Haunted (Part 1)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - All Nightmare Long

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You Can't Go Home Again




Lying in my bed

Staring into darkness


I hear footsteps overhead

And my thoughts return


Like a child who's run away

And won't be coming back

Time keeps passing by

As night turns into day



She looked up at the moon as its pale rays danced across her skin, the gentle breeze rustling through the trees making her feel as if the moon were touching her. She inhaled deeply, feeling the scents rush to her nose; scents of a muddy river, old ceder trees and freshly bloomed spring flowers.

Scents she didn't often smell anymore, and they took her to a home she had long forgotten, to a home she ached see again. For a home she was no longer welcome too.

Her eyes drifted closed as she took in a deep breath, trying to hold on just a little longer to the happy memories that were triggered by them. But they fled like they always did, leaving the air around her smelling of a forest in the throes of winter. With the scent of rich iron that felt like a punch to the gut.

He had the most bittersweet of scents; the beautiful clean smell of freshly fallen snow, and then the tainted gut wrenching scent of rancid blood. How something pure and clean could also be so tainted had always been beyond her understanding of him.

She didn't hear him as he moved up behind her, but she felt him. The heat from his body always radiated off of him in waves, pushing at her skin like the warmth of fire. Making him so inviting, so easy to give into.

His arms slipped around her, his thumbs creating a diamond like shape around her navel, his fingers splaying out as he pulled her into him. He was always so confident in his movements, so sure she would give into him, so sure she loved him.

The slivers of his breath seeped into her skin as his mouth hovered above the vein in her neck. She closed her eyes and let herself lean into him, trying to understand the feelings that washed over her skin, lit her blood on fire and twisted everything inside of her. But the harder she tried to understand the things he made her feel, the worse they became, making ice cold spears spread through her. Like needles were pricking her entire body.

“It's alright...” He murmured in her ear, his warm breath slipping and tracing a path down her neck, over her shoulders, and down her back. Causing a tremor to go through her.

Her bright eyes opened slowly tracing over the area lazily, the mid-summer forest that had once surrounded her had transformed into the perfect winter scene. The pine trees perfectly grown, covered in just the right amount of snow that their dark green needles peeked out against the pale blue powder.

With the vines the most beautifully shaped flowers she had ever seen. All the colors of white/blue there was made up the sparkling little flowers, shaped like Christmas belles. The surreal looking flowers had always been her favorite part of this dreadful place, the one thing she wished she could take with her.

With a soft sigh, she twisted in his arms staring up into his fire like eyes. Choosing him over the forest that never stayed the same, that always twisted itself into something else. The only thing here that ever stayed the same was him.

She wished, for once, she could see his face, take the shadows that cloaked his appearance from her. But she didn't have to see him to know he was perfect in every way possible. She didn't have to see him to know he was the most beautiful creature she'd ever lay eyes on.

He dipped his head slightly, letting his mouth float above her ear, his fire eyes watching her from the corner of his eye.

“You are the perfect one, the most beautiful, the most divine.”

Something in her reacted to his words, she wanted to deny them, but at the same time she could not stop the way they made her heart leap into her throat.

His chest rumbled slightly with his chuckle, a chuckle that never made it to his throat. But she could feel it all the same, she knew he could sense her increase in heart rate and that it humored him slightly.

He dipped his head letting his lips gently press against the flesh of her neck, tracing his way to the vital in her neck. She growled low in her throat threatening him to watch his step. She felt the chuckle vibrate through his chest and into her back, before he pressed his lips to the vein again.

“Don't trust me?” He murmured against her skin, sending shivers racing through her body.

Her head tipped a little, her eyes meeting his, “I trust you.”

She felt his lips move as the corner of his mouth pulled up in a smile; she was the only thing that ever made him smile, and that added to her pleasure in having him near her. She was the only one that could pull his strings and he was the only one she let pull hers.

When he nipped the vein slightly she hissed out a low growl but not so much threatening as it was a pleasured sound, and when the tip of his tongue ran the small mark he left, she growled again, the sound bordering on a groan. So he continued to kiss, nip and trace the vitals in her neck, her growls becoming more and more subtle as his lips moved along her neck.

She didn't fight it when he pulled her closer, just gave into the warmth that was him, let the heat that melted off of him wash away the cold that nipped at her skin.

