Chapter 1: EverBound

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Hey guys! So this first chapter will be kind of long because I have to introduce the Abby's! Hope you like it(: Comment and like!


Chapter 1

And They all Lived Happily Ever After

When you were young, bedtime stories were always the highlight of going to sleep. Always. Even if it meant going to bed without dessert. So when my mother would tell me stories about the secret world with secret people that could live forever, I thought I'd hit the fairytale jackpot. Something better than the made up love stories that my mother would make up on the spot but I would love.

I wrapped myself in my blanket like a cacoon, my stuffed bunny that my brother, Tyler, had bought me tucked neatly beside me. My night light, Winnie the Pooh with his pot of honey, glowed against my yellow walls, saving me from the night's darkness. I could barely contain myself as my mother sat down on my bed and tied her hair up into a bun, tired from her day's events. Her eyes were soft, eyelids drooping.

"Are you ready yet?" I asked, my nine year old self hadly standing the time being wasted. My mother laughed at me, the sound reminding me of bells. She gently put her hands in her lap.

"Alright Demi-Lou. I'll tell you the story" she said, using my childhood nickname. I snuggled more into my blanket, my smile as wide as a slice of watermelon.

It started with a "Once upon a time" as usual, but soon turned into something I had never heard before. Flowers sparkling in mile long feilds, skyscraper castles surrounded by trees with branches as long as rollercoasters, and people that lived forever called Abbys.

My mother talked about the Abbys, seeming to be in awe just by talking about them herself. Each one was beautiful in their own way, many of the girls having long hair, rarely finding one with short, while the boys vary. Almost all of them tan from the sun, it never raining in the Abby's world. As the story went on, people started to make their way into my mind.

A man with pointy ears and stood seven feet tall. A girl that spent all her time in the flower feilds, picking them for her mother. And hundreds of people in the courtyard while playing games and eat wonderrus kinds of food.

And then, all too quickly, the story was over.

"Please, mother! There has to be more to story!" I pleaed, sitting up in my cacoon. Again, she laughed at me. I didn't understnad what was so funny. My mother slowly got up from her position on my bed and bent down, kissing my forehead.

"Some other time, little duck"

From there on out, the Abby stories were my favorite. And I would hear nothing of anything else.

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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This story sounds really interesting...keep me updated :)!!!!

Tue, June 26th, 2012 11:55pm


Hey! Thank you so much for commenting but I am really working on Ever So Gently more!

Tue, June 26th, 2012 4:58pm

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