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Chapter Four: Warclan
(North Camp)
"I don't understand! Why couldn't Leaf come!" Luna hissed at Paw. "She has kittens in her belly if you haven't noticed." The commander hissed back. "This is boring!" Hissed Blaze. "You think everything is boring! You didn't need to come!" Paw hissed at
the knight. "Third time I heard that today." Meowed Blaze. "I don't know why you want to look in the North Camp for Moss, but if shes in there then good." Paw meowed as he then stopped at the beach that was covered in snow. "We are taking the ruin way?" Blaze asked. "Duh." Blaze narrowed her eyes at Paw. "I'm coming." Paw meowed under his breathe. Paw took off running
and hopped on one rock to the next. The water was frozen solid. It was no longer clear. Paw, Luna, and Blaze padded into the ruin. Paw turned left and so did the two she-cats. "Wow, this Ruin is dark." Luna meowed. "Cold too." Blaze added with a
shiver. "This way!" Paw called to them and they followed. They soon started to run down the tunnel. As they got closer to the end of the tunnel, they could see light. "Okay we went the right way!" Paw called to them. "Wait you didn't know which was the right way!" Luna asked in a yell. "No I did not." Paw meowed as he started to low down. He stopped and stared out into the
North camp. "Holly cow." Paw's jaw dropped. Luna stared up at the sky that was now covered in falling snow. "Wow, Sweet." She meowed. "Look!" Blaze cheered as she ran through the snow that covered the ground. It was like a rain forest covered in snow.
"I can't believe how amazing this is." Luna meowed as she sat in the snow. She picked up some snow in her mouth and through it at Blaze. "Hey!" Blaze hissed as the snow ball hit her face. Luna started laughing at Blaze. "Why you!" Blaze grabbed a bigger ball of snow and flung it at Luna's head. "Missed me!" Luna laughed as Blaze through another one. This time it did hit
her. "Hey did you forget why we are here!?" Paw demanded. "Who are you!" Paw, Luna, and Blaze turned to see a black she-cat. She was no bigger then Blaze. "Who are?" Blaze asked. "I believe I asked you first." She meowed as she stepped closer. "I am
Paw. Commander of peace Clan. Those two are knight Luna and knight Blaze." Paw pointed to each of them. "Paw huh? I heard about you. Your this brave commander that spent two months looking for a lost little kitty cat." The she-cat had a very dark and evil laugh. "You didn't say your name!" Blaze pointed out. The she-cat smiled at Blaze. "Oh really? How rude of me. You
can call me. . .SavingCry." Meowed SavingCry. "She has a two part name." Luna whispered to Blaze and Paw. "Yeah I heard." Paw whispered back. "You are in the land of War Clan. Leave now or I shall unleash my pets on you!" Hissed SavingCry. "Your
pets?" Paw asked. "Pits!" She called out and five huge pit bulls came to her. All five of them where brown and had white spots on their bodies and face. "D-dogs!" Blaze hid behind Luna. Luna was hiding behind Paw. "How are you controlling dogs?" Paw asked. He didn't seem one bit scared, unlike Luna and Blaze. "That's none of your concern. what is your concern is that
my pets can kill you in one hit. Now be gone or I shall have you killed!" Hissed SavingCry. "I'm not leaving without Moss!" Paw hissed. "Moss you say? Who is this Moss?" asked SavingCry. "She is the love of my life and Moss is the one that I
couldn't protect and now because of that, she is missing. I promised her mother that I'd bring her home even if it kills me and I believe she may be here?" Paw's voice cracked as if he was going to cry, but he held the tears back. "The only cats here
are War Claw and Star warrior. Not one cat named Moss. Now go!" SavingCry ordered. "I'm not leaving!" he hissed. "Fine then, so be it. Your a real idiot. Get them!" She yelled to her pets. "SavingCry!" The dogs stopped and turned. Two more she-cats appeared out of the forest with more pit bulls. One she-cat looked just like Paw and the other was gray and white. The gray
and white she-cat had a skull over her head. "Who are you?" Paw asked. "They call me WarClaw Meowed War claw." The orange she-cat padded up to SavingCry's side and smiled at the three Peace Clan cats. "What are you doing here?" The she-cat that's
name was unknown asked. "I'm looking for Moss. I'm guessing your StarWarrior then?" Paw asked. The orange she-cat nodded. "I am StarWarrior, but there is no Moss here." She meowed. "I am sorry for my friend's behavior. She is very rude to new cats." StarWarrior added. "We'd be happy if you'd kindly leave." Meowed Warclaw. "Are you telling the truth? Is Moss really not here
with you?" Paw asked. "We already said no!" hissed SavingCry. "Shes nowhere then. Darth had to of lied." Paw turned away from the three cats. He did the same to Luna and Blaze. "wait!" WarClaw cried out to the commander. Paw turned and looked at the
she-cat with the white skull on her head that covered her face. "Yes?" Paw asked. "You seem very worried about her. Why is that?" WarClaw asked. "I love her that's way and Leaf, her mother, wants her home. Everyone does." Meowed Paw. "Leaf. . .She sounds like a great mother to worry so much about her kitten. I'll keep an eye out if we see her then we shall send her home
to you and. . .Leaf." WarClaw meowed to Paw. "Come on everyone. It's getting cold." She added before padding away. "We should too." Meowed Paw. A single tear slid down his cheek, but no more then that. "Okay." Meowed Luna as she and Blaze followed
Paw. Everyone else followed WarClaw.

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Omg i bet warclaw is moss

Mon, April 9th, 2012 5:57pm


idk Just have to read on. Next chapters going to be longer. This time instead of Paw, Luna, Blaze, and the three leaders, chapter five will be about Hawk and a someone that you'll have to read to find out about.

Mon, April 9th, 2012 12:49pm

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