His lips trailed down her neck to her shoulders, living nips here and there, making her muscles quiver and jump, and with each twitch her muscles gave caused his chest to rumble with silent chuckles or maybe they were pleased growls. She couldn't really be sure, she only knew he was enjoying this.

She tipped her head to the side kissing his skin softly, the movement seeming to freeze him in place, she could feel his muscles tense till they could pass for granite and he ceased to breathe. He didn't trust her anymore than she trusted him.

The devilish smile pulled up the corner of her mouth as she kissed him again. She felt the growl before she heard it, the sound was deep and loud, a true warning. The sound a wolf made before it killed you. But she ignored it, breathing gently on his neck before pressing her teeth against his skin, invoking another growl, the smile on her lips pulled up again. He had his fun when she told him to back off, now it was her turn for a little fun.

When her teeth nipped at his skin, he snarled biting into her collar bone. She hissed at the sudden pain, but didn't move her lips away from his neck. Because even though he growled and snarled when she kissed his neck, his scent showed his threats weren't what he wanted. No the scents she understood were arousal and longing. But there was a trace of something there that she couldn't quite pinpoint.

She could feel his muscles trembling beneath her fingers as her tongue traced the small wound she had left on his neck, could feel his heartbeat become erratic when her tongue left his skin.

The shivers raced down her spine and the sighs escaped her lips when his tongue flicked over the blood he had drawn, before ripping the back her dress so that his clawed fingertips could explore her skin. Digging in enough to hold her close but light enough to keep from piercing the skin, but he would end up cutting her. He always did.

She could feel his muscles trembling and rippling beneath her fingertips as they slid down his bare chest, leaving small trails of blood behind them, her nails caught on the waist band of his jeans. A smirk curving up the side of her mouth, the satisfaction that she could make him weak with just a touch.

Growls of pleasure and grunts of pain pushed through his lips as her claws cut new lines up him. She tipped her head slightly letting her teeth cut a small gash in his neck, causing a growl of pain to erupt from him throat, followed by his claws digging into her lower back. She snarled in pain, digging her nails in further, dragging down, causing a surprised gasp to escape him.

She twisted her head and kissed the corner of his mouth, teasing his lips, but when he turned to catch them, pulled back a fraction and whispered against his lips. “Why do you let me hurt you?”

“Because I trust you.” He breathed, his voice barely audible over his fierce panting.

“Why? Why do you trust me?” She questioned, her eyes stinging, tears trying to build as her pale eyes stared into his bright ones.

She saw his throat move as he swallowed hard, trying to grasp the words he needed or possibly to force out the words he knew to be true, she didn't know. But she dreaded his answer, she knew what would follow the beautiful warmth of his words. And even now she could feel the pain it would bring her, could feel the slow hole of ice pulsating around her heart. Please don't say it.

“Because I love you.”

The pain ripped through her so fiercely it was almost impossible not to cry out as her razor like canines ripped into his throat. Taking the life from him. She closed her eyes as the blood rushed into her mouth, the bitter flavor of iron gushing onto her tongue and down her throat.

She moved back and watched him fall to the ground, his eyes of flame staring up at her. And what they showed tore her heart to pieces, he only looked at her with love. How could he love her? How could he care about a monster like her?

“Why?” He choked around the blood, sinking to his knees.

She leaned down, her stained lips hovering over his, barely a breath away. Letting them brush against his ever so slightly as she spoke.

“Because you loved me.”




Escaping the nightmare was like swimming towards the surface, and being unable to reach it. The pressure seeming to crush Wayah's lunges even as she broke free and lurched forward, gasping. She pushed herself back, trying to escape the over-bearing heat of her blankets, and let her back rest against the cold stone wall. The frozen air seeped through the cracked wall and nipped at her flesh, making her tremble but pushing away the disorientation, and confusion.

She stared blankly at the windows across the room, listening to the familiar sounds of the little apartment. The low whistling of the wind as it seeped through the walls, the wheezing hum of the air conditioner, the quiet tick of the clock, the thump-thump and scratching sound as the rats ran about in the ceiling.

Instinctively her head tilted to the side when the subtle sound of dripping touched her ears. Her pale eyes jerked around the room quickly, her muscles becoming tensed as her pulse spiked. Wayah's eyes looked over the room again, stopping on each and every object in the room, trying to pin-point exactly where the drip was coming from. She lifted her chin slightly, taking in a long breath. And there it was, the scent.

