching the other side of the dance floor, we notice that it is time for another round of drinks. When we arrived at the bar, those two guys who were just dancing with us were up there as well. Lindsay sees what I was talking about right away. “Let’s go to the other bar,” Lindsay says.

When we get our drinks, Lindsay decides that I am not drinking fast enough. “Chug it and get another,” Lindsay says. I can’t object to that, I have had a long, hard week. Using my third drink ticket, I decide to switch my drink order to a Bahama Mama. Bahama Mama’s are one of my favorite drinks.

As we are walking back to the dance floor, some guy takes a grab at my ass. I immediately turned around, shoved him and said “don’t touch me” in such a warning tone that it caught a bouncers attention that was standing nearby. I guess he must have seen the whole incident because he grabbed the guy by his arm and drug him away, hopefully out of the club. Guys like that can ruin a good time real fast.

By the end of the night, I ended up using all of my tickets plus two of Lindsay’s since she was driving. There was no need to dig into the thirty dollars that I decided earlier could be spent. It is nearly two thirty in the morning and the club is starting to clear out. By this time, I am feeling pretty buzzed. As we are heading to the coat check-out I realize I couldn’t remember where I put my coat check ticket. I searched my pockets, not there. Maybe I put it in my bra? Nope, I would feel that. Finally, I remember that I had slipped the coat check ticket in my knee high boots. Sure enough it was there.

When we arrived back at our old farm house (We rent the house from Lindsay’s Uncle for a reasonable rate of five-fifty per month), I was definitely spinning. My ears are buzzing from the loud music in the club and my legs sore from all the dancing we did. Being tired and low on energy, I climbed onto my pillow top mattress and was out in no time.

I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. I knew I shouldn’t have had as many drinks as I did. After eating a good breakfast and chugging some water, I began to feel better. It was one thirty in the afternoon and I only had a few hours before work would begin. I am the Assistant Manager at our local Pizza Mia Restaurant. My shift was due to start at five in the evening.

Usually on Saturday’s I need to do my homework for college, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I decide to take a shower and see if I feel any better afterwards. After what seemed like a twenty minute shower, I definitely felt even better than before. I decided I should at least begin writing my English informative essay that was due on Wednesday. I began to research Walt Disney Parks and write on their origins. Getting started is the hard part. Once I get going, I can finish pretty quickly. The essay needed to be ten pages double spaced. Getting an “A” or “B” on my assignments is really important to me. I know that one day a potential employer I am interviewing with may want to view my transcripts. Also, my father will reimburse half of my tuition if I get a good grade.

Around four-fifteen, I stopped writing my essay after getting through about three pages. It was time to get ready for work. I put on my blue collared work shirt, name tag, and khaki pants. I pulled my hair in a ponytail and put my hat on. Then I grabbed my keys, said bye to Lindsay and went out to my car. I drive a red ’93 Pontiac Grand AM. The vehicle has had a lot of mechanical problems, but it still looked good. It has only been in one wreck which occurred when I was seventeen. For the mechanical problems, it seemed like I had replaced almost every major part on the car to keep it running. The engine went out after only having the car for one month. I also had recently changed out the transmission. Being young with good credit but no history makes it difficult to obtain a car loan. Although I make all of my bill payments on time, I still am getting denied for a car loan. Paying high tuition fees for even a community college makes it difficult to obtain a good savings amount to use as a down payment.

When I arrived at work, we were already getting very busy. The shift leader I was relieving briefed me on the morning activities and was out the door with the quickness. On my shift, I am particular about being the only one that handles the cash register so I went to find the person with the key. Pizza Mia does not have security cameras and money has been stolen out of the drawer on my shift. I do not want to be held accountable for any money missing so I hold the key at all times when I am managing. It makes it difficult because I need to go back and forth between making pizzas and handling the cash register. Who says I take the easy route? For some reason I always take the hard route. Nobody likes that I keep the key, but hey it is not their ass on the line if money is missing.

Being a manager is not always easy. I have to take complaint calls from customers. Tonight’s call was from a lady who said we sent her the wrong pizza topping. I made the pizza myself and knew it was correct. Good customer service states that we should offer the opportunity to the customer to make the order right. Pizza Mia requires that the customer returns half of the pizza in order to have a new one made. The lady informed me that she ate almost all of the pizza already. I apologized and let her know we would not be able to remake her order. She got pissed, but there was nothing more I could do. This sort of complaint happens all the time. It is hard sometimes to decipher if the customer wants to just get free food or if they have a legitimate complaint.

The rest of the evening went smooth. We slowed down around ten and I let most of the crew go home for the night. I went to the office to look over the inspection check list the General Manager left for me. It is normally their job to ensure the restaurant is ready for inspection. Unfortunately for me I was always in charge of this process. The last inspection we had was given five stars and I wanted to do the same. I believe the General Manager took credit for our five star inspection result because I didn’t receive any sort of a “good job” from the owner, Bob.

