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Chapter Ten: I'm done Mosstalon!
"Something isn't right." An orange tom-cat stood up and padded over to the edge of the mountain. "Where are they?" He asked.
"What's wrong Paw?" A white she-cat with a black tail tip and one black paw asked as she and her two kittens padded up the mountain. "It's Leaf and Hawk." Meowed Paw. Angel looked puzzled. "So?" She replied. "I'm worried. They've been gone a while
and I sent Haiku and Gem to find them, but that was a while ago too. I'm afraid with this weather. . ." His voice trailed off as he stared out into the dark sky that was filled with falling snow. "How much more of this?" Little Sky asked. "It's
pretty and I'm happy to be named after it, but I'm kind of sick of it." Meowed Snow. Angel sighed. "Not long." She replied. "I'll give them a while longer and if there not back by then I'm going to report it to Silver." Paw meowed before he padded down the snow covered mountain. "Come now little ones, It's getting cold, so we better get warmed up." Meowed Angel
as she followed Paw down the mountain with Snow and Little Sky two inches behind her.
Gem and Screech laid next to one another, knocked out cold, while Raven twitched a bit over by a pine tree. Near another tree, Hawk laid with her eyes open. She was to frozen and badly beaten that she didn't try to move-she couldn't even if she tried-Haiku was still pinned under the dogs while Leaf and Mosstalon stared at one another in pure anger. the gray and white
chested she-cat padded up to Mosstalone. The two looked just alike, but Mosstalon had a dog's skull covering his badly scared face. Mosstalon's father was gray with white ears and white tail tip. Leaf had saw the stray cat before he was killed by a
badger. Mosstalon didn't look, anything like Clover, who was a tiger cat. "Stay out of this!" Mosstalon hissed as he unshielded his claws. "Don't do this, Mosstalon." The she-cat begged. "Why do you care about her!" Mosstalon demanded as she turned to the gray and white chested she-cat. "Because she is my mother, Mosstalon. She was the only one that loved me. My
father was a no good rat! That chased me off. I will never allow anyone to hurt her not even you. I know that must of hurt that she left you to die, but she was right. She didn't know you were still alive. My mother isn't a medical cat and we
didn't have one back then. Leave her alone or I'll have to deal with you myself." Mosstalon gave Moss a death stare. "You fool! I am the one who gave you a new, more safer life and now Your threatening me!" Mosstalon demanded. "Picking out a mate for me is not the kind of life I want and that wasn't a threat. . .That was a promise!" She hissed. Leaf stared at both the
cats, not knowing what to do. Then a voice she knew very well sounded from over by two dogs. "I wont allow you to hurt her either." Meowed Haiku. Leaf turned to the tom-cat. She knew he still didn't remember her, but that always makes her feel
happy that he cares. "Call off the dogs, Mosstalon." Moss ordered. Mosstalon smiled. "You think that little promise scares me?. . .well then your mistaken." He stared over at SavingCry and StarWarrior. "You wont fulfill that promise." He replied as he turned back to Moss. "You want to bet on that one?" Moss asked. "No. I'm just saying that you broke a promise you made to
Dawn and Scarlet." Leaf turned in a flash at SavingCry and StarWarrior. "Gold's lost kittens!" She blurted out. "What?" Haiku asked. "Whose Gold?" He added. "You never met him. . .At least I don't think you did. Anyway, Paw, Gold's son had told me
what happen at the hot springs when he and Gold had been chased by Shade, who had betrayed and hid their kittens from him. Paw said that Shade had named Gold's kittens, Dawn and Scarlet. Why are you two angry at me. I didn't do a thing to you?" Leaf asked. Dawn, AKA SavingCry sighed and looked at Leaf. "My name is really Dawn. The reason I chose the name SavingCry was
that the Saving part was that I wanted someone to save me from not having a mother and father to go home to and the Crying part was for how much I cried. I'm not after you Leaf. I don't need to be part of War clan any more since now I know my real
father is dead." Dawn looked at Mosstalon. "Good-bye Mosstalon." She said before padded away into the snowy night. Mosstalon's eyes grew wide. "No! You said-" He didn't finish because Star-Well Scarlet stopped him. "I'm done too. I never really considered you as my guardian. Only the stars will guide me and protect me. I realizes now that I'm no Warrior. . .I'm
a knight who lives a among the strays." Scarlet meowed before following her sister. "No! You both can't leave!" Mosstalon hissed. "Your not their boss anymore Mosstalon. If you want revenge on my mother then you'll have to go through me!" Moss