Her head tipped down as her gaze fell to her lap. Her stomach slowly twisted until it was as hard as granite. A loud breath burst from her mouth making her aware that she had been suppressing it. When the scent once again filled her nose she felt the urge to vomit at the horrible smell.

She began to gnaw at her cheek, grinding the flesh until blood leaked into her mouth. At the taste of iron, sour saliva flooded her mouth, making her stomach roll. “God please not again.” She pleaded through a strained voice, her heartbeat jumping in between erratic and painfully sluggish. Time seemed to do the same, danced between head-spinning fast and sickening slow.

Sweat began to break her skin making her shake slightly. “Not again, please not again.” She whispered, the tears filled her eyes as the dream slowly floated back into her mind. The dream where she murdered someone. She started to shake her head from side to side and squeezed her eyes tightly shut, trying to ignore the moist feeling that now wrapped thickly around her fingers. What had she done? What would she find as soon as she removed her soaked fingers from beneath the suffocating blankets?

Her hand jerked slightly when she attempted to withdraw it. It was as if her entire body had went into some sort of lock down that was almost painful to fight. She tried to move her fingers but again got the same agonized feeling of her body unable to move, she was frozen in place. Why couldn't she move? She had felt this sort of panic before and in those times it was almost impossible to keep from moving, from running away.

The breaths ruthlessly ripped from her lunges over and over again as the feelings of being stuck flooded her body - she needed to move and move now. Every muscle in her body tensed so tight it was a miracle they didn't explode, but still they didn't hold up under the fierce pressure. She was assaulted by tremors that racked her entire frame. She cringed forward, and held her muscles tight trying to survive the vicious attack from her own body. She sucked in a sharp breath as the vomit threatened to push its way out.

She clenched her jaw tightly as the pain spread through her chest and the acid burned in the back of her throat. She pursed her lips into an invisible line as the spasms coursed through her body. She cried out in pain before she threw herself to the side, landing on the cold floor. The shock to her shoulder was enough to quiet the tremors that ran through her muscles.

Wayah's lunges threatened to explode with the lack of air flow, but she couldn't make herself breathe in, she couldn't make herself do anything except lie on the floor scrambling for some part reality to grasp onto as the images played behind her eyelids. Scenes of death, of a murder she committed almost every night.

That was when her mind started to grasp rational thought again. Her eyes fluttered open and she sucked in breaths rapidly, forcing herself to ignore the strong scent of blood that she now laid in. Her eyes flicked to the side, catching sight of the blood that dripped off her bed and onto the floor. The air seemed to freeze in her lungs as her eyes caught onto where her hand sat, the blood covered flesh perfectly visible under her nails.

What have I done? She asked, the pressure around her body threatened to send her into another spasm of tremors if she didn't get a grip soon. She slowly pushed herself up, barely managing to stay balanced as she hovered above the cold wooden floor. She ground her teeth together as she slowly crawled to her feet, and moved to the bathroom in clumsy stiff movements.

She leaned her hip against the decaying counter and turned on the hot water, not bothering to cool it before she shoved her hands beneath the scalding stream. She bit back the small cry that tried to jump out of her throat and held in the flinch when the boiling hot water hit her skin, she grabbed the bar of soap and started to scrub relentlessly at her hands, trying to get the blood off.

As the last of the crimson trails drained away, she couldn't make her eyes look away, or remove her hands from the burning heat. The pain increased steadily as she blankly watched the water slip down the drain. “What did you do?” She asked, her voice hoarse and strained as the strange emotions of being alone swam through her head.

We went hunting. The voice sounded through her head; it was her voice, yet it wasn't. It sounded too smug, too pleased, too aggressive to be her. Wayah slowly removed her hands from the water as her head lifted to look in the cracked mirror. “What did you do?” Her white blue eyes stared back at her, making her feel as if something other than herself was watching. We hunted




Sam let out a long breath as he drummed his fingers across the blue tabletop. His violet eyes seemed to only see his fingers, but his ears heard every sound in the diner. His ear twitched when he heard someone approaching their table. When the light footfalls stopped by the booth, he expected the waitress to ask if they'd like anything. But when no sound came, his interest perked slightly and he looked up at the young women.

