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Chapter Nine: WarClaw's Name
Blood turned the snowy ground red around the pit bulls face. The small and sandy brown dog stared in horror at her clan mates motionless body. "What did you do to him!" Mai demanded. The dark gray she-cat stared at Mai as if she never saw her before. The white and orange spotted she-cat started at Fudo. The snow began to fall again. It covered up the blood around his face,
but the blood seeped through the fresh fallen snow. Leaf, Fudo, Hawk, and Mai were covered in snow. "He is still breathing, so he should be fine, but I don't know how-" Hawk was cut off by the sound of Pawsteps. They turned to see about six snow
covered dogs and five snow covered cats. Three of the cats were WarClaw, StarWarrior, and SavingCry. The other two were Raven and Screech. WarClaw padded over to Fudo. "What happen here?" WarClaw demanded. His evil eyes were pointed at Mai. His face
was hidden behind the dog skull on his head that Mai didn't know if he was mad, happy, or sad. "T-that gray cat right there!
It's her fault!" Growled Mai. WarClaw stared at Leaf from the corner of It's eye. "You." WarClaw meowed. He turned to Leaf. "What are you doing alive? You died." Meowed Leaf. Hawk was shocked. Leaf knew who WarClaw was. WarClaw smiled. "You thought
that I was dead? What kind of leader are you?" WarClaw asked. "I'm not a leader anymore. I am a Queen." Meowed Leaf. "Oh. I see. You wouldn't take me in and raise me as your own, but you'd have your own. That's messed up to do to your best friend son." He meowed. "I knew it! He was a male!" Screech blurted out. Raven gave him a weird look. "Yes I am a tom-cat. So what!"
WarClaw hissed at Screech. "Mu-" Leaf was about to say WarClaw's real name until he turned back to her and tried to attack her, something or someone stopped him. Leaf stood there wide-eyed at the sigh before her. "Haiku! You okay!" It was Gem's
voice. The white and black she-kitten padded up to Haiku, Leaf, and WarClaw. "Haiku. . ." Leaf's voice trailed off. "Who are you!" WarClaw demanded. "To tell you the truth. . .I have no idea, but I won't allow you to hurt any of my clan mates! Back off or you'll see what a real war is!" The silver and black striped cat with tiny spots around one of his eyes hissed at
WarClaw. "I'm not afraid to fight you. . .Who ever you are." Meowed WarClaw as he backed away from Leaf and Fudo. "Either am I." Haiku meowed. The two tom-cats stared at one another with pure anger in their eyes. "AAA!" Leaf bent down. "Leaf!" Hawk
called to her. Blood leaked from her paw. "I'm okay. . .Just a scratch." Leaf lied. "That's not a scratch." Haiku meowed as he turned to Leaf. "Haiku. . .I'm fine I swear." Meowed Leaf as she backed away from Him. WarClaw looked at Raven and Screech then at him six pit bulls. "I have a wonderful idea. . .Leaf. For pay back for leaving me to die! I'll kill you right in
front of your clan mates." WarClaw meowed before turning at Mai. "Mai! Chaos!" WarClaw hissed and Mai along with a huge gray pit went to him right away. "Yes, WarClaw." Barked Chas. "Get Fudo back to the War Camp. . .Then get back here before the
shows over." WarClaw meowed, adding a grin. Chaos and Mai helped the pit bull up and obeyed WarClaw's orders. After the three were on, WarClaw turned to Leaf and Haiku. "You can die after her." He meowed before turning to his clan. "Kai! Brownie!" He hissed and two pit bulls went to him. "Yes?" Brownie asked. "Get those two!" He hissed as he pointed to Hawk and Gem. The
two pit bulls attacked Hawk and Gem, pinning their faces to the snowy ground. "Hawk!" Leaf hissed at the same time Haiku hissed Gem's name. "What are you doing, Mosstalon!" Leaf cried out. "Mosstalon?" Hawk managed to say although the side of her
face was planted into the ground. "I thought you said Clover's son died?" She added. Leaf closed her eyes. "Tubby! Killer!" Mosstalon hissed. Two other pits ran to him. "Hold that Haiku cat down!" He hissed and the did as they were told, but Haiku put up a fight, clawing the Pit bulls, but in the end the two managed to hold him down. "Snow and pine. . .You both watch
Raven and Screech. SavingCry and StarWarrior!" He hissed. "Yes WarClaw?" SavingCry asked. "Hold Leaf down." Leaf stared over at Mosstalon as she backed away from StarWarrior and SavingCry. "You wont kill me." Meowed Leaf as SavingCry and StarWarrior
pinned her to the ground. SavingCry held her face down while StarWarrior held her legs down. "What?" Mosstalon asked with a smile. "You left me to die!" He hissed as he stepped closer to Leaf. "I didn't know you were still alive. You were pretty much torn to pieces. I'm still shocked that your alive. I bet the reason why you have that stupid skull on your head was
