Nothing left to lose

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Summertime

Submitted: September 22, 2007

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Submitted: September 22, 2007



Summertime, every teenagers favorite time of year, right? No school, no homework, no worrying about tests. What kid wouldn't love this. Well, there was one. Seth spent his summer days locked in his room, listening to music, writing, drawing, anything that could keep his mind closed to the outside world. He would stay silent, alone, in his cold dark room, and wither away.

Friends? Seth had no perception of that word. Work? What would be the use? He had no want for materialistic things, therefore needing no money. Of course his parents would encourage a little social behaviour in him, but the encouragment would be to no prevail. He tended not to listen to his parents, as he felt they didnt listen to him. In his eyes they had shut him out like the rest of the world.

Surely if he would have let them see his journals, his drawings, or even hear some of his music their eyes would open up to the fact that he isnt what they see. If he did that they would start to take an interest in his life, wouldn't they? They would've started to care about their son more then they did, right?

No. This would most definitly not have been the case. They would've pushed him aside, wanting less, if anything at all, to do with him then they once did. They would've judge him like the rest of society does already. But is that not what our society is built around? What would people do if they didnt have others to put down? Who would they have used to make themselves feel superior? Would our society crumble as we know it simply because the upper class' pawns had been abolished?

Seth tried not to let these thoughts flood his mind though. He kept his mindset, intent on keeping the outside world shut out to him. He wouldn't worry himself with these useless thoughts because they would cloud his mind. Instead, he would just continue on how he had been for so many years. Just trying his best to coast through life without all the drama that comes along with it.

But its well known that you can't completely avoid the drama of life. One way or another, something will catch up to every person. It was all just a matter of time...

Time...Another aspect of life Seth kept clouded from his mind. During the summer, he would constantly lose all perception of time. All he knew as in time, was he woke up in the morning, went to bed at night. Day of the week? Time of day? None of that mattered to him. In the back of his mind though, was the thought that school was coming soon. With school, he would be placed back into reality. Put back on the tracks of time. His whole life would be altered for those few months of learning. Then what? Would he do this all over again? Why not? It has been all that he has known for so many years now that he didn't care for anything else.

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Nothing left to lose

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