She looked somewhat thrown off balance as if her composure was lost. Her eyes wider than they probably should be. Sam cocked his head to the side, curiosity spiking ever so slightly. Surely his brother's white and black hair wasn't that startling especially to someone of her kind, and he knew it couldn't be his brother's looks that had her at a loss for words. His eyes caught on her face and he felt his eyebrows furrow a bit. Was that recognition that passed through her eyes?

But her eyes and face cleared before he could catch anything more from her. “Can I get you boys anything?” She asked, her voice was nothing but bubbly and friendly. No trace of what just happened a second ago, so either he was going crazy or she was another of Conner's throw aways.

Sam shook his head slightly, and moved his hand in a gesture that clearly stated he was fine, and returned his eyes dully to his drumming fingers. “I'm fine.” He heard Conner mutter, never turning his amber eyes away from the case like files in front of him.

“Well you need anything just call.” She said, but when she started to walk away, Conner reached out and caught her wrist.

“Mind if I ask you a couple questions?”

Sam looked up at the waitress with more interest now, about time his brother did what they came here to do. He watched the girl turn back around to face them, removing her wrist from Conner's grasp with a note aggression.

“What would you like to know?” She nearly growled, no longer interested in putting on a facade for them.

“Do you know a Wayah Black?”

Sam nearly frowned when his brother's voice came out in a rigid tone; Conner was usually so calm and could charm the truth out of anyone. To see him falter that charming manner was rare.

“Yeah, she works here.” When she spoke this time her voice was rimmed with curiosity, “What do you want with her?” Her eyes darted between the two brothers, worry showing slightly in her gaze and her tone. So she was friends with Wayah, or at least pretended to be.

Conner rested his finger across his lips and used his thumb to pick slightly at his lower lip, a tick he often did when he sized people up. He wiped his mouth and looked back at the waitress. “We just really need to talk to her.”

She studied him for a moment, uncertainty showing in her topaz eyes before she simply nodded. “I'll let her know when she gets in.” She turned to walk away but paused to throw a smirk like smile over her shoulder. “Catchya later, kitties.”

Sam narrowed his eyes at her back but couldn't stop the small smirk that tugged at the corner of his mouth at the way she had Conner scowling like a little kid told to sit in the corner. “She one of yours?” Sam asked as he leaned back against the soft leather seat.

Conner glared at him from the corner of his eye, “She didn't stab me did she?”

Sam's smirk deepened and a short laugh escaped him, his brother may not have had a sense of humor but at times he could be amusing. “Well not yet anyway, 'cause to be honest you are a very stabable guy.”

Conner smiled slightly and shook his head. “Stabable? That's not a word, little brother.”

Sam chuckled, “If I can pronounce it, it's a word.”

Conner looked at him and raised his eyebrows slightly, “And if you can't pronounce it?”

“Then to hell with the damn thing.” He said, a grin breaking across his face.

“Your a special one, Sam.” He muttered shaking his head, the insult becoming slightly mute at the amount of humor in Conner's voice.

“If by special you mean trifecta of perfectness you are correct.” He stated in a matter-of-fact tone that made his older brother groan before he dropped his head onto the table.

“What about you is the trifecta?”

“I speak more than one language, I have a finely built body, and unlike you I have an excellent sense of humor,” He stated again in his matter-of-fact tone, holding up a finger for each one. “Oh and if you hit the trifecta it's your lucky day.”

“So you're saying if I hit you, it'll be my lucky day?”

Sam's brow furrowed slightly and he slid away from Conner a little bit. His brother didn't really have a sense of humor and when he brought up hitting, he usually followed through.

“Oh relax, fraidy cat, I ain't gonna hit you. At the moment anyway.”

Sam chuckled and ran his fingers through his dark hair. “Saving the luck for a rainy day?”

“Smart-ass.” He mumbled, the exhaustion heavy in his voice.

“At least I'm not a dumb-ass.” The indifference showed in his tone, he was trying to let the conversation drop so Conner could give into some of his exhaustion. But at the same time he needed the conversation to keep from going crazy. He wasn't fond of being indoors and being in a city was worse.

“Trust me, you're that too.” Conner whispered, his voice held both boredom and slight annoyance, which just made Sam grin more. He opened his mouth to speak again but Conner held up a hand, silencing him, and flicked his finger towards the kitchen.

“Where's Wayah?” A male voice growled.

