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I never thought that life could be so complicated, especially when things don’t go your way, you know? Do you ever get that feeling? That life seems to go the opposite way, you want them to go? Well, I did.My life was suddenly overturned when the news spread across my mind.Nothing can prepare you for what the future awaits. There’s no handbook that says, how to prepare for when things become hard. I always thought that life, had seven steps which everyone went trough. Well, almost everyone.

First, you are born
Second, you learn how to walk
Third, you graduate from sixth grade
Fourth, you enter high school. UGH

Fifth, you graduate from high school and go to college.

Sixth, you are a professional
Seven, you die.

But what happens if you can’t die?…if you are immortal? I guess nobody thought of that; Maybe, because immortality didn’t exist, at least not for me. But everything changed that day.


I’ll never forget the date, October, 31 (cheesy and clichright?)

The ripped open curtains of my room split open letting the sun rays burn my eyelashes and wheel them open. I sat in my bed, with my elbows. I knew mom, did this. This was her way of saying let’s go, you have school. I sniffed theatrically, looking for the scent of fresh pancakes in the morning. But I only, suffered from dust clattering my nose. I did my morning routine and headed downstairs ready to go to school. I stopped in a deadbeat when I saw the kitchen empty. Mom wasn’t cooking; dad wasn’t reading the newspaper and my sister Molly wasn’t screaming around. The house was empty, no food…no sign of life.I opened the fridge and drank from the carton, apple juice; the sugar filled my brain with adrenaline.

Arriving, to school was another thing. I hated being popular, having the spotlight in my face. I had the most expensive car in the whole school and brought the frizzled look of the guys, envying me. Mostly it was because of my girlfriend Amanda. Yes, Amanda, the most beautiful girl in high school. How someone like me got to her? Well, a six pack and guitar song made the works.I saw her, as I entered the classroom. Her beautiful blue popping eyes, her golden locks draping to her shoulders, her ripping grin, her dimples and the most beautiful body on earth.You might say, I’m just for the physique, but so what? I don’t care.

I pressed my lips in hers and we moved around curving our lips, to make a scene, to make everyone look at us.In school, the spotlight mattered to me; in my house I hated it. I was the laziest guy around. I spent every day in my computer, reading or just sleeping. In fact, I was a sentimental baby, who loved watching romantic movies and crying for them. Yes, I was in some kind of way a pathetic loser.

P.s. The whole kissing scene is just a drama of my normal life. I’m not really dating Amanda, were just a school couple. The whole story about the six packs and the guitar is our made up story.

As soon as the class started, I slinked in my chair…ready to sleep. This attitude of not caring a world about the class or the surroundings was something that made us- the guys- shine out.

But, something else was in plan.

The classroom door opened and two guys, both matrix-like, entered the classroom.Everybody stiffed the back as the trench-black-coat guys entered, both wearing dark sunglasses (Another tacky event on my life)

“Byron Cornwall?”- One of the guys called, in a hoarse tone.

What? Me? Oh God, what have I done now? I said to myself, scared. But still, I had to project my bravery and man power; something that matters in this high school.I raised my hand up as in: Present?

“You need to come with us right away sir!”- The other matrix-like guy said.

I stood up very obedient, without hesitating.They opened the door and headed me towards the outside premises of the school. There, a black limousine waited for us.

“Um, do you guys mind if I ask, what am I doing here?”- I asked nervous.

“Get in the car and we’ll explain, But first you have to answer some questions”- the hoarse voice guy demanded.

How convenient! I whispered in my mind. Still I entered the car.

As the car sped in the asphalt, the matrix guys looked at me sharply, until one of them decided to speak.

“Sir, are you familiar with the name John Krauseli?”- The hoarse guy asked.

“What? No! And whatever he had done, I assure you I have nothing to deal with it. I don’t even know him”- I said, trying to convince them, that they had the wrong guy…me.

“Have you ever killed someone?”- The other asked.

“What?”- I was stunned. “What the hell is this? Who the hell are you? What am I doing here? Is this some kind of a joke?”- I responded tense.

“Sir, will you just answer our questions!”- One of them demanded.

“NO! Never”- I said. I mean, I’m scared of snakes and rats, and I have a hard time killing animals. I could never kill any human.

“Do you thrill when you see blood?”- One of them asked.

“Uh, I’m scared of blood”- I responded, trying to look as stupid and girly as I could. I wanted them to drop this case.

This was a joke. Nothing here made sense. They came out of nowhere and suddenly I had to answer these random questions. They were definitely being paid for making this…so I played along.

One of the guys took out a walkie-talkie. “Sir? Experiment fourteen is a total success. What should we do?”-he asked, suddenly.

“Bring him in, Serto”- the walkie talkie responded.

So then, Serto was his name. Not a nice name for someone. But still, some nervous attack struck my body. He had compared me with an experiment…I didn’t like the way this was going.

“Can you guys explain me what’s wrong?”-I asked coldly.

“Here”- Serto handed me a brown bag “There you have your new identity, the keys to your apartment, and the drawing of a tattoo that you need to make anywhere in your body”- he said.

“What?”- I said frowning, and utterly perplexed.

