Knives (By DrewDaggers)

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



Chapter 2

“Gabriel,” a voice said.

I sniffed.

“Don’t cry, Gabriel,” it said.

“But-” I sobbed.

“Don’t cry,” it said.

I felt a cold breeze brush my cheek. And I knew the voice, which I realized was a woman, just touched me.

That’s never happened before.

Suddenly I saw a woman sitting on the floor in front of me. She had long black hair and black eyes. She reached her hand out and brushed my hair back.

“M-Mother?” I asked.

She nodded.

I smiled.

“Don’t cry, my darling,” she said.

“Why are you coming to me now?” I asked.

“You are growing and I couldn’t speak to you before,” she said caressing my cheek.

Another tear slid down my cheek. I had always thought my mom didn’t want me. But now I knew different.

“Don’t cry,” she said.

“I’m happy though,” I said.

She smiled.

Suddenly the door swung open and my mother evaporated to smoke.

I looked up.

It was the lady from the front desk.

I glared at her.

She cleared her throat. “Come with me.”

I followed her out.

She led to another room. All the rooms looked the same. I wondered how big this place was.

“Sit down, Gabriel,” the woman said.

I did.

There were two other guys in the room. They looked like they wanted to ask me a whole lot of questions.

I slid down in my seat.

“Can you tell us what’s been happening, Gabriel?”

I shook my head.

One of them sighed. “You are eighteen?”

I nodded.

They wrote that down on a piece of paper. “You’re bipolar?”

I nodded.

They wrote that down. “You hear voices?”

I just stared.

“Do you hear voices, Gabriel?”

“Say no,” a voice told me.

“Don’t give in,” another said.

“Don’t tell them anything!” a third commanded.

I shook my head.

He just looked at the folder he had. I realized that it was my medical chart.

Don and Mary had planned this.

I glared at the floor. They’re gonna pay for doing this to me. I don’t know how or when but they will.

“Did you bring anything with you?”

I looked up.

He raised his eyebrows.

I shook my head.

“We’ll get you some clothes then,” the woman said.

I nodded.

“Come with me,” the woman said.

I followed her out and back to the room. She opened the door and led me inside.

I scowled.

“Dinner is in thirty minutes,” was all she said before she left.

I sat down on the floor, put my head on my knees, and sighed. Nobody cared about me. They all just threw me away like I was last week’s paper.

“Why are you sad?” a voice asked me.

“Nobody wants me,” I answered it.

It didn’t answer.

Great now even the voices didn’t want me.

I stayed like that until the woman came back.

“Time for dinner, Gabriel,” she said.

I nodded and followed her out feeling detached from my body.

She led me around several hallways and corridors until we got to a cafeteria type of a thing. She led me inside. She pointed out the line where I was to get my food.

“Thank you,” I said quietly.

“You’re welcome,” she said monotone.

I got my food and found a table to sit at. I was trying to eat it when suddenly a huge guy came and sat next to me.

I looked up from my food.

“Look out,” a voice warned me.

The guy gave me a creepy smile. “How are you?”

“Fine,” I said.

“And how do you like Knives?”

I blinked.

He laughed. “That’s what we call it.”

“Why?” I asked.

He leaned in to the table. “Because lots of people have died here. And there have been lots of people with weapons.”

“Okay,” I said resisting the urge to roll my eyes.

“Tony,” a woman said coming up behind him.

“Yes?” he asked without looking away from me.

“Time to go back to your table,” she said leading him away.

He looked over his back and winked at me.

I shivered. Creepy guy…

Pretty soon they led us out of the cafeteria and down the hall to our rooms.

Suddenly I heard a yell coming from behind me.

“Look out,” a voice warned me.

I turned.

It was the creepy guy running down the hall, yelling, with a pitchfork.

And he was headed straight for me.

I had to dodge him as he ran for me.

He turned and gave me the creepy smile again.

“Look out!” a voice warned me.

