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Chapter seven: The Raven

Snow fell again the next day. Just one more month of winter then all this cold weather would be gone. Not to far from the camp Silver, Luna, Haiku, and Gem were sitting in the forest. "Hey?" Luna whispered to Silver. "What?" He whispered back. "I forgot about yesterday." Silver realized he did too. "Sorry. I'm not very good with-" He was interrupted by Luna.
"Remembering unimportant things?" Luna asked. "Yeah. . .Wait what?" Silver turned and looked at Haiku and Gem. "You wouldn't happen to know if theres any blue berries any where?" Gem asked. "You can't eat our berries!" Hissed Luna. "I've been eating
them for a whole week." Meowed Gem. "What!" Luna hissed. "You okay. . .Uh. . ." Haiku's voice trailed off as he tried to remember her name. "Luna." Luna meowed. She narrowed her eyes at Haiku. "Luna, You okay?" Haiku asked. "I'm fine." Luna's meow was more of a hiss. "Silver?" Gem called to the leader. "Yeah?" He asked. "Your eyes are pretty." Luna's eyes grew wide.
"Uh. . .Thank you." Gem smiled at him. "I know this is soon, but can I join your clan?" Gem asked. "Yeah can I?" Haiku asked. Silver rolled his eyes at Haiku. "You are already part of Peace Clan!" Silver hissed at Haiku. "Oh." Replied Haiku. "What about me?"
Gem asked. Luna muttered something under her breathe. "Huh?" Gem asked. Luna rolled her eyes. "See you later Silver, Bye Haiku." Luna took off into the forest. Luna padded along a frozen stream that ran across the ground. She stared at it. "I'm
so bored?" Luna heard Angel's voice. "Angel?" Luna called to the she-cat as she padded over to her. "Oh, I thought you were. . .What are you doing here?" Angel asked. "I was with Silver, Haiku and Gem. Wheres Snow and Sky?" Luna asked. "They're with
Leaf. They can't stop watching Leaf's kittens." Angel's frown. "I haven't seen Hawk around. Have
you?" Luna asked. Angel sighed and shook her head. "No. Ever since Leaf had her kittens, she has been out gathering herbs.
She never once brought home any berries." Angel rolled over on her back. "Everyone is so busy now a days. Leaf has Haru and Anzu, Haiku has no memory, Paw and Hawk are never around, and I hate that stupid cat!" Luna hissed. "By stupid cat, your referring to Gem?" Angel asked. "Yes." Meowed Luna. "what about Silver?" Angel asked. "What about him?" Luna rolled on her
back too. "Well, the whole time I've know you, you always were following him around." Meowed Angel. "So what. He never even understands how I. . ." Luna's voice trailed off. "How you. . .Feel?" Angel jumped to her paws and grinned down at the black
she-cat. "Okay, okay. I may have a slight crush on him." Meowed Luna. "Slight my tail!" Angel cheered. "Slight. . .Your. . .Tail?" Luna asked. "You love him! Admit it!" Angel ordered. Luna stood up and began padding away from the crazy knight. "Hey wait!" Hissed Angel as she caught up to her. "I think Leaf's a better Listener then you." Luna meowed. "Hey, hey! Wait just a
moment. I bet he likes you." Angel meowed, adding a grin. "That some-what, what Leaf said. She seems to think he likes me too, but he never even remembers things that have to do with me and I think that little rat likes him too!" Hissed Luna.
"Aw a love triangle?" Angel closed her eyes and smiled at her thoughts. "Love. .Whoa look, he doesn't know I love him and I don't think he knows that Gem may like him too." She pointed out. "What ever. You shouldn't be jealous of Gem. She is a kitten. She is way to young for him." Angel also pointed out. "I am not jealous of her!" Luna protested. "What ever, I'm going to see
Haru and Anzu. What to come?" Angel asked. "Fine." Luna meowed before following her to Hawk's log.