“Late as usual.” Another voice snapped, this time female.

“You two should give her a break.” A third voice said, Sam's ear twitched as he tried to catch the voice. He was pretty sure it was the waitress they had spoken with.

“Why? Why should I do anything for that filthy stray?” The female snapped.

“Watch your mouth Nioka, you work for a wolf.” The male voice hissed.

“Yes I know, Ganit, and you know I meant no disrespect to you.”

“Course you did.” The other female muttered and then there was silence for a moment.

“Kai...” Ganit's voice warned, then there was moving about in the kitchen, “Nioka, go home, your shift is done.” After he spoke there was nothing but silence and then a woman with tinsel like hair came from the kitchen. A silver snake tattoo wrapped around her right arm, up her shoulder and neck and the head of the snake ended on her cheek.

Feeling their stares, she stopped and looked at them, her eyes silver snake eyes. Sam felt the chill run down his spin when his gaze met hers, and in response he felt his own eyes shift into his sapphire cheetah like eyes. She smirked slightly and left the diner.

“Damn, I hate serpents, so damn arrogant.” Conner growled before returning his gaze to the kitchen. Sam closed his eyes letting them shift back to normal and listened for any voices.

“And what excuse will I use next time she is late? If I say this is her last chance, she won't buy your excuse next time.” Kai said, proving that while they had been paying attention to the Vipella, they had missed part of the conversation.

“Won't be a next time, as soon as she finds out those boys are here for her, she'll run.”

Sam let out an annoyed breath, “Think that's true?” He asked his brother, absently tracing the tattoo line that ran under his left eye.

“She's been running for nearly five years, she doesn't know anything else.” He said as he looked at the papers in front of him. A list of victims, names scribbled in the order they died, age, location, date they were killed, and cause of death written next to them.

Sam frowned slightly as he looked over the list as well. “Think it has anything to do with her?”

Conner ran his hand over his mouth again, and released a loud breath as he leaned back against the seat. “I think it has everything to do with her.”

Sam clenched his jaw slightly and leaned back in his seat, his eyes drifted to the window and he stared out at the darkened streets. The sidewalks were dotted with snow and frost was beginning to grow on the poles and windows. He looked up at the black sky as the little white flakes started to drift to the earth, and he wished for a moment it was rain. He wondered briefly how growing up in a place where it never snowed could make you dislike snow and love rain, but somehow that was the effect his home had had him.

“We'll be home soon.” Conner said, his voice carrying over the longing for home that Sam felt. It had been almost eight months since he had seen home and their family, and even though he wasn't a wolf he still felt the need to have a group back, have his normal life back.




The low yelp jarred Sam out of his sleep induced daze. He sat up straighter and looked around quickly. When his eyes landed on the doorway, he saw Wayah. Her long black hair was uncared for, her clothes looked as if they were about in pieces and were soaked through. His eyes traveled over her, and he had to wonder how she had managed to survive this long? The money she made apparently barely got her by.

“Whoa, chill, it's just me.” Kai said, and took a step away from Wayah. Probably the cause of her getting startled in the first place. He saw her tilt her head to the side before she asked. “You okay?”

“Fine, I just...overslept is all.” She said, and scanned the room with purpose. Searching for her boss no doubt. When her eyes caught onto Kai, she spoke quickly. “Look, I'm fine, just a little late.” As she spoke her eyes started to wander around the room once more, almost desperately, searching for someone, enough that she didn't seem to notice them sitting there. “Which reminds me, I need to find Ganit and find out if I still work here.”

“Don't worry about it, I covered for you.” Sam's head tilted to the side a bit as he tried to catch the underlying tone of her voice. Was that genuine worry? “Just don't let it happen again.” She warned, just like her boss had told her to.

“Well isn't she a good little pet.” Conner muttered under his breath. Sam shifted his gaze to his brother and noted that he wasn't watching anything but his papers. Or so he wanted others to think, since Sam was pretty sure Conner watched every move the two girls made.

“You know she probably heard you.” Sam muttered and looked back to Kai, her right eye was turned to them.

“Probably.” Conner released a breath and leaned back in the booth, and stretched his arms above his head. Sam frowned as he looked at the muscles in Conner's arms and then rolled his eyes.

“Please tell me you're just stretching and not trying to show off because she's looking at you.” Sam said, an exasperation clear in his tone and his expression.

