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Chapter Three: To Forget
(River Bank)
"You seem allot nicer Leaf." Meowed Luna as she padded along side the dark gray queen. "Hey! I said I was sorry about the diamond thing. I was trying to hit your Lover boy." Leaf joked. "My Lover Boy?" Luna asked. "You know." meowed Leaf as she smiled at the clueless knight. Luna narrowed her eyes as if she was thinking about the two words 'Lover boy' Leaf rolled her
eyes at Luna. "Silver! You love Silver? Isn't that ringing a bell?" Luna looked over at Leaf. "Please don't tell him that I like like him." Luna begged. "You know love is a more proper way to say like like, You know?" Leaf asked. "I'm not sure if I
love him!" Luna hissed. "Luna, if you like like him then you love him. I think young love is funny. . .Well unlike my young love." Leaf frowned. "Your talking about Darth right?" Luna asked when she noticed Leaf's tone had changed. "Yeah. who else
made me believe that I was loved and that my kitten was loved, then turn around and chanced her off and almost kill me?"
Leaf asked. "Why did you fall in love with Darth?" Luna asked. Leaf's eyes grew big. She had no idea. it could have been the way he was made fun of all his life because of his eyes being red and the fact that he was nice when he was a
kitten. "There are so many reasons why, Luna. I'm just glad that I have Haiku to love. I don't want to leave this world
knowing that I wasn't loved. I hope that you find a way to tell Silver how you feel. He maybe older, but we're cats not
humans, Age only matters when your a kitten." Leaf reminded Luna. "I want to tell him, I really do, but I'm not like Haiku."
Leaf looked at Luna weird. "Haiku?" she asked. "Yeah. He pretty much told you he loved you before you kill Darth and did you see the look on Darth's face? he was mad. I mean down right angry and the fact that you killed him right after he said it was
so out of place. I couldn't confess my love like that even know it was out of nowhere and sounded so cool when he said it."
Leaf smiled. "I hope Paw finds Moss soon. I feel like that everyday I'm forgetting what she looks like. I love her and I'm
worried about her, but yet everyday since shes been gone, I feel like I never even had a kitten to begin with and I hate
myself for thinking that way, but how else am I going to react. Cry everyday or kill myself. . .I think not. I can't do that. Kill myself no, but cry I can. I just haven't been able to cry and I feel that I'll never cry again. Am I a bad mother to
think these thoughts?" Leaf asked. Luna stopped and looked straight into her leafy green eyes as Leaf stopped too. "You want her home so bad and I want Silver to know I love him so much." Luna meowed. "What's your point?" Leaf asked. "Well. . .What
if You, Paw, Blaze, and I go to the North Camp and see if Moss may be there. You help me find a way to tell silver how I feel
and I'll help bring Moss home. Agreed?" Luna asked as she and Leaf began padded across the grass again. "Agreed." Leaf agreed. "But I don't think Haiku would want me to go to the North Camp and you know if Haiku doesn't agree with anything then
Silver won't." Luna started to laugh. "What!" Leaf demanded after a long time listening to Luna laugh at her.Luna stopped laughing and looked straight ahead. "I know you weren't allot out until Haiku got back Leaf." Luna meowed, adding a smile. "i think I hate you now." Leaf joked. "Shut up, Leaf you know you love me." She joked back. "What ever. I'm cold we should head
on back and Haiku might be back too, so let's hurry and go to the East Camp." Leaf meowed as she took off running. "Hey wait up Leaf!" Luna called after her.
(East camp)
Haiku along with Silver sat in the center of the East camp. Gem sat in front of them, waiting for them to say something. Hawk was circling the young kitten while Blaze watched in silent. "Boring!" Blaze finally cried out. "Blaze, you don't need to be here if you don't want to." Silver reminded her again. "Already heard that." Meowed Blaze. "She seems fine. No cold or