(Hawk's log)
Leaf wasn't any where in Hawk's log. Only Haru and Anzu laid, sleeping in the back. "There so cute." meowed Snow. "Leaf said that the one that looks like her is Haru!" Cheered Little Sky. "Why aren't you guys watching Anzu?" Luna asked. "Leaf said Anzu isn't feeling well today and that's why she isn't here." Meowed Snow. "Where is she?" Angel asked. "Aunt Leaf Went to
look for Hawk. I think something may be wrong with him. He has been shivering and sneezing all day." Meowed Little Sky. "Poor Anzu." Meowed Angel. "How long before Spring?" Luna asked. "Not for another month." Angel added a sigh. "I hate winter."
Meowed Luna. "Me too." Angel agreed.
Hawk was putting a bunch of herbs in a pile in the center of the meadow. "Hawk!" Hawk hear Leaf's voice and turned to see the dark gray she-cat padding up to her. "What's wrong?" Hawk asked as she laid one herb on the pile. "It's about Anzu. He isn't getting any better. I don't know what's wrong with him. Hes shivering and sneezing. He is also running a fever when hes not
shivering." Hawk saw the worry on her face. "I see. Well I'm sure one of these herbs will-" Hawk cut off by the sounds of paw steps. Leaf and Hawk looked up to see three large dogs. "Holy crap." Meowed Hawk. "D-dogs?" Leaf asked and Hawk nodded. "I
don't suppose they're just passing by?" Hawk asked. "Since when do dogs just pass by yummy looking food?" Leaf asked. "Food?" Hawk asked. "I'm referring to us." Meowed Leaf. "Oh. . .Darn." Hawk meowed. The pit bulls came at them slowly with saliva in their mouths. There teeth were dirty and yellow. They smelled of raw meat and dung. Leaf and Hawk put their paws over their
noses. "You smell!" Hissed Hawk. "Why you!" The lead dog growled. "Did you just hear him talk?" Leaf asked. "I understand cat!" He barked. "I'm confused." Meowed Leaf. "He understands cat! Take it as that!" A cat's voice hissed from the bushes.
"Who are you!" Hawk demanded. "I am SavingCry!" A black she-cat hissed as she showed herself. An orange she-cat that looked just like Paw padded up next to her. "I, you may ask is Star Warrior!" She hissed. "And you may call me," Another cat appeared next to Star warrior and SavingCry. "Am WarClaw." She was wearing a dog's skull on her head. "Back away from the
she-cats, Fudo!" WarClaw hissed. "Fine, but I can't wait to sink my teeth into the gray one!" Fudo snorted. "Mai!" WarClaw hissed and a brown dog that wasn't a pit came trotting out of the bushes. "What can I do for you today, Lady WarClaw?" The
dog named Mai asked. "I want that cat!" WarClaw demanded. "What cat?" Hawk asked. "That blasted tom-cat named Raven!" Hissed SavingCry. "Whose Raven?" Leaf asked Hawk. "No. I don't know a Raven." Meowed Hawk. "shut up!" Hissed SavingCry. "SavingCry must you always be so mean?" StarWarrior asked. "Raven's going to get it when I find him." SavingCry meowed. "Leader SavingCry
may I bite his head off?" Fudo asked. "No. Only us leaders may hurt that rat!" Hissed SavingCry. "Wait, you have more then one leader?" Leaf asked. "Yes. Three really." Meowed Warclaw. Hawk and Leaf looked at each other then back at the three
leaders. "What clan are you from. The three leader clan? How the heck do you run a clan with three leaders?" Leaf asked. Fudo glared at Leaf. "Please leaders. I beg you! Let me claw that gray rats head off." Fudo begged. "Fine. I don't care." Meowed SavingCry. "I'm not really happy about it, but go ahead. No one insults War Clan and gets away with. "No!" Hissed WarClaw.
Leaf stared at WarClaw for awhile. "You wouldn't happen to be-" Leaf was cut off by a tom-cat's voice. Everyone looked at the tree behind Hawk and Leaf. A cat was hidden in the shadows and only his red glowing eyes and dark figure showed. "Picking on
cat's again are you?" He asked. "That couldn't be. . ." StarWarrior's voice trailed off. "Raven!" hissed SavingCry. "Fudo. kill all three of them. Mai! Help!" Hissed WarClaw. "Yes, Lady WarClaw." Mai and Fudo came at Hawk and Leaf. Mai went for Hawk and Fudo went for Leaf. "Oh. . .That's a big dog." Meowed Leaf.

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