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Chapter Eight: The fall


SavingCry's frown turned to an evil smile. "Raven, You are, but a fool. To being sticking around is such a stupid move. I warned you what would happen!" Hissed SavingCry. Meanwhile, Leaf and Hawk were hiding behind a tree. "Well, I never hide from attackers, but today I have a very good reason, but you, running from a dog an inch taller then you is kind of funny in a 
way." Meowed Leaf. Hawk gave her a death stare. "Well, you ran from Fudo!" Hissed Hawk. "Well I had a very good reason like I said. Hes bigger then three honey badgers standing on one another's backs! I bet he's up to a horse's knees!" Leaf cried out.
"But who was that cat anyway? I never knew a cat named Raven. At least I don't think I do?" Hawk was searching through her 
mind while Leaf waited in silence. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" Leaf and Hawk heard Fudo's voice. "Hes gonna kill me!" Leaf  cried out. "I think I found her, Fudo." Mai barked in a low tone as if her voice box would burst into flames if she spoke
any louder. "I can smell her, but I don't see her!" Growled Fudo. "I smell the other one as well." Barked Mai, still in a low tone of voice. It seems that was her real tone of voice. "You go after the white and orange spotted one and I got the dark gray one." Snored Fudo before he started to sniff the ground. "I have it!" Hawk blurted out. "what?" Leaf asked. 
"Split!" She hissed and took off. "Split?. . .Oh now that was messed up." Meowed Leaf before running the opposite way that Hawk went. Back to the three leaders and the Raven cat. "Get down here and meet your doom!" SavingCry hissed. "Me looking at 
your scary face is doom enough!" Hissed Raven, adding a few laughs. "Why you-" SavingCry was interrupted by another cat. "Raven!" Is was a tom-cat cat's voice. WarClaw, StarWarrior, and SavingCry turned to see a dark gray tom-cat with red eyes. He had a white tail tip, one white back paw, and a white muzzle. "Oh, pops I was just having' fun?" Meowed Raven as he jumped
out of the tree and landed in front of SavingCry, then padded over to join his father. "Aw, Screech, it's nice to see you again." Meowed WarClaw. "I can't say the same to you." screech's meow  was cold. WarClaw narrowed her eyes and bit her bottom
lip, but let it slide. "What happen to the kitty cats?" Raven asked. Raven was a tall, strong built tom-cat with shiny, but blood red eyes, and a smile that didn't go well with his dark eyes because it was all smiley and cheerful like a little kitten when it sees snow for the first time. His fur was pitch black and looked like a silk robe that was placed over him. 
"What cats?" Screech asked. "I don't remember their names, but by seeing then I'm guessing the gray one is Fluff and the other one is Spots." Meowed Raven. "What ever. I'm more concerned about the deal you three made with my son!" Screech hissed.
"Deal is a deal remember!" He added. SavingCry rolled her eyes. "I don't want either of them as my mate. Their weirdos!" Hissed Raven. "what!" Hissed StarWarrior.  SavingCry didn't seemed bothered by it. "I don't wish to be your mate either, Raven. I find you a complete idiotic moron." Meowed WarClaw. "What!" Raven hissed. "You still made a deal. Don't you forget
it was I and my cats, who gave you command over all these dogs and I can easily take it away. You don't want that do you?" Screech threatened. He was in their faces now. "And don't forget. I know who you are. Those names don't fool anyone. A clan
such as Warclan is a waste of time. . .Huh Moss?" WarClaw's eyes widen. "I'm not Moss. I've told you that a million times already!" WarClaw hissed. "I'm not referring to you. I now your not Moss. Your not even female, are you?" Screech asked. "Moss is somewhere safe, Screech and I won't let you have her!" Warclaw hissed. "I'll leave Moss alone once you tell me your
gender." Screech promised. "Why do you wish to know my gender. I thought that your nose could tell?" WarClaw asked. "Don't fool with my brain WarClaw! Your just keeping those three for your own self. I'm guessing you are a male, but you sound just 
like a she-cat and look like one too. You smell of flowers and honey. Why are you hiding your true self!" Screech demanded. "My gender is for me to know and you to try and guess." WarClaw started to laugh. It was hard to tell weather his or her gender was. WarClaw did smell of flowers and Honey. WarClaw looked just like a she-cat. Those gave you hints that WarClaw was
a she-cat, but Warclaw also had hints that you'd think Warclaw was a tom-cat. Warclaw's laugh, walk, and his hisses were hint that WarClaw was indeed a tom-cat. "Forget it! I don't care! All I want is you to pay up the half of our deal!" Hissed 
Screech. "I refuse to let them go. Fudo, and every other dog seems to like me mush more then you." Meowed WarClaw. Screech dug his claws into the ground. Meanwhile, Leaf was in a tree. . .A very high tree. "Yo, Fuuuudooo!" Leaf rolled her front teeth across her lip as she said Fudo's name. "There you are!" The big pit bull stomped his way over to the tree that Leaf
