Chapter 6: Birth of the first born son

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Chapter Six: Birth Of The First Born Son
Leaf padded across the snowy ground silently . She was so blinded from the snow that she didn't notice a figure following her. The feeling of the cold snow that was falling down from the night sky was dreadful. Snow was cold hearted. It didn't
care who froze the death in it. Leaf hadden seen so much snow before. It wasn't long before the sun would rise. But could
Leaf hold out until then. She tricked Hawk for a reason. She wanted to look for Haiku by herself. Sure it's selfish, but Leaf
needed to deal with stuff like this on her own. "A month. Just one stupid mouth." Leaf shivered like crazy. Leaf stared out
into the darkness and falling snow that was shadowed by the night. "where could he be? Is he father away then I thought?" Leaf sighed and before she knew it she was near a tree. One she remembered, so well. It was the tree where mother Rose took her and Sky to meet Scar. Scar wasn't his real name. It was more of a nickname then a name. She never knew what her father's
real name. She or Sky never even bothered to ask because they always called him daddy or father. She missed this tree. She thought she had lost it. Leaf knew it was somewhere near The ruin and forest. Leaf sat down and stared up at the tree. No
leaves were keeping the tree warm. Leaf wondered if she would die the same way. Freezing to death. Leaf looked down at her
belly. Haiku doesn't remember anything. "Why?" Leaf asked aloud. "Why do you remember Gem and not me! you didn't even know her!" Leaf cried out. She listened to the wind and the snow. No answer would come. She knew that.
"You've been out here along time. Your catch a cold?" Leaf looked up. Silver stood there with a frown on his face. "I came back from the west Camp to only find you missing. Luna asked Hawk what happen and she told me you left on your own." He
meowed. He too sat down near the tree. "Silver, leave be alone. It's none of your concern. My life has already gone under."
Silver didn't give off any sign of leaving without her. "It's very pretty isn't it? It's so wonderful" Siver was now smiling up at the whiteness that covered everything. "I'm not leaving until I find him." Silver looked puzzeled at the word 'Him'.
"We need to find somewhere warm for you or else you and your kittens would die." Silver pointed out. "It doesn't matter if I die. It only matters if my kittens live. Just leave me alone!" Leaf hissed. Silver still didn't move. "Luna asked me to find
you and i'm not about to brake a promise to her." Silver stood up. "You never keep other cat's promises, but you keep hers. What do you see when you look at her?" Leaf asked. "A brave knight that may one day become commander." Leaf didn't look happy. "It that all?" asked Leaf. "What are you getting at Leaf?" silver asked. "Do you like Luna?" silver looked nerves.
"Auh, you'll get sick if you don't come, Leaf." Meowed SilVer. "I asked you a question. Do you personly like Luan?" Silver stopped to take a long look at Leaf. "Yes I like Luna. just like any other cat in the clan." Leaf narrowed her eyes at the
clueless leader. "Do you love Luna or not!" Leaf hissed. "Love?. . .Luna?. . .What are you talking about?" Silver asked, all nerves. "She loves you, so do you love her?" Silver looked shocked. "Luna. . .Loves me?" silver asked and Leaf replied with a nod. "Even if I'm older then her?" He asked again. "Age doen't matter unless your a kitten." Leaf meowed. "I have to hear it
for myself, insteads of from a crazy cat sitting out in a blizzard." Silver joked. "I'm going to look for Haiku now." Leaf meowed. "Don't need too. Gem came back. she told us that these cats Paw and them found, chaced them off and are trying to
kill the." Meowed Silver. "Leaf stood up and looked at the silver tom. "Hes back, but he won't remember." Leaf turned back to
the direction of the East camp. " He might. If you ask Gem to breake the gemstone." Silver pointed out as he followed Leaf. By then the blizzard started to let up. Hust abit though. Nothing more then that. "I had this happen to me before." Meowed
silver. "The cat that had it wasn't Gem, but an older cat. He was a tom-cat not a she-cat. I lost my memory of everyone in my family and soon after they all passed away, My memory came back. Maybe if Gem don't breake the gem, you could try to get him
to remember you." Leaf was shocked. "I don't know if I want to see-" Leaf fell over intoo the snow. "Leaf! Leaf!" silver called to the queen. "I think, I think I'm in laber!" Leaf cried out. "Come on! I'll get you back to the camp!" silver helped the she-cat up and they both hurried over to the camp as fast as they could.