hissed. "I can take both of you on very easily." Mosstalon bragged. "You'll have to fight me too." Hawk meowed as she stood up the best she could. "Your right, I'm not as good of a fighter as everyone else, but when someone insults me I wont let them go unpunished!" She hissed as she limped over to them, blood dripping from her forehead. "I can take care of you too." He
hissed. "Can you beat all four of us?" Asked the black tom-cat with blood red eyes as he stood up. "Raven, you fool. You want to die along with these rats?" Mosstalon asked. "You wont hurt my son either Mosstalon." Screech and Gem stood beside each
other with the same angry look on their faces as everyone else. Mosstalon narrowed his eyes. "Come on!" He called to his pit bulls before running off to the North camp. The dogs followed. Haiku sat up. "Ha, running away. . .such a-" Moss was cut off as Leaf hugged her tight. "Mother. . ." Her voice trailed off as tears ran down her cheeks. "Where have you been the whole
time we were calling your name?" Leaf asked. "I was confused." Moss replied as Leaf let go of her. She stared at Moss with sorrow and happiness in her leafy eyes. "There is someone you need to go see. . .If. . .You want to come back to the clan."
Meowed Leaf. Moss frowned. "But father-" Leaf shook her head. "I killed him. You wont have to worry about him anymore. River clan has come to live with Flower clan and we are Peace clan once again. Go see Paw, Moss. He loves you very much and hes been out there every day, hoping to run into you. You love him too. . .Don't you?" Leaf asked. "I do, but I never knew if he
loved me back." Meowed Moss as she lowered her head. "He does Moss. He has always said so. Come I'm-" Leaf was cut off as the sound of four cat's paws hitting the snowy ground arose. "M-Moss?" It was Paw's voice. "Is that her, Paw?" Angel asked. She and her
kittens stood behind him, staring at the sight before them. Moss turned to see the orange tom-cat. "Hes the Commander of peace clan too, Moss and he hasn't given up." Meowed Leaf. "whose that Mother?" Snow asked. "Yeah, who is that?" Little Sky asked. "Shh! That's your cousin!" Angel hissed. "Oh." Little Sky and Snow both meowed. Paw and Moss slowly padded up to one
another. "Paw." Meowed Moss. "Moss, It's really you. I thought I'd never see you again. I missed your. . .Pretty face and your wonderful smile." Moss smiled. "I missed you too, Paw." Moss rubbed Paw's nose with her nose. "I-I. . ." Paw was at a
loss for words. "Tell her how you feel about her, Paw." Meowed Leaf. "You really love me?" Moss asked. Paw smiled at her. "I loved you from the first time I saw you. The day I opened my eyes. You poked me in my eyes and I cried. Remember?" Paw asked. "Yes I do. That was the day my mother first yelled at me." Paw and Moss shared a laugh. "Can you. . .Come back to the
clan and live with me?" Paw begged. "I will." Meowed Moss as she and Paw touch noses. "Leaf!" Hawk limped over to Leaf. "Yes, Hawk?" Leaf asked. "What about Raven and Screech?" Hawk pointed with her pink nose over at the two cats. They laid their red
eyes on Leaf. "Take them to your log. It's least I can do since it's my fault they got hurt. Get yourself cleaned up to and while your their look at Anzu for me. I'm afraid my kitten has gotten sicker." Hawk nodded as she padded over to the two tom-cats and shared her news with them. "Your kitten?" Moss asked. She over heard what Leaf had said. "Haiku and I had
kittens. Two sons, Haru and Anzu, but. . ." Leaf lowered her head. "What's wrong?" Moss asked. "Haiku. . .He doesn't remember anyone. Including Leaf and since Leaf had Haru and Anzu after he had lost his memories, he doesn't remember them either."
Meowed Angel. "Who are you?" Moss asked. "I am your Aunt, Sky's mate. These are our kittens. Snow and Sky. My name is Angel." Meowed Angel. "I see, so Sky still lives on." Moss smiled. "Yes they do." Replied Angel. "You have to go have a talk with Silver before reentering the clan." Meowed Paw. "But mother already said I could." Moss pointed out. "Yes, but I'm not
leader of Peace Clan, Silver is." Meowed Leaf. "I see." Moss lowered her head. "Relax, She is still herself. Now come on I'm freezing out here." Meowed Angel meowed. The eight cats headed to the West Camp in the cold night.

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sorry my sister thought that would help with the paragraphing, but I'll fix it later thanx!

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okay there shouldn't be any Y's everywhere because we fixed it and we don't see any.

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oh i love it and cant wait for more please update soon

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sure thing.

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