Bob also has two other Pizza Mia Restaurants on the east side of town. Rumors frequently fly about him having an affair on his wife with one of the female delivery drivers. Also, people say he is a drug dealer. I try to stay out of the senseless rumors as much as possible, although I have my suspicions. Bob lets his General Manager at one of his other stores borrow money from the drawer and visit the bar next door on her shift. Sometimes people have paychecks bounce, but so far, I have not had this problem.

I have worked at each one of his stores as an assistant manager, delivery driver, and crew member for the past year. The current store I am working for is the closest to my home which is only about a ten minute drive. There are times that I need to go to other stores to pick-up food supplies that we run out of. Our General Manager is not very good about ordering food. We have run out of pizza dough in the middle of a Saturday night rush before. That is the worse time for that to happen. We have to tell the customers, “I am sorry, but we cannot make original crust pizzas for about forty-five minutes”. Most hang up and call another Pizza place.

This is one of the reasons I am going to college. I do not want to toss pizzas the rest of my life. This doesn’t mean that I am going to slack off and have a poor performance, attendance, or attitude on the job. I want to learn as much as possible from this workplace so that I can use my experience to help the next company I work for. My hope is to find a job that I can enjoy going to every day and learn new things all the time.

Around one in the morning, I began my closing job duties. I have to put all the food in the walk-in, locking the doors, and finish the nightly finances. This includes counting all of the money and making sure it matches the computer system. I hope that everything matches perfectly because I would like to get home and relax for a bit. Luckily tonight, all the numbers did match. After making the night deposit, I went home to find Lindsay up crying.

“Lindsay, what is the matter?”

“Oh, it’s really nothing.” She said.

“Come on Lindsay, really. Tell me. You never cry like this.”

“It’s just that…um….um….I really miss Jeremy.” Lindsay said.

Hmm, Jeremy, he was a real jerk. Jeremy was the reason she dropped down to 100lbs. He would insist that she arrived at his house by a certain time or he would break up with her. He never hit her, but being rude and commanding was enough for me to determine what a jerk he was. If Lindsay so much as glanced at another guy (not looking to get with them, but just like observing someone as they passed by) he would get really angry with her. Jeremy even wrecked her car and didn’t pay Lindsay for the damages. “You two split up six months ago, are you having second thoughts about breaking up with him?” Everything about him just makes my blood boil. I hate how he treated Lindsay.

“Yes and No” she said.

“Well, what do you mean by that?” I asked.

“Amanda, you know that Jeremy and I were together for three years. It’s hard to just forget about that.” Lindsay said.

I thought carefully for a minute. I could see she was in a very fragile moment. “I know you had a lot of good times together. It will be hard to get past that. You have to consider the bad times as well. Is it worth going back to those times? He probably will never change.”

“I know, Amanda. That is what I always tell myself.”

“Well it is up to you. Lindsay, you know how I feel about Jeremy. I did not like one bit how he treated you. You deserve so much better!”

“I know, Amanda. It’s going to take more time I think for me to get over him. I really do not want to go back to him but I can’t help to think about him sometimes. Maybe I just need to meet someone else to take my mind off of him.”

Rebound idea, huh. I am not so sure that is a good idea, but I am up for anything if it keeps her from going back to that jerk. “Possibly, have you considered enjoying single life for a while longer? Isn’t it nice to not have someone hovering over your shoulder always telling you what the fuck to do?” I hope she doesn’t read into that comment too much and go back to the Jeremy idea.

“Yes it really is. I suppose you are right. Hey, do you want to have a field party next weekend if the weather is decent?” Lindsay asked in a pleading tone.

Hmm, that is not a bad idea at all. This may be just what Lindsay needs to get her mind off of Jeremy. Our land on the farm house has a large field where we have had many parties. We have not had a field party since last fall. The field is large enough to build a large bonfire and pitch up numerous tents. We usually get a Keg from the local liquor store and charge $5.00 at the entrance to recover the costs. Then I usually make jello shots which go over well. “Let’s check the weather and if it is not going to be rainy or too cold we can get one together. It is April and the weather could still be too cool for an outdoor party. I also need to check my work schedule. Are you going to be off next weekend?”

“I think that I work on Friday night and Sunday morning. I am looking at the weather and they say that Saturday will be clear with a high of 70 and low of 59” Lindsay replied.

“As long as I do not have to work on Saturday night we can have the party on that night.” I said.

“Great, can you check your schedule tomorrow and let me know?” Lindsay asked.

“Sure, I will call you after I look at my schedule.” I hope that I will not have a heavy load of homework that weekend. It will make it difficult to fit in working, the party, and time to do my homework.

“Amanda, you are such a great friend, thanks for listening. I am really tired though and I am going to bed. Good night.”

“Good night, Lindsay.” On that note, I went to my bedroom to change into my night clothes. It has been a really long day and I was looking forward to lying down in my comfortable bed. As usual, I was out quickly.

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