“You are forbidden to see your mom and dad again. You are not coming back to this area anymore. Now, you’ll live alone and will go to the school institute”- Serto number two said.

I panicked as we pulled in a tall building. It seemed like seconds ago when we leaved Bangor High School and now we were in this building. That let me be completely honest, it would creep you out.

Serto grabbed my hand and steered me outside. We got in the elevator and it sped to the twentieth floor. Out of the elevator and into the room; a dark room, with only a spotlight shadowing a metal chair. As I entered the room, I analyzed everything. I was desperately looking sideways, trying to figure out an exit or something I could use against this ‘ Sertos’.

It was hopeless, there was no exit.

“Welcome, Aaron”- A voice greeted me.

Yes I know a pathetic name. But that was my new identity, Aaron Montana. I sat on the chair and hugged myself.

“Byron”- I corrected.

“No, Aaron, get used to it”- the voice spat out.

“Why am I here?”- I asked.

“Are you familiar with the term cloning?”- The voice asked.

“Of course, who doesn’t?”- I was sounding acidic.

“You are part of an experiment…even yet you are the experiment. You see, you are a clone, of the number one killer in whole London. But, we had to move you to the U.S. Why? Because we were afraid that you would inherit his genes. But apparently you didn’t. You were born, from tube sample. You parents were just pure actors and workers of us. You were placed with them, so you could live a normal life, until now.”

“WHAT? A CL-CL- CLONE? what the hell is going on here dude? Who are you and why the FILL THE BLANK I’m here?”- I snapped out, screaming.

“Because you are about to turn eighteen and that’s when your gene becomes more pure. Don’t worry, to the school you are going is full of Clones, like you. People who were clone and had to be divided from humans”- he explained.

“This makes me a freak! The hell with this”- I said, standing up, strutting to leave. But Serto, grabbed my shoulder and yanked me to the floor. I screamed in pain.

“What the hell dude?…why the violence”- I screamed.

“We know is hard for you, but you have to cooperate”- the voice said.

Serto opened my mouth and shoved a pill in my throat.

After five seconds… I blacked out.

I woke up in a brick room, with a folder hanging in front of me from the ceiling. I couldn’t remember very well, about what happened but the CLONE THING still transfixed my brain.I grabbed the folder and flipped it open.




Great, now I had to choose which superpower I wanted? I was a robot to them, they could do anything to me?

I shook my head and turned the pages. Photos of beautiful girls played along, with checkmarks and words saying ‘available’. At the end of every page, it said ‘chose the girl of your preference’.

Not only was I perplexed and maybe dreaming. Now, I had to choose what girl, I wanted. I threw the folder away and my blood sang as the adrenaline kicked in, and I saw something I couldn’t describe. All in my mind.

A school of thoughts went through my mind as a whip of manipulative information.I had no idea where to start or what do to. You ever get that feeling? That perplexing feeling that you just can’t avoid it?…that was going trough me in that moment. Before, I heard the news of being a clone, I had nothing to think about or even do. Now, I had an amount of information in my head and there was nothing I could use with it.

Maybe I’ll just have to play alone with this!- I thought many times. But being in a school full of freaks and also being controlled by matrix-like guys made no sense. I hated being controlled by people who just wanted to make you believe things I’m not.

So, I stood up and went back to the room. I slipped a heavy clothing, outside was chilling enough to freeze my bones.

And how could I detect this?… if my apartment had no windows whatsoever. Could I actually feel what I couldn’t see? NO…that not possible and it doesn’t even make sense.I walked to the door and opened it. It revealed a running hallway with tons of doors that, in my imagination, where other dorms. I walked silently the hallway, not wanting to attract any attention to me. But like always and so clich my jaw slammed in the wooden floor, echoing my grunt filled with pain. To the sound nobody came out. I was relieved, so I kept on walking.

“Sir, what are you doing?”- A voice called from behind.

I pressed my speed button and sped away through the hallway, taking two rights and one left. My stomping was pins sounds compare to the running of the guy behind me. I wasn’t screaming and neither him. I was huffing, that was for sure. Running, was not my best attribute to this body, so whenever I did, I got pretty tired.At the end of the hallway, swinging doors stood there sheltering what was behind them.I pushed them open, swinging them back and forth. They revealed two staircases.

Which one should I take?- I thought.My impatience was growing hungry and ready to eat my brain if I didn’t make a decision right away. So, my instincts told me to go downstairs and so I did.

As I made my way to what appeared to be the second floor, I heard the doors swung open. He was there, right in top of me. It was easy to guess where he was going because the boots where loud enough to hear his steps.He went upstairs, because the running faded instead of intensifying.In that floor, another doors sheltered something behind them.I looked up and saw cameras monitoring the doors. There was no way of escaping this place. Even If one day, I tried to escape they would catch me in a jeepy. I sighted what could I do? Go back to my room or have a little adventure with my own pursuit? Hmm!

I guess adventure sounded great, because I ripped the doors open and began to run in another hallways.But this hallways was different, giggles crowded the silence.People were awake, of course.One door opened and hissed at me.

A beautiful face peered with long olive hair, butter skin, big round yellow eyes, jawbones ripping and collarbones popping. She was wearing a black coat, her face composed.