was in. Leaf sat on her belly on the second branch that was near the ground. From the second branch to the ground it was about twenty-nine inches. "Your done for once I get up there!" He growled and tried to jump in the air to catch the first 
tree branch, but it was still to high for him. "Your dumb! Use your claws!" Leaf hissed. "Shut up!" Fudo barked before clawing at the tree. "Just put your claws into the tree and climb." Meowed Leaf. "Don't get smart with me, rat!" Fudo growled as he backed away from the tree. "Am I getting smart with you? How would you know?" Leaf asked
with a smile. "What the heck's that supposed to mean!" Demanded Fudo. "I’d explain it to you, but your brain would explode." Meowed Leaf. Hawk soon joined up with Leaf. Hawk darted up the tree and laid on her belly next to Leaf. "Why you gray rat!"
Barked Fudo as Mai joined his side. "Sorry, Fudo. She's just too fast for a little dog like me." Mai barked, sadly. "Your making him angry?" Hawk asked. "Yeah. I find that calling him dumb makes him angry." Leaf started to laugh and then looked back down at Fudo and Mai. "Stop with that annoying laughter!" Growled Fudo. "Watch this Hawk," Leaf meowed to Hawk and then
stared right into Fudo's eyes, while smiling. "I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you, but you’re just not laughing." Meowed Leaf before laughing again. Hawk started to smile a bit. "What!" He growled. Hawk stared down at the angry pit bull.
"He has a mind like a steel trap." Hawk meowed to Leaf, but she was still looking at Fudo. "Always closed!" She added. She and Leaf started to laugh again. "I'm so gonna murder you both!" Barked Fudo. "Hey. . .Hey, Hawk? guess what?" Leaf managed to say despite her laughing so much. "Yeah. . .Yeah Leaf." Hawk barely managed to say through all the laughs that came from
her. "Fudo is living proof that dogs can live without a brain!" Leaf laughed out. Hawk rolled on her belly, laughing. "Your dead!" Fudo started to climb the tree. "Uh-oh." Meowed Hawk as she sat up. Leaf jumped to another branch when Fudo climbed to
the first branch. Hawk jumped too. When Leaf and Hawk where at the fourth branch, Fudo laid his huge body over the first branch as he tried to catch his breathe. Leaf looked at Mai, who was now sitting and watch all three of them. "Hey Leaf!" Hawk called to Leaf. "Yeah?" Leaf asked. "He’s not dumb; he’s possessed by a dumb ghost!" She called down to her since she
was now on the fifth branch. "Hahahaha! Hey Hawk!" Leaf called up. "Yeah, Leaf?" Hawk asked. "Hi! I’m a pit bull! What are you? I don't know because I don't understand anything!" She called up before they both burst out laughing. "That's it!" Fudo
climbed to the second one and Leaf hopped up to the fourth one at the same time that Hawk jumped to the sixth one. Fudo claimed to the third branch and was able to bite down on Leaf's paw. "AAA!" She screamed. Leaf looked down at Fudo despite her pain. "There are several animals I know that I find very rude when their hungry and you are all of them!" She hissed. "I'm
not hungry, I want to kill you!" He managed to say through his teeth as he bit down harder on Leaf's paw. "AAA Again!" Hissed Leaf. "You okay!" Hawk called down to her. "Does it freaking look like I'm okay!" Leaf asked, harshly. "No." Hawk replied.
"Let go!" Leaf hissed. "No! I won't make any mistake of letting you go until your dead!" Fudo growled through his teeth. Leaf was getting angry and was filled with extreme pain. Finally Leaf snapped and said the wrong words that she would have never ever said in her life time of Peacefulness. "Yeah right! You already had made a mistake! The mistake of biting my paw! Get 
your damn teeth off my paw, or I will ruin your damn life!" She hissed. Hawk and Mai gasped. Leaf and Fudo's eyes grew huge. Then they heard a cracking sound. "F-Fudo. . .D-don't. . .M-move." Leaf meowed as she began to panic. "This is my chance to
get pay back on those hurtful things you said! Your coming down with me!" He growled and bit harder on Leaf's paw and blood began to leak from her paw and tears of pain dripped from her closed eyes. "Leaf!" Hawk cried out as the tree under Leaf and the tree under Fudo broke. Sending then both down. Fudo landed head first and Leaf landed on her paws. "Fudo. . ." Leaf 
called to the pit bull that was laying on the ground. Hawk jumped down from the tree once she got to the fifth branch. It hurt her paws, but she managed to make her way over to Fudo and the panicking dark gray she-cat. "H-he I-isn't D-death I-is H-he?" 
Leaf stuttered. "Well he isn't dead, but his face isn't going to look nice anyone. . .Not that it did before." Meowed Hawk.





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Nice chapter i love the humor. Im glad leaf is okay. I hope the kittens are okay. I wonder if raven is the special cat?:) when is the chptr coming. I hope its soon bye.

Fri, April 20th, 2012 7:37pm


just started working on it now. Glad you liked the chapter!

Sat, April 21st, 2012 12:33pm

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