anything that could harm us. Maybe we should let her in. Just for a month at least." Hawk meowed as she took a seat next to the yawning Blaze. Silver's eyes grew big. "A month!" He hissed. "Yeah. Just until the snow clears up and she can service on
her own." Hawk meowed. "No way! That thing around her next is creeping me out!" Hissed Silver as he stood up. "Try to be more nicer to her!" Haiku hissed and that surprised Silver. "Haiku? You okay?" Silver asked, sitting back down. "Nothing is wrong with me." Haiku meowed, harshly. "And why are you calling me Haiku?" Now everyone was shocked. "And while I'm on the
subject who the heck are you?" Haiku asked. "Haiku? It's us. Don't act like you don't know us. what's wrong with you?" Hawk asked. "Listen hag, I don't know who you are or why your here bothering me, but try to be nice to my dearest Gem!" Hawk's
eyes narrowed at her supplier in anger. "Hag! Who are you calling a hag!" Hawk demanded. "Wow and you have hearing problems too." Haiku smiled. "Okay I'm trying not to claw your face off right now!" Hissed Hawk. "Not again. . ." Gem's voice trailed off. "Haiku! Tell her your sorry!" Blaze hissed. "Who made you boss?" Haiku asked, rudely. Something was happening to Haiku,
but what? "It's Gem! He was fine until she showed up!" hissed Silver. "Hey shut up! Don't talk about the love of my life right in front of me!" Hissed Haiku as he jumped to his feet. "The. . .Love. . .Of your. . .Life?" Everyone looked behind
Haiku and saw Leaf standing there wide-eyed. Luna had heard it too. Haiku soon turned too look at Leaf. "Who the heck are
they?" Haiku asked, again in his rude tone of voice. "Haiku. . .It's me, Leaf. You and I are mate remember?" Leaf called out to the silver and dark striped tom-cat. "Nope not ringing a bell." Luna frowned. "Leaf. . ." Luna's voice trailed off as she
saw a single tear roll down the she-cat's cheek. "But we're are going to have kittens." Leaf reminded him. "why would I have kittens with someone I don't know?" Haiku asked. "Hey! What's wrong with you Haiku!" Hissed a she-cat's voice. It was Angel.
She had over heard what was going on as she and her two kittens padded into the camp. "Angel?" Blaze called to Angel. "I can't
believe you!" She hissed after sending her kittens off to their dens. "And you are?" Haiku asked. "Angel!" Angel hissed as she padded up to him. "You don't sound like an Angel to me?" Haiku laughed it out. "Look if this is some game your
playing, it's not funny! Your making her cry!" Angel pointed at Leaf. "I insure you that I don't know any of you. The only one I know is my lovely Gem." Haiku pointed to the small kitten. "Who the heck is that!" Angel demanded. "As I said 'My lovely Gem' moron." Meowed Haiku. Luna watched as Leaf turned away and fled from the East Camp. "I'll deal with you later!'
hissed Hawk, before running after Leaf. Luna and Blaze soon joined her. "I'll be back to beat the crap out of you later!" Hissed Angel before she took off for the West Camp. "Get out of here you creep!" Hissed Silver. "But-" She was cut off.
"I said get out of here!" Silver hissed again. Gem took off back into the forest with tears in her eyes. "You make me sick! Hurt a cat's feelings!" Hissed Haiku. "Your the one to talk!" Silver hissed back. "You can leave too!" Hissed Silver. "Fine. I was leaving anyway." Haiku meowed before he slowly padded away from Silver, who had already left to go find Leaf and them.
(west Camp)
Leaf laid in Haiku's den. Tears dripped from her eyes and sorrow flooded her mind. What had happen to her lovely Haiku. He was fine the last time she saw him. What happen to him and who was that kitten? "Leaf? You down here?" Leaf heard Hawk's voice as the medical cat padded through the tunnel. "Yeah." Leaf managed to say through her sobbing. "What happen to Haiku?"
Leaf asked. "I wish I knew Leaf, but I know he didn't mean those things. I think something happen between the time he and Gem arrived at the East Camp." Meowed Hawk as she sat down next to the crying Queen. "That Gem kitten coursed this?" Leaf asked.