Conner smirked slightly, “Just seeing if I still got it.”

He rolled his eyes and looked away from his brother, and trained his ears back in on the girls. “Oh and before I forget, there are some people here to see you.” Kai said, a bubbly note to voice. His eyes traced across them quickly and caught the smirk that crossed her face.

“Who?” Wayah asked, her features becoming hard as if pained.

“Didn't give any names, but they're hot.”

Sam let out an annoyed sigh and glanced at his brother. Of course the pleased look was clear in Conner's eyes, a 'yep still got it' look which caused him to snort slightly.

When they felt Wayah's eyes on them they both busied themselves with the papers that were scattered over the table, it was both an act and real. Because if she moved towards their table they didn't want her seeing the murder lists or maps. “She's just playing a part, Conner, I am pretty sure she was lying.”

Conner smirked a little more and shrugged slightly, “She can't lie remember?” He whispered, a smug note to his voice that irritated Sam ever so slightly, but at the same time played on his sarcastic nature.

“If she wasn't lying about you, then she has incredibly poor taste.” Sam said, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth.

“Lying about me? Your like a damn bean pole,” said Conner. “At least I have some muscle.”

“Bean pole? That is really the best you could come up with?” Sam snorted. “And you have fat muscles, not nearly as attractive as my 'bean pole' muscles.” He said, his smirk deepened as he watched Conner lose some of his.

“Fat muscles?” Conner asked and looked at him, his eyebrows raised.

He shrugged, the smile still on his face, “What else would you call them?”

“Built muscles.” Conner stated shortly.

Sam frowned slightly and shook his head as if displeased with the suggestion. “No I think fat fits better.”

“Well?” Kai's voice cut into their conversation and they trained their ears back in that direction, “Do you know them?”

They watched her bite her lip and look at Kai before she nodded. “Yeah, they're my cousins.” They both pretended to be busy again when her eyes landed on them, they didn't want her to know they knew she was there just yet. But they still kept their eyes on her.

“You told me you didn't have any family.” Kai said, her smirk faded and her eyes narrowed. She was good at playing the part of unaware waitress, Sam had to give her that.

“I have family issues, I needed some time away,” she said. “Needed to figure some things out on my own.”

Kai's eyebrows raised a bit and she shook her head, “So you ran away.” She didn't ask it, she said it as a statement which was probably a good thing because from the look on Wayah's face, Sam was pretty sure she wouldn't have answered it if it had been one.

“Its complicated,” Wayah nearly snapped at the other girl. Even from across the small place they could hear the strain in her voice. “I'll deal with them.”

Kai smiled a touch and held up her hands, shaking her head, “Fine, fine, I won't pry.” She took a step back from Wayah, a sly type smile twisted her lips before she spoke again. “If Blondie is looking for a good time, tell him my shift ends in an hour.”

“Aw... she gave you a nickname,” said Sam. “That's so adorable.” He added with cliché sweetness, stretching out his syllables, his voice pitching higher. Conner turned his eyes onto Sam in a deadly glare, and then growled, the feral cat like sound just made Sam grin more.

“That's why dad wonders about you.” He said, shaking his head from side to side.

“Wonders what? If I'm gay?” Sam asked.

Conner looked at him with his 'knock it off, before I knock you out' expression, “No, makes him wonder what the hell is wrong with you.”

Sam shrugged and grabbed a packet of creamer, pulled the top off and dumped it into his mouth. “Oh,” he paused and tipped his head to the side, and pretended to think. “I dunno, that's anyone's guess.”

Conner groaned and shook his head, and Sam had to suppress a chuckle because he knew exactly what his brother was thinking; his little brother was mental.

“You talked to him once, and you would do that?” Wayah asked, she didn't sound all that surprised that Kai would want to jump a stranger's bones.

“Gotta have fun somehow.” She grinned, before she turned and walked back to the kitchen.

“She sounds about as surprised as I am when you have 'relations' with complete strangers.” When his snarky words came out, Conner flipped him off. “I'm so telling mom you did that.”

“You're almost a hundred years old and you're really gonna tattle on me?”Conner said, disinterested in their conversation and more concerned with the fact that Wayah was frozen in place. “Grow up, Sam. Trust me, it's fun being an adult.”

Sam's face twisted like he was smelling something bad, “I tried that, remember? I think around age sixty. It wasn't a good look for me.”

