Life's Twists and Turns

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



When I arrive home, Lindsay is not home. She probably went to the bar again tonight. I guess I will have to look at the damage on her car tomorrow. I decide to grab a bite to eat and set my feet up. I am just exhausted and hungry. After working on my feet all day I am looking forward to a nice hot bath. As I am running the bath water, the phone rings.

“Hi, Lindsay, I can barely hear you. Are you at the bar?”

“Yes, and you would not believe it. I met this guy tonight. His name is Logan and he is so hot! I can’t wait to tell you about him when I get home tonight. Will you be up late?”

Geez, she is practically yelling in the phone over the music. They must have a local band there tonight. “That’s great that you met a guy! I can’t wait to hear about him. No, I think I am going to take a long bath and then watch some TV for about an hour and turn in.” Finally, someone to replace the whole in Lindsay’s heart that Jeremy left. I am so happy for her.

“I probably will not be home until after bar close time. Guess I will catch up with you tomorrow. Did you work late tonight? Normally you come in to change before school.”

“Yeah, Scott didn’t get to work until after 8. I missed my class tonight.” Please don’t ask anymore, I really do not want to be reminded of the bad day I had today. Besides, I really don’t want to bring in my bad day on Lindsay after she seems so happy about meeting Logan.

“What a prick, did you tell him you had class?”

“Yes, but I don’t think he cared. Scott had a big meeting today at his other job. It won’t happen again, believe me.” I try so hard to be responsible and work all my scheduled shifts plus go to my classes. Not to mention completing my homework because my future is important to me. After I have graduated, I will be able to get a decent job doing something I like to do and the pay will be much better. It just seems so far away right now.

“That was definitely a dick move on his part. Well I have to run; Logan is back with my drink. Love you Amanda!”

Silence again. The silence can be so peaceful. It’s like the calm after a storm, so relaxing. Some people do not like any silence and always need a television or radio going in the background. Not me, I can definitely enjoy soaking up this peaceful bliss. Along with the warm water, I feel as if I am being naturally healed from my long and physical exhausting day. As I close my eyes, I flicker images of a warm, sunny, beach, my dream vacation spot. I love the sun and the ocean. There is nothing more peaceful than lying on a beach soaking some rays and listening to the wave’s crash on the shore. If only I could finish college sooner, then maybe I can move to the beach so I can enjoy the sun and ocean on a daily basis.

My freshman year in college is nearing the end. There is less than two months before summer break. I wonder if I could take off a week from Pizza Mia to take a miniature vacation. My friend, Danielle from college is always going on vacation either to Cedar Creek Lake where her dad owns property or Florida where Danielle’s mom lives. Danielle is able to get most of her college paid by grants since she has a child. The remaining portion she owes is taken out in loans. Danielle also still lives at home with her father. Danielle doesn’t have any rules and her father lets her throw parties whenever she wants. Her child support covers all the baby’s needs so she is lucky enough to not have to work alongside of going to college.

My skin is starting to wrinkle so I decide it’s time to get out of the tub. I wrap my hair in a towel and head to my bedroom. After choosing my most comfortable pair of pajamas, I decide to call Danielle. Besides, she may be able to tell me what I missed in class tonight.

“Danielle, hey, how are you?”

“Where were you tonight? That is not like you to miss class. I wish I would have known you were skipping, we could have went to the bar or a restaurant.”

Why do all my friends like the bar so much? There is nothing more imprudent than going to a bar to spend $50 or more to get wasted and then have to figure out how you are going to get home. No thanks I’d rather stay home and drink or go to a friend’s house for the night. “No, skipping wasn’t intentional tonight. My boss needed me to work late.”

“Well, you didn’t miss much. Professor Langston didn’t even show up until 6:45 tonight. I left about 6:15 after Langston no showed, Virginia told me about it later. She said he showed up 45 minutes late and then dismissed class an hour later. There was nothing really important that we missed”

That definitely makes me feel better. What are the odds that the professor was late on the same day I skipped? I guess my luck is not so bad after all today. Virginia, I really should call her as well. We have not hung out in a while. I also need to invite her to the party. “Good, I am glad to hear. Hey, are you going to be able to come to the field party on Saturday?”

“Definitely, can I bring a few friends?”

“Sure, no problem, just remember no fighting.” Our field parties are so much fun, as long as there is no fighting. The fights make the party seem more exciting, but we just want to have fun without anyone getting hurt. We had a fight break out last year between two of Lindsay’s guy friends. Lindsay and I had to threaten calling the police to get those boys to leave.

“I will remind them of the rule.”

“Hey, Danielle, where are you planning this year’s vacation to?”

“Not sure yet, but I think I may spend the entire summer at the lake. You want to come down?”

An entire summer at the lake, wow, I have never had that long of a vacation before. I couldn’t do that though, I have bills and college tuition to pay for. It would top my list for best summers though. “I will see if I can take a week or two off at Pizza Mia to come down to the lake, but I do not think I could spend an entire summer there, unlike some people who have it made!”

“Suits yourself, well listen I have to get going. The baby needs me and I have to work on my paper for English. I will see you on Wednesday in class.”

“Ok, see you then. Give the baby a kiss for me!” I am so glad I do not have a kid right now. Don’t get me wrong, they are cute and adorable but it is nice to give them back to mom when they cry or need a diaper change. I plan to finish college, get married, and have a house before I have a baby. Until then it’s absence and stocking up on birth control.

I know my plans sound boring and traditional, but hey I haven’t even met the guy of my dreams and besides I do not have the time now to even think about a relationship. Things would be different if I didn’t have to work but there is no way I am going to live under my parents’ roof again. I don’t want to be one of those bum kids from the movie “Ready to Launch” that cannot move from mom and dad’s roof. Besides, what fun is it if all of my friends live clear across town? To top it off, if I had a curfew then I couldn’t go to the club with Lindsay on the weekend and I would have to quit the Pizza Mia due to the late hours I have to work. I tried to move back home at 19 after living on my own for a year, but it just didn’t work out. After having the freedom to make choices on my own and no curfews it seemed like I was back in high school.

There is nothing good to watch on TV. I guess I will check my email and go to bed. I am pretty tired and I don’t want a repeat of today, waking up and only having thirty minutes to spear before work starts. I hope Lindsay is having a good time with new boy tonight. It would be nice to have find a guy to date but that is well down on my “to do” list at the moment. Besides, I am a true believer of not dating guys you meet in a club or bar. For Lindsay, she meets guys and then the relationships are based around drinking and hanging out at the bar. If I were to find someone to date, drinking would not be the core foundation of our relationship. I would like to find someone who is future oriented like me instead of always living in the here and now party stage. Need I add, one that is not just into the “sex” part of the relationship as most guys are. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great, but it is not worth it if that is all the guy wants out of the relationship. Those type of guys seem rare and hard to find.

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