Hawk nodded as two she-cats padded out of the tunnel. "Something wrong with him. Why would he say that?" Blaze asked. "I don't know." Luna shrugged. "It doesn't matter. I thought that he loved me." Leaf wiped away her tears. "He does Leaf." Angel's voice was heard from inside the tunnel. She soon padded into sight and took a seat near Luna. Silver appeared a
little later. "it the gemstone around her neck. I believe if might be the forgetful Gem. Also know as The diamond Of Nightmares." He meowed as he sat near the tunnel doorway. "Diamond Of Nightmares?" Luna asked. Silver knew allot about
diamonds she could tell that much. "Yes. The Diamond Of Nightmares allows it's holder to erase one's memory and only have them remember the holder, which in this case is Gem." Meowed Silver. "So that's why you threaten to kill her because of the diamond or Gem what ever it is was the nightmare diamond?" Blaze asked and Silver replied with a nod. "How do we change him
back?" Leaf asked. "Two ways to do that. One: Break the gemstone around Gem's neck or two: take the diamond of dreams to the Ring Of Chaos and throw it into one of the lava pits." Leaf didn't want to travel to that place, so one thing was left for
her to choose. "I choose to break the gemstone." Meowed Leaf. "But burning the Diamond Of Dreams will be allot easier." Hawk pointed out. Leaf shook her head. "I kind of don't have it anymore." Meowed Leaf. "What!" Silver jumped to his paws. "What do you mean you don't have it anymore!" He demanded. "well, I do have it, but not anywhere in Peace Clan that is. I hid it in
fear that someone would use it for evil." Meowed Leaf. "Where?" Luna asked. "That is for me to know and you to never find out!" Leaf snapped at her. "Okay, okay." Meowed Luna. "what ever then." Meowed Silver. "where is Gem and Haiku?" Blaze asked.
"Oh, I kind of told them to leave." Silver looked down at his paws. "What! How do you kind of send someone away!" Leaf demanded to know. "Same way how you kind of don't have the Diamond Of Dreams." He meowed. "Ha ha. Now need to find gem and Haiku." Leaf meowed, sadly. "We'll start tonight." silver meowed before he, Blaze, and Angel padded back into the tunnel.
"But what about the North Camp?" Luna asked. Leaf had forgotten about that. "North camp!?" Hawk narrowed her eyes at the two she-cats. "Uh. . .We uh. . .had uh-" Hawk rolled her eyes at Luna. "You can't go to the North Camp! Theres dogs there!"
hissed Hawk. "I'll let them eat me if that's what it takes to bring Moss home." Leaf meowed before she padded over to the stack of red, blue, and Green diamonds that laid in the back. "A deals a deal Leaf." Meowed Luna. "I help you and you help me." She added. Hawk was confused. "Maybe I should keep an eye on these two." Hawk told herself. "Well see you late Leaf."
Luna said good-bye before she and hawk left Leaf alone in the underground tunnel. "Haiku. . .What happen to you?. . .was it Gem that made you forget who I was?" Leaf asked aloud. It would sound like she was talking to herself if another cat was
around, but Leaf was really trying to talk to someone that was now far away. She knew he couldn't hear her, but she tried anyway. . .

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aww poor leaf. I never saw the diamond thing coming. You would make a good writer one day. When is the next chapter coming up(i hope its soon)

Sun, April 8th, 2012 2:54am


we're working on it right now and if we get it done by tomorrow well have it up tomorrow.

Sat, April 7th, 2012 8:16pm


I love your guy's writing! I'm adding this to my reading list! Yeah Gem is in this chapter too! Bad Gem! Change him back!

Sun, April 8th, 2012 7:07pm


lol We are still working on chapter 4 right now!

Sun, April 8th, 2012 12:12pm


I love this chapter! KMU Please!

Sun, April 8th, 2012 7:10pm


Thank you!

Sun, April 8th, 2012 12:11pm

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