I braced myself.

He yelled and swung at me with the pitchfork.

I ducked.

He cackled and swung at me again.

I held onto the handle and kicked him in the groin.

He groaned and tried to hit me with the pitchfork.

I grabbed it from his hands and smacked him in the head with it.

He fell to the floor.

I threw the pitchfork across the hall.

Suddenly these two big guys came, grabbed me by the upper arms, and towed me back to my room.

I struggled and kicked.

They held onto me even after we were in the room.

The woman from the front desk came in. “No fighting,” she said sternly.

“It wasn’t fighting,” I said struggling more. “It was self-defense.”

No fighting,” she repeated sternly.

“That guy was about to turn me into a human shish-kabob!”

She looked at me sternly and then left.

I struggled, kicked, and growled at the guys holding me.

They increased their hold on me.

The woman came back.

The guys threw me onto the bed and put my hands over my chest.

I struggled.

They held me down and put something on me that held my arms to my chest so I couldn’t move.

I looked down.

They had put me in a strait jacket.

Oh hell no!

I struggled and gnawed on it with my teeth. “Lemme out of this thing!”

The guys left.

The woman come and stood over me as I wriggled in the strait jacket. “No fighting, Gabriel.”

“I told you,” I said. “It was self-defense!”

“No fighting,” she said and then she left too.

I growled, struggled, and pulled on the strait jacket with my teeth.

I screamed frustrated and struggled more.

I must have tried to get out of that thing for at least thirty minutes.

Finally I sighed and decided that it wasn’t worth it.

My nose started to itch.

I scowled.

I tried to rub my nose on my shoulder but it wasn’t the same.

“MY NOSE ITCHES!!” I yelled.

There was no answer.

“Shit,” I muttered trying to scratch my nose.

I saw a guy walking down the hallway. He looked in on me and started to laugh.

I growled and bared my teeth.

He jumped back from the door muttering, “Whoa…”

I smirked.

Suddenly he threw himself on the bars of my door, holding onto them and reaching his hands inside. “You think that’s funny, you little shit?!” he yelled, voice rising.

I stuck my tongue out.

He yelled and banged on the doors. “Come out here and do that!”

I laughed.

He tried to get into the room.

I laughed more.

He yelled and started trying to shake the bars free of their hold.

The woman from the front desk came and whispered to him in a hushed voice.

He took deep breaths but still glared at me.

She led him away.

Then she came back and looked at me with her hands on her hips.

I smiled sweetly.

“Gabriel,” she scolded.

“Yes?” I asked batting my eyelashes.

“What did I just say?”

“Gabriel,” I told her.

She looked ticked.

I laughed.

“No fighting,” she said sounding beyond ticked.

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

She glared at me.

I smiled.

She walked away.

I snickered to myself.

Serves her right for putting me in this thing.

I scowled down at the jacket. “Damn thing,” I muttered.

Suddenly I heard laughing.

I looked around.

There was no one there and all was quiet inside.

The laughing increased in volume.

I winced.

It got louder.

“Stop,” I muttered.

It got louder.

“Stop!” I yelled.

It continued.

“STOP!” I wailed trying to cover my ears.

It continued the shrill laughter of a lunatic getting louder and louder until I couldn’t stand it.

I screamed.

The voice kept laughing.

I struggled and kicked.

“Does the little lamb want out?” the shrill voice taunted.

“Stop,” I said.

“Do you want out you worthless faggot?” it asked.

“Yes,” I sobbed.

It laughed more.

“Stop!” I screamed.

“You can’t have out,” it laughed. “You are stuck in Hell!”

I curled into a ball.

The voice continued laughing at me.

I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block the painfully shrill laughter out.

“You are stuck! It is your punishment! You are stuck in Hell!”

I grabbed the pillow with my teeth and put it over my ear, trying to block out the laughter.

The voice continued taunting me until I cried myself into a nightmarish sleep.

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