“Forty years ago little brother, you should really try again.”

“Hmm... maybe after I turn a hundred. Until then I'd like to think I'm still a kid.”

Conner shot him a look, “Well ya act it, may as well think it too.” He hissed sarcastically.

“Exactly!” Sam chuckled but he dropped every bit of humor when he saw Wayah take a step back towards the door, and then another, and another. Soon she had her hand on the doorknob.

Conner gave him a quick look and they both looked at her, making it perfectly clear they saw her. And she froze.




Wayah's hand froze in place when Conner's amber eyes locked with her harlequin eyes. Dammit. She hissed in her mind. Well getting out of here and running away wasn't gonna work now. They'd only follow her if she took off, and from the looks of them they were better equipped to chase her than she was to run from them.

Her green eyes scanned over them for about the hundredth time since she was told they were here, and she wondered why all the sudden Sam no longer looked happy and Conner no longer looked bored out of his mind. A few seconds ago they seemed to be caught up in their own conversation, but as soon as they saw her, all emotion faded. You can't just run, not yet.

She let out a breath before she released the door knob and squared her shoulders. She moved towards their table a little slower than she'd intended, she'd meant to come off as confident, not reluctant. When her feet stopped at their table, Conner looked up at her. The smile on his face pleasant, his eyes cool, and his body language calm. “Wayah.” As he spoke he dipped his head respectively.

“Conner,” She said, also dipping her head in the same gesture of respect. “Sam.” She shifted her eyes to him and dipped her head, but he didn't reply just smiled a touch and returned the gesture. Wayah returned her eyes to Conner, he was obviously the one that was doing the talking tonight.

“It's good to see you again,” He drawled as he melted back into the seat, the way he stretched and relaxed made her think of a cat sun bathing. “Whats it been? Seven years?”

“Closer to eleven,” she slightly snapped, and crossed her arms over her chest. “Not since my parents' funerals.”

He nodded slowly, making an uhmm sound as if he had truly forgotten when he'd seen her last. Which ground on her nerves, how often did you forget the death of your parents' siblings? It wasn't an easy thing to forget. His eyes clouded over momentarily as he dragged a hand over his mouth. “Shame its been that long-”

“Cut the crap, how did you find me?” Wayah snapped as she placed her hand on the table and leaned over, trying to keep her voice down and avoid attention.

“Why? So when you run again you don't make the same mistake?” He asked, his eyes darkened a touch and the frustration building in them made her want to move away from the booth, but she forced her feet to remain still.

“Exactly,” Wayah hissed. She watched his eyes darken more and felt her insides start to twist. Not in fear. No it was something else entirely. “What are you doing here?” She asked, slowly straightening up.

He sighed and rubbed his fingers over his eyes before he pinched the bridge of his nose. “We want to talk about you coming home.”

She nearly flinched at the sudden pain that gripped her heart when the word “home” reached her ears, why did they have to keep throwing it in her face that she could never go home? She crossed her arms, hugging herself slightly as she stepped back away from the table, and glared at him. “That's not my home anymore.”

Conner's eyes darkened a little more, filling with a measure of frustration and his face grew hard, “Yes it is.” He growled slightly, the tension weighed heavy in his tone.

“No, not anymore,” she said, forcing the strain out of her voice, and suppressed the ache in her throat. She clenched her jaw tight as she waited for him to respond, when he just stared at her she had the compulsion to leave right then. Get back to her apartment, get her stuff and run. Don't be stupid, if they know where you work they know where you live. The voice that sounded like hers hissed. “I'm sorry but there's nothing to talk about.”

Conner's eyes flashed a strange brown color and then back to their normal amber. “Like hell there's not.” He growled, his voice wasn't loud but the aggression in it made her feel as if he had just shouted at her. She bit back the urge take another step back, she wasn't gonna back down.

“I don't belong there anymore.” Wayah's eyes narrowed as she hissed the words.

His eyes flashed again, this time holding the dark brown for a longer period of time, before it faded again. “Yes you do.” He hissed, his voice laced with anger.

“No I don't.” She said and bit her lip, she wanted nothing more than to just go home. But that would mean death to the ones she loved, and she would never be able to live with herself if another person died because of her. “I haven't for a long time, and I will never belong there again.” When she spoke, her voice appeared aggressive, but on the inside she felt as if her lungs were being squeezed, and her heart was slowly being ripped to pieces. Please just leave. She begged silently, if they left then maybe the pain would ease.