because of your face. It was the only part of you that wasn't able to heal." Meowed Leaf. "Let go of me! Stop that! It hurts!" Gem cried out. "Shut up!" Growled Kai. "Let us go you rat!" Hissed Haiku. "Hmm. . .I think not!" Hissed Mosstalon.
"Mosstalon, I swear I didn't know. That day I was going to bring you into the clan, but by the time I got to the cave your mother hid you in. . .You were laid in there, not breathing, covered in blood, and not moving. I panicked and left. I know I shouldn't have left, but what was I supposed to do? I didn't have Hawk back then and your mother died." Leaf began to cry.
"Don't cry those fake tears!" Mosstalon turned to Screech. "I think I'll beat everyone of your friends. You know, to give you the feeling of the pain I felt when you left me!" Leaf thought she saw a tear run down his face. Mosstalon padded over to
Screech and clawed him in his chest. The gray and white tom-cat fell to the ground. Mosstalon dragged him to the center where Leaf was. "You might not know him, but I'll give you the feeling of when I first met you. I thought you were the best cat that anyone could ever meet, but I was wrong." Meowed Mosstalon. He dug his claws into Screech's back. Leaf closed her eyes
as she heard his cries. "Father!" Raven cried out. Mosstalon kept clawing Screech, Raven and Screech kept screaming. "M-Mosstalon." Meowed Leaf as tears dripped from her face. Mosstalon stopped and then turned to Raven. "I think I'll us Raven
as the time when you left and didn't come back for weeks!" Mosstalon attacked Raven, but Raven fought back. The two fought one another. Clawing, biting, kicking, and such. "Stop. . ." Leaf voice trailed off as Mosstalon left Raven alone. Raven was badly hurt and so was Screech. The two laid on the ground as if they were dead, but they were still breathing. "I think I'll
beat a kitten next." Mosstalon laughed. "No. . .Not Gem." Leaf started to get out of StarWarrior and SavingCry's grasp, but they were too strong. "Let go! Leave her alone!" Hissed Leaf, but Mosstalon had move power over her. Kai backed away when
Mosstalon grabbed Gem by her throat and flung her into the center. Gem landed into Screech. "That hurt!" Gem cried. Gem sat up and stared in horror as Mosstalon padded up to her. All he did was slap her with his paw and She was knocked out cold. "Just two more left." He turned to Hawk. Hawk stared in horror as he padded up to her. "You know what. I'll leave you alone.
I don't think Leaf even cares about you. She never even liked medical cats. Am I right Leaf?" He asked as he turned to the Dark gray she-cat. "That's not true." Leaf protested. "Oh really now? Prove to me you care. Try and save this cat. She looks
like a cat that can't fight worth a crap, but that's just my opinion." Meowed Mosstalon as he stepped closer to Hawk. Leaf bit her lip and stared at Mosstalon attacked Hawk. As he clawed the medical cat, leaf soon started to feel his pain. "Mosstalon, I'm the one your angry at. Hurt me if you will help stop your pain. Even kill if you want. I wont stop you, but
no one hurts my clan!" She hissed as she kicked StarWarrior. The orange she-cat slipped and let go of Leaf's legs. Leaf bit down on SavingCray's paw. "AAA!" She hissed and backed away from Leaf. Leaf stood to her paws. She was freezing cold, as was
everyone else. Mosstalon stopped and turned to Leaf. "Fine. Let's fight. Who ever lives get's to go home." Meowed Mosstalon. SavingCry and StarWarrior backed away to let Leaf and Mosstalon fight. "Deal." Replied Leaf. "Leaf!" Hissed Haiku. "I don't remember who you are, but if you really were a great leader before giving your title away to Silver, then show it to me by
killing him!" He added. Leaf nodded and turned to Mosstalon. "STOP IT!" A she-cat's voice cried out. Everyone turned to see a Dark gray she-cat with a white chest, padding over to Mosstalon and Leaf.

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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Woah. . . .so intence. I love this chapter. You always know how to twist up a story(in a good way).i wonder if ravens the special cat?hmmm? That cat mosstalen has som issues. But i like crazy cats there like me:p love the chapter whens the next one coming up please up date soon and kmu

Mon, April 23rd, 2012 8:29pm


sure thing. To tell you the truth my wanted WarClaw to be Moss, but I thought it would be a real twist for the cat to be Clover's son. The story of Mosstalon was kind of a long thing to think of because we wanted it to be perfect and wanted him to hate Leaf and want revenge on her for leaving him.

Tue, April 24th, 2012 12:16pm

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