Love attack

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - What is this even about?

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Note:I just wanted to say thank you for the super sweet comments! You made me smile and you also made my day. I wish you like the chapters and you'll still read till the end. I'm going to try to write one chapter everyday. But I can't keep that promsie becasue I've school and so much stress but I'll try everything. I'm writing actually an other novel on german so maybe I won't be able to write here. But I'll try ok ? Let know what you think<3

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I love you guys already <3 :)



(Sorry for the short chapter)



Chapter 4: What is this even about?

We’re driving 2 hours now and it’s a bit dark now. The sun is covering behind the dark clouds.

I hate winter. But I love Christmas.

And the thought of spending Christmas with Jaden and the others made me actually smile. I mean when Jaden will be nice for the 2 weeks, maybe we’ll have a good friendship.

But to be honest, I doubt it.

I laid back and got comfy. Looking out of the window and seeing the other cars driving by with the bright lights. It was cold so I trembled.

I felt something soft and warm on me. I glanced to Jaden who just gave me his little blanket.

 I smiled and nodded nicely.

How cute was that?

I mean why did do this? He could also let me tremble till dead, but he noticed.

I chuckled quietly and my cheeks went from normal skin color to tomato red.

Stella, stop!

A voice in my head popped out.

Forget what he did and remember that he’s the boy you hate the most.

I shook my head to get the annoying voice out but the voice spoke again.

You can’t fall for him.

‘Stop’ I screamed. I froze. I just said it so loud that everyone was looking at me. Even Beck.

‘What’s going on?’ Jaden asked and chuckled a bit.

Ok now my head was actually a tomato.

‘Ehm... n-nothing’ I shook my head quickly.

‘You sure?’ he asked again.

‘Yea’ I tried to smile.

He looked away and so did I.

That was more than embarrassing.

Another hour flew by and the car stopped.

I tried to figure out where we are and the only thing I could see were trees.

‘Where are we?’ I asked.

‘A forest. This is a parking place for sleeping, don’t you saw the sign?’

‘Oh okay. No I forgot to look at it. Sorry’ Beck smiled nicely.

‘Can I take a walk?’ I asked again.

Jaden glanced at my quickly.

‘Ehm… yea but stay near ok?’ Keyla said carefully.

I nodded and got out.

The cold fresh breeze flew through my hair.

I put my hands in my hoodie and started to walk.

No I wasn’t afraid because it was dark and I only wanted to walk a bit around.

I felt a finger on my shoulder and I froze.

‘It’s me’ Jaden voice said.

I turned back to look in his face.

‘What are you doing here?’ I asked and raised an eyebrow.

‘I thought you’re afraid’ he said with his deep voice.

I laughed.

‘No I’m not afraid. I like that’

‘Mhm’ he sighed ‘I like that too’

My heart beat just stopped as I realized what he just said.

‘Soul mates huh?’ I laughed.

‘What? Lol never’ he said droll.

My mouth fell open.

‘What the?’ I asked confused.

‘I never said that I’ll be nice to you’

‘Ehm… yes you did’ I let down my weight on my right leg.

He laughed as I just said something so dumb.

‘I actually meant that I’ll act the friendship with you in front of Beck and Key’

I just wanted to kill him right now.

My stomach just turned around.

I felt pain. I don’t know why.

How can be someone so heartless? Did I ever do something that he hates me that much? I don’t think so.

I rolled my eyes and turned around and went straight to the forest.

‘Wait? Where’re you going?’ he shouted.

I ignored him.

The forest was even colder. I walked and walked without thinking what would happen.

Some noises came but I ignored them. I continued my walk.

 Suddenly I tripped over a big tree root and I fell.

My face on the cold dirt. I wanted to get up but then then I felt some heavy hands on my waist.

My heart stopped beating and I thought this will be the end of my life.

‘What in the world is wrong with you’ I heard Jadens voice as he got me up and hold me tight.

I ignored him again and looked away.

He out his thumb on my chin and turned my face back to his.

‘Stella, talk to me’ he said strict.

‘What I this even about?’ I screamed.

‘What do you mean?’ he holds me even stronger.

I wanted to get away from him. But I barley can walk. So we just stood there and it actually looked like a hug.

‘I mean, that one second you’re nice to me and then you hate me. I know you just said that you act out friendship. But why you do this? What did I do to you? I’m just a girl next door and only because my best friend is dating the famous bad boy in school beside you doesn’t mean you have to hate me. Ok I admit it. I don’t really like you but I have my reasons. You beat other kids and you don’t have a future. You go on parties every day and you fuck around and oh wait, you smoke and drink. I’m just a girl who thinks that school is important and when I see someone who wastes a really good chance for a good future I get angry. That’s why I don’t like you. But I try to be nice and I really thought we could be friends’ some tears fell over my cheek but I didn’t care in this moment. I wanted to show my feelings and let me know what he’s hurting me with his words.

‘I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean-’ he interrupted me.

‘Shut up!’ he mumbled.

‘What?’ I asked because I couldn’t hear him.

He looked in my eyes and that awkward thing was that I actually saw his hazel brown eyes even tho it was really dark.

As I opened my mouth to say something he pressed firmly his lips on my lips.

Jaden is kissing me. Am I dreaming?

I replied the kiss and made him deeper.

His kissed with all his passion and he licked my lower lip to ask for entry. I slowly opened my mouth and our tongues fight for dominance.

I put my hands on his neck and pressed him more to me, which made him groan.

As I felt his hand running down on my back I stopped the kiss and came back to the reality.

‘Stop’ I whispered.

‘Why?’ He asked and kissed my neck.

I chuckled and pressed him away.

‘Damn Stella where did you learn kissing that good?’ he asked.

‘Well… I don’t know’ I said proudly.

As I wanted to move my knee began to hurt.

‘Ouch’ I said and leaned down to my knee.

‘Wait I’m going to help you’ He grabbed me and lifted me up.

He was so calm and caring.

He carried my back to the car and sat me down on my seat.

‘Stella are you okay?’ Keylas careful voice spoke.

‘Yes I’m fine’ I smiled.

‘What happened Jaden?’ Beck asked Jaden.

‘She just fell’

‘And why it took so long?’ Keyla asked confused.

My cheeks heated up as I remember the kiss.

‘We enjoyed the atmosphere’ Jaden said and shrugged his shoulders.

‘Okay’ Keyla and Beck said in the same time.

‘Good night guys!’ Beck said loudly and turned the front light in car off.

It was dark and it was quiet.

I felt some fingers on mine and I knew it was Jaden.

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