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Chapter 11: An Angry Leaf

"I'm glad you guys are back." Meowed Luna. Leaf, Hawk, Raven, screech, Silver, and Luna sat in a circle in Silver's den. "So you say these two are Raven and his father, Screech?" Silver asked. Hawk spoke up first. "Yes, Raven pretty much helped us
by distracting those three cats." Meowed Hawk. "Oh, is that so. Who are the cats?" Silver asked. "The she-cats were Dawn and Scarlet and the tom is-" Before Raven could finish, Leaf cut in. "None of your concern. I'll deal with him, so stay out of it!" She snapped. "Uh. . ." Luna's voice trailed off. Leaf turned her back to all of them and stared at the wall of
Silver's den. "Who is this cat?" Silver asked again. "Didn't you hear what I said!" Leaf hissed. She was now on all fours and staring at the silver tom-cat. "Yes, but I am leader and I say-" Leaf padded out of the den, but before she did she turned to
Silver. "And I say it's none of your concern, so let me deal with it or I'll have to make you!" She hissed before padded away. "Okay." Meowed Hawk, who was shocked about the way Leaf was acting. "I think my father and I should go." Meowed Raven. "No, no you may stay as long as you like. I'm sorry for how stupid Leaf was acting." Silver meowed. "Thank you." Meowed
Raven before he and his father padded out of the cave. "Hawk." Meowed Luna. "Yes, Luna?" She asked. "What's wrong with Leaf?" Luna asked. "I really don't want to say." Hawk meowed. "Well if you want to stay as a-" Luna interrupted Silver. "Leave it be
Silver. If Leaf said she'd deal with who ever he is then let her. Hawk is just being a friend, so leave her out of it too." Luna meowed, trying to change his mind. He narrowed his eyes at Hawk. "Silver." Meowed Luna. "Fine, but if Leaf puts this clan in danger, I swear shes gone!" Silver's voice was loud enough for who ever was outside.
Leaf looked at Silver's den. "Trust me, I wont be leaving any time soon. At least not for ever." She meowed before padding down the mountain. She was greeted by Moss and Paw. "Mother guess what!" She cheered. "what?" Leaf asked. "Paw and I are going to have kittens, but I'm not with kittens yet." She meowed. "That's very good news." Meowed Leaf. "If we have a she-
kitten we are going to name it after-" She didn't get finish before Leaf padded away.
"This isn't fair!" hissed a gray tom-cat with a white chest. Three dogs stood before him. "Come on WarClaw let me handle it!" Growled Fudo. "No!" Hissed Mosstalon. "Next time I see her, I'll deal with her!" He hissed before shooing his dogs away.

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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