Conner didn't reply to her, just sat there, his facing setting in harder with anger, but still no sound came from him. Just seemed to think, and from the look on his face he was using most of his control not to say some of the things he thought. Finally he looked at her a little softer, his jaw releasing some of it stiffness, “You're family, you never stop belonging.”

“You should go.” She mumbled, and turned her eyes to the floor trying to hide the sheen of tears that were now stabbing at them.

He slowly shook his head, as he locked his eyes with hers. “We're not leaving until you talk.” The frustration and strain again heavy in his tone, but his eyes still remained slightly kind.

“Fine.” She snapped as she turned her back on them, getting ready to move towards the door.

She was half way to the door when someone grabbed her arm and jerked her around to face them, their nails digging in enough to leave bruises. “Your coming home.” Conner snapped, his eyes so dark they could pass as black. She opened her mouth to snap back at him but closed it when she saw the anger that burned in his eyes. She pushed her lips into a flat line, her own eyes going as hard and cold as his.

“Let go.” She growled, her voice going low and threatening. “Now.” Wayah said, her voice raised and became more solid, an ordering tone. She didn't care for being touched, and the grip on her arm was really starting to piss her off. When he refused to respond to her or let her go, her muscles visibly quivered as a painful tingle ran up her spine and settled in the back of her neck.

Conner's grip lessened as he opened his mouth to speak, but closed it when someone else spoke.

“Excuse me.”

Wayah's head tilted to the side a little bit to catch a glimpse of Kai. And wondered when she had gotten so close to them without her having heard it.

“You need leave.”

Conner's eyes looked to her, his jaw tightened enough to make the vein in his neck visible. “Mind your own business, Screecher.”

Wayah glanced at Kai as Conner spoke, and the sly smile that placed itself on her lips made Wayah uncomfortable, almost causing a shiver to run down her spine. “This is my business, Tigger.” Kai purred. Her voice made Wayah want to cringe away from her, listening to her voice was almost like getting bit by a king cobra. “Now leave.”

Conner's eyes hooked onto Kai's again, bright yellow spears appeared in his black irises as he stared at her. The color change would have bothered her more had she not been so concerned with the way Conner and Kai were staring at one another. Like they might kill each other.

His grip loosened on her arm and he stepped away from her, his eyes never leaving Kai's. “Sam, let's go, I can't stand to be in her presence any longer.” Conner said, and took another step back.

Sam's eyes closed briefly and he nodded slowly. He slid out of the booth, ignored Kai completely, his eyes only on Wayah. “You need to come home, at least think about it,” said Sam. “Please.”

Wayah felt a lurch in her chest, Conner's temperamental mood had made it a little easier to get mad back and tell them no, but Sam hadn't said anything until now. And when he did speak it was a plea more so than an order, and that just made having them there worse. And made refusing to go home even harder. If they stayed around for much longer she knew she would give in, so she lied.

“I'll think about.” Wayah said, hoping the fact that her throat closed had gone unnoticed, because she really did want to think about it, she wanted to do more than just think about it. She wanted to go. But if she wanted to keep them alive she had to stay away.

When she spoke, Conner's attention was once again pulled to her, his eyes eased back into their light amber when he seemed to register her words. She swallowed hard, and waited for them to argue or push the issue more, but all they did was nod.

“We'll talk to you later.” Sam said, and moved towards the door, not bothering to let Kai move, just shoved past her, “Watch it, Screecher.” He hissed at her, his eyes flashing from violet to sapphire and back again.

“Bite me, cheeto boy!” Kai snarled, and bared her teeth slightly.

Conner snorted as he moved around her, unlike Sam he seemed determined to avoid making contact with her. “Don't tempt him.” He sneered as he walked past her.

The growl that came out of Kai's throat could have passed for a wolf's. Her mouth opened to speak again but the door was already drifting shut behind them. Which caused Kai to start mumbling curse words under her breath.

And left Wayah feeling dizzy and disorientated. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to understand what had just happened. But all she got was the worst headache of her life. Had any of that really happened? Had the eyes seriously flashed different colors? Had they actually growled in a way that sounded like real animals? Or had it all just been in her head? What the hell is wrong with me?

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