(East Camp)
"Are they coming!?" Tabby asked. He, Mist, and Tibbs came from their dens. "What's coming?" Tibby, Mew, Meow, and Socks came from their den. Angel and Blaze came too. "What's wrong Silver?" Angel asked. "Leaf went into laber while we were coming back." Meowed Silver, who was sitting by Hawk's log. Hawk was in the log with Leaf. "New kittens are coming!" Cheered Snow.
The little kitten came running out of her den with her brother behind her. Gem came and seated herself near Silver. "I'm sorry for what I have done. I never meant to take Haiku from Leaf. My gem takes what it wants and it wanted Haiku's most
happiest memories. Those turned out to be, him becoming a father and loving Leaf." Meowed Gem. Luna padded into the camp with Paw, Missy, and coal. Frost was with them, but he came a little later. Luna looked from silver to Gem. She narrowed her eyes at the kitten. Luna skipped over to them and sat down in front of them. "so, Silver-" Luna didn't get to finish because Gem
cut her off. "I'll return Haiku back safe and sound." Gem meowed rudely. Her rudeness was pointed at Luna. "Hey Luna, Can I maybe talk to you later when all this is over?" Silver asked. "Sure thing luh-Silver" Silver looked confused. "I'm sorry, but
what did you say?" Silver asked. "Uh. . .sure thing Silver." Luna repeated. "Oh." He looked disapointed. A silver tom-cat with dark-stripes came into the camp with a confused look. "I had a dream while I was asleep. About some white cat killing a kitten." Silver's eyes widen. "Did that Kitten happen to be your sister?" Silver asked.
"I don't remember having a sister, but she did cry out brother to me. I wasn't able to save her for some reason and then three cats made me hurt another cat." Meowed Haiku as he sat down near Gem. "Sky." Silver meowed. "Yeah. I think that was the
cats name?" Haiku started to scratch his back on the snowy ground. "You remember my mate?" Angel Asked. "Yeah. I remember having a sister named Mittens too. I don't understand? Do I know you all somehow?" Haiku asked. "Yeah you do Haiku." Meowed Blaze. "It was my fault you lost your memory and now you've lost the memory of the one cat you love the most." Gem meowed.
She then frowned. "That's weird. How come I only remember you. I remember saving you when your leg was broken and the day I first saw you in the meadow and-" Haiku was interrupted by Angel. "That wasn't Gem, That was Leaf!" She hissed. "But Leaf has gray fur and she is allot bigger then Gem. Theres no way it could have been her." Haiku protested. "That gemstone around
Gem's neck made you believe it was Gem instead of Leaf. All those memories you have are really the memories Leaf shares too. She remembers the meadow, but she didn't know you were there and the time she fell. You saved her. Gem never broke tiny bones
in her leg, well not that I know of." Silver meowed to Haiku. "You better not!" Hissed Luna. "Wait. . .what?" Silver asked. He was confused because he didn't know what she meant by that. Hawk then came out with a smile on her face. "What's wrong?" Paw asked. "Are they born yet?" Blaze asked. "One is. Theres another one coming too! I need some more herbs. Shes in pain and
some herbs will help." Meowed Hawk. "I'll get some!" meowed Luna. She was about to get up when Silver stood up. "No. I'll get them." He meowed before he left the camp and into the snowy forest. "Okay." Luna frowned. "What's the first kitten look
like, Hawk?" Missy asked. "Hes a tom-cat and he looks just like Leaf, but with amber eyes." Hawk replied before returning to her log. "He has your eyes Haiku!" little Sky meowed. "My eyes?" Haiku asked. "Ops." meowed Little Sky. "Those are your kittens, Haiku." Gem meowed. "I don't have any kittens." Meowed Haiku. "You do now!" Snow cheered. Silver padded back into
the camp with herbs in his mouth. He went right into the log. "I wonder what kind of names she is going to give them?" Mew asked her father. "I don't know." Meowed Tabby with a smile. "I can't wait!" Cheered Tibby. "I know. I can't either!" Meowed
Rudy. Ruby, Storm, Fluffy, Robin, and Tail were now in the center of the camp. Shard, Tammy, Fox, and Mist soon came too and now all the cats of Peace Clan were there. Moss was the only one missing. Paw padded up to Silver when he returned from giving Hawk the herbs she wanted. "Any news?" Asked Paw. "Not yet. Hawk said there was another one
coming, but it's taking allot longer
then the first kitten." Siver meowed, added a frown.

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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