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Chapter Five: Tricks And Snowstorms

It was getting worse and worse everyday the snow fell. Any cat that was pure white would be lost in the snow drifts. This feeling of Winter never leaving left the cats in sorrow. Yes it was pretty and fun too play in, but it was very cold and

could kill a cat if they stayed outside too long. "Why are we out here again?" A dark gray she-cat asked. The white and orange spotted she-cat rolled her eyes at the Queen. "Haiku duh!" She hissed. "Hawk, I'm happy that your trying to help, but the only one I want to find is my daughter." The Queen looked up at the snow falling from the sky. "It's getting worse
everyday. Hey Leaf?" Hawk called to the Queen. "Yeah?" Leaf asked, still looking up at the falling snow. "Do you think that I can find a new mate?" Leaf's ears pricked up. "Hawk! The rule of a medical cat still stands!" Leaf hissed. "Yeah, but. . ."
her voice trailed off as she turned her head away from Leaf. "To tell you. I think you could, but you can't when your a medical cat. I'll also tell you this," Leaf began and Hawk was now all ears on Leaf. "Clover. . .Clover had a kitten when she was still a medical cat. I lied for her. I broke a rule for the first time in my life. Her kitten's name was Mosstalon."
Hawk's eyes widen. "You mean Clover had a kitten too?" Hawk asked. Leaf replied with a nod. "She was scared and warried that I'd kick her out of the clan. I told her that I'd look the other way and let her make the right choise. She wanted me to take
Mosstalon and raise him as Moss's brother. I said no. Clover hid him away and told me that she had given him to River clan. She didn't know that I had followed her that night. I didn't tell her I knew until she was laying half dead on the ground." Leaf turned away from Hawk and closed her eyes as if she was trying to hold her tears. "what happen to Mosstalon?" Hawk asked
Leaf. "I had been feeding him, but one day, it was five days I believe, when I came to tell him that I was going to let him in the clan, but when I had got there. . .He was dead." Hawk was shocked. "How. . .How did he die?" She asked. "Badsgers had
found the tree trunk that Clover hid him in and killed him just, so they could stay out of the rain. I always hated badgers." Meowed Leaf. "But at least clover has her son." Hawk meowed with a frown. "Your still thinking about Berry. Aren't you?" Leaf asked. "I always do, but Josh. . .I'll always love him, but I. . .I feel alone. With them both gone that is." She frowned
more. "I wish I didn't have, so much to worry about. Moss is gone and Haiku had forgotten me." Hawk stopped and looked out into the opening that was now the meadow. "Hey Leaf? Why didn't you ever attack Josh?" Hawk asked. "I don't believe house
cats are any threat to me unless they are from Death clan, but that clan is no more and I am happy." Leaf smiled, but it faded fast. "What made you ask him to join you?" Asked Hawk. "Many reasons really. Before I had spoken to him, I saw him in the meadow, trying to catching a rabbit. Very good hunter. The rabbit wasn't fast enough." Meowed Leaf. She had stopped and
rejoined Hawk in the center of the meadow when she saw that her medical cat was no longer following her. "I want to move on. Fine someone to love me and never leave me, but I am a medical cat. Being what I am now, besides my kitten and mate dying, was always what I dreamt of even when I knew I wouldn't be able to love a cats in that way." Leaf sat down in the snow and
little snow flakes covered her dark gray fur. Hawk kept telling Leaf how she felt lonely in this world. Leaf rolled her eyes at Hawk. "If you don't want to be a Medical cat anymore fine. Just tell Silver." Leaf said as she laid down on her belly in
the snow. "What are you doing?" Hawk asked. "I'm-" Leaf let out three loud yawns and then laid her head on her paws. "-Just a bit sleepy that's all." Meowed Leaf. "You can't sleep here. Come on we can go back to the West camp." Hawk went to tap Leaf's paw, but Leaf moved it away from her. "Leaf? what's wrong?" Hawk asked. She and Leaf were covered in snow. Leaf looked like a
gray cat with white patches of fur, but it was really the snow falling down on her. "Hawk? Could you maybe go get Paw in the West camp please?" Hawk nodded and took off, leaving Leaf in the snow. "I didn't think she'd fall for that." Leaf meowed to
herself before she got to her paws and slowly padded away into the oncoming blizerd.
(Between East Camp and West Camp)
Hawk ran long the forest until she came to a stop. "Wait a minute. . .Paw went with Blaze and Luna to the North Camp. Leaf knew that? I better hurry back." Hawk was going to turn back when a big gush of freezing cold wind smacked her in the face. "A. . .A Blizerd!" a tiny voice cried out. "Hurry Snow!" Hawk knew that voice. She soon saw two glowing eyes. "Angel!" Hawk
called out to the Knight. "Hawk! Is that you! Thank goodness! I need help!" Angel cried out. "I can't see a thing mother!" Snow's cries came from a different direction then Angel's. "Mother! where are you!" It was the voice of Little Sky. "Come
here Sky!" Hawk called to him because he was the closest to her. A moment later a small trainee bumped into Hawk. "Oof." Was what Hawk heard before turning to see what had hit her. "Oh Sky!" Hawk helped Sky and Angel's son up and back onto his paws. "Oh, hello Hawk. I thought you were my mother." Little Sky said with a smile. "I heard your sister and mother over there.
Hurry let's find them and a place to get warm." Hawk meowed as she tried to look through blazing wind and falling snow. The wind was blowing the snow every direction to were the four cats coudn't see a thing. "I thought Aunt Leaf was with you?"
Little Sky asked as he was trying to keep up with Hawk. Hawk didn't hear him because of how hard the wind was blowing. "I hope everyones okay." Hawk meowed to herself. "Why did you ask me to go to the West Camp? Where were you going anyways?" Hawk wondered as she tripped over a kitten. "Mother?" Snow called out. "No it's Hawk and your brother." Meowed Hawk. "Oh. Wheres
my mother?" Snow asked. "Over here!" Angel called. Hawk and the kittens could make out the same glowing eyes from before. They headed over to them and ended up in a small log. "Hey this is-" Snow was going to finish, but Hawk finished for her. "My
log. We wondered into the log while we were looking for you and Snow." Hawk meowed To the shivering Knight. Her kittens were shivering as well. She was too. "What happen to Leaf? Wasn't she with you?" Angel asked. "She was, but she tricked me for some reason and while I fell for her trick, she must of took off, but why would she do that?" Hawk asked. "I don't understand
her sometimes." Angel meowed, adding a sigh. "We should sleep. I think Leaf found shelter." Meowed Angel as she laid down and a moment later she and her kittens were asleep, but Hawk stayed up and watched the high speed of the Blizerd.
"Leaf. . ." Her voice trailed off as the wind smacked the rock. It scared her, but then she forgot that the log was stuck in the ground.

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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Woah i wonder y leaf would do that i hope she doesnt freeze. Thats how berry died. She froze to death in a blizzard. If hawk had kittens would she step down forever or just until they became trainees. Maybe hawk could teach a trainee in the ways of the medical cat.
i love this chapter.

Wed, April 11th, 2012 12:52am


We were thinking of having a kitten that Hawk ends up training as her new supplier and then like if something happens (different kinds of reasons) That kitten would take her place.

Tue, April 10th, 2012 6:40pm

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