the princess underneath

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - a morning ride

Submitted: October 10, 2009

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Submitted: October 10, 2009



When she woke the next morning she felt as if she was being dragged down by something that she did not know... something that was weighing down on her as if she had to be guilty of something. She sighed a slowly got of bed.... then deciding that she wasn't going to let a unknown guilt ruin a sunny beautiful day. Richard was coming today... they will talk as if they were never apart... she chose to erase that kiss from her mind because well... they were friends and he was just overly happy to see her. yes that was it! he was overly happy to see her. She sighed again and closed her eyes. Thinking about last night made her want to scream! first that earl... what a scoundrel... but oh my he had the most wonderful eyes she had ever seen, but she wasn't about to fall over the dangerous, sacandlous edge with the earl of sin! No she was fine with just being alone and waiting. She smiled at her refection as he maid... ginger... fixed her hair.  she wasnt worried about looking her best... she didnt have to  she didnt want to... because well why waste time with the little stuff.

She was sitting in the breakfast room when Richard was announced. "Where is Emma? How are you faring my lady?" HE said in a tone that she had never noticed in him before. He was being so odd of late. but maybe it was the mourning.

"Oh she is not feeling very well this morning so she is in bed." She said smiling up at him. Something had changed between them was it bad or good she could not tell. " Please join me Richard." She said  gesturing him to sit.

He smiled and sat next to her on her left... she chose to sit in the middle of the table. "Are you hungry?" She asked eying  him.. he was nerviouse about something she wished she had the power to read minds... she inwardly laughed at herself that would be silly!

"Oh yes... um no... I ate earlier. I actually came here to speak to you about-" He was interupted by Jester the butler coming in to announce... Derrick Danvers, the earl of Berrion. stiffly the butler bowed out and in swept in the earl. Her breath caught as he came into the room. He looked so... um... heroic.. no his dark hair looked as if it had been wind blown and his stance was all wrong, but he did all wrong so very well. He smiled charmmingly down at her then greeted Richard.

"What brings you here my lord?" She asked slighly smiling up at him trying to bring her senses back to her. and then she looked at Richard whom was now stiffly sitting next to her with his eyes straight ahead as if if he looked anywhere else he would surly die. 

"I came to see if you might join me for a right through Hyde park... if you would like we could bring his grace with us." The earl said. This caught Richards attention and he looked up and glared at him. What was that all about.

"Oh Richard wouldn't taht be lovely." She exclaimed wishing he would lighten up.

Richard looked at her than up at... the man in which was stealing Ellie away from him... damn him... of course he really didnt think Ellie would go for him... he was to full of himself... they were ment to be... they were made for each  other and he wouldn't let her go for some rakehell!


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