“Come inside now”- she demanded.

I obeyed like a little boy, I guess woman do have a powerful force around us that makes us obey. Of course, this was my thought. If said this aloud it would give every girl I dated the right.

“Who are you?”- I asked perplexed.

“I’m Beadrel…”- a pause “What the hell are you doing running the hallways?”- she said in a force tone, face still composed. NO movement no nothing.

“Are you wearing Botox?”- I asked languidly, knowing that she would say yes.

“NO”- her face still composed.

Well isn’t that a shock! She wasn’t? Then it must be something new, because I couldn’t trace any emotion in her face, only her eyes. Her deep citrine eyes were extremely communicative. And Yes, she was waiting for an answer.

“Well, I decided to walk around and explore”- I said smirking.

Her room was worst than mine. It was painted chocolate and had a couple of paintings from what seemed to be the renaissance era.So she was painting enthusiast, good to know. Scattered in the floor, wires ran along the hallways. In her weird looking gothic couch she had a Mac, beeping.

“Do you know, the kind of danger you just went trought? You were running with a Enibal behind you…that’s dangerous!”

“A enibal?”- still perplexed.

“They are experimented humans. They are clones of cannibals and their DNA’s have been altered with leopards, which mean they run fast. You, for some reason escaped…nobody does.”- she explained.

And I thought I was a freak!
“How do you know I’m running away?”- I asked.

“Do you see that computer over the couch”- she jerked her thumb “I have hacked the system and I can monitor everything that the cameras see. I need it for when I go wondering”

“Wondering? Why wonder around in this school?”-I asked smiling.

“I’m a vampire…well the clone of one.But it sucks. The only thing I gained was the immortality crap and the sucking of saline blood”- she wrinkled her nose as if she felt disgusted by doing it. “But they have found a pill that take away that tinglin sensation of biting someone’s throat”

And yes, kids I immediatedly tensed my bones and my blood – ironically- froze.

My lips puckered to a big O.

“Hey, did they gave you a paper to upgrade anything in you. Like have supernatural powers?”- I asked

“Yes, but I resign. I want to be me, but we can’t escape. If we try, we’ll get caught and rummors about killers with crowd the humans TV”- she informed me.

So far the escaping plan…FAIL.

I sat next to the computer. “So, what do we do next?”- I asked.

“Get out of my room, and go to yours. Get some sleep and wake up in seven hours because school, will begin”- she explained, almost demanding me.

“Great…school. I don’t want to participate in this circus freak show. I want my family back”- I said resigning.

She opened the door and step aside, clearing the way out. “Well, that’s not a viable option. Is either her or jail…forever both. You decide”- she nodded pointing outside her dorm.

“I guess both, because this is a jail after all”- I mumbled “As a matter of fact where are we situaded?”

“If I knew I would be long gone”- she said smirking.

As I walked out, I felt the urge to ask her something, like, could we be friends? But that would seem completely erroneous. Anyways, I had to think on a plan. Someway to live through this hell, bound only for freaks, people like me.

I tip-toed my way up the stairs and into the hall and then to my room. I closed the door slowly and sighted.

Tomorrow a day awaited me. This was all going to fast for my cloned mind to reproduce. I was getting drowsy and just as I thought of the whole drowsyness, my head banged the floor and I felled asleep.

Submitted: March 11, 2009

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science fiction isn't really my thing, but this was really good.
i like how you weren't exclusive to cloning for humans; but you also cloned vampires etc.
update soon please, this novel is really intriguing!

Wed, March 11th, 2009 8:38am


Jeje! Crazy thing! I'm glad you like it.

Wed, March 11th, 2009 7:42am


Great start. I've always liked the idea of cloning and have considered writing something, but haven't quite got to it yet.

Great job! :)

Thu, March 12th, 2009 11:57pm


Thank You! It the first time for me in the campus of Sci-Fi, because all my specialty is in fiction and young adult. But i had fun crossing to the other side.

Fri, March 13th, 2009 5:43am


Im not a fan of sci-fi sorta things anymore but its really good, a good idea, good plot really
Ill look forward to readin some more :)

Sat, March 14th, 2009 1:23pm


Thank you. I'm glad that thou you don't like the genre you can still appreciate it

Sat, March 14th, 2009 8:23am

aria aiedail

nice, a few grammatical errors but we all do that. I love it.

Sun, March 15th, 2009 1:23am


Yeah. I commit a lot of em! Haha
Thanks glad u did

Sat, March 14th, 2009 7:54pm

crystal aqua

wow.... this is pretty kool!! i like it! lol, i'll read some more in a while, but now, i hear the "homework" alert sounding....

Tue, March 17th, 2009 12:01am


jaja. Don't worry there's no hurry
Glad you did!

Mon, March 16th, 2009 5:54pm


awesome start, i love it ^^

Wed, March 25th, 2009 12:00am


Haha! Yeah, I have to say that I like the way the character speaks. I just do!
Thank you A LUT!
Dumey :]

Tue, March 24th, 2009 9:02pm


wow. this is amazing! =]

Mon, April 6th, 2009 12:47am

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