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Meeting the new me

I must’ve been sleeping, because a loud knock on the door raised me to my feet. Lost inside my head, I looked around trying to recognize the place where I was.

I sighted, I was in my room.

“Who is it?”- I asked leaning at the door.

“It’s Serto. We need to talk”- he said in his hoarse voice.

My body became rigid as a warning sign flashed in my head. Immediately my eyes changed and I saw everything around me coming down on me. I thought I was going to pass out, and give myself once again to the vulture of my mind. But this time, everything was coming down on me but I didn’t pass out.

I tried squinting my eyes, but that’s when the whole freak show, inside my body, began. I saw trough the door. Outside, was indeed Serto but with two other guys who looked horrible. They looked like Enibals but their faces where wrongly mutated.

“I don’t feel so well. I have a headache, I think the pill gave me the wrong symptoms”- I said trying to sound convincing to the monsters.

Indeed, I felt bad. I just discovered a power that was way beyond my understanding. I placed my hands in my head as I turned around to walk away from the door.

“Come on Aaron! We… I know you are lying so just cut me some slack here please? There’s a lot we need to talk about”- He said sounding so convincing but still I didn’t open the door.

I walked to the bed and lounged back to it. I needed to relax and think about this power. I felt no pain or wrong mixture of adrenaline spinning in my body. I felt normal again, no venom, no nothing.

I reached my pocket and took out the little crystal bottle. The white label said: Bilastratus Occiputos ‘The power of Gods’.

Great! I was a clone of a serial killer with the power of Zeus. Can life get more complicated than this?

I tossed the crystal bottle against the wall, spraying tiny particles of crystal all around the room. I took a deep sight and closed my eyes. I wanted to sleep and sleep, be a patient of Narcolepsy would do me good in this moment.

As life isn’t more than unfair, my eyes blinked open. I couldn’t miss school even if I wanted it with all my guts. I stood up, got dressed and got out of my apartment. I was walking with extreme fear; if Serto saw me it would’ve been the perfect time to attack me. I didn’t know what his plan was right now, but I didn’t want to stay around and watch.

Walking down the stairs into the hallways of the worldly underground facility school for freak (what a long name for just: School right?) made a complete change in everything. This was where the whole fun began. A guy came out of his classroom and instead of seeing his flesh and clothes; I saw a skeleton walking around with his veins, arteries, muscles and etcetera covering his body. I don’t know what type of vision I had generated, all I know is that it was completely freaky.

I shivered as I entered one of the rooms. I saw my Igor sitting there with his eyes bigger than a fish gasping for air, it was the funniest thing. Really, you should’ve seen him. I sat down in the chair with a huge grin but it all changed when my sight blurred and I felled into another dimension of life.

Here’s what I saw

1) A black room with white paint dripping down its corner.

2) The floor was swirling with dark mist and black shadows.

3) There was a lady floating, her arms and legs were extremely pale and were streaked with dark lines creating a crevice look in her skin.

4) Her hair had curtaining her face, which looked darker than the room.

I didn’t know what was happening. My head was stuck in there looking straight at the horror corpse (which to me it looked) that was floating in front of me. Then, the Ring lady (a little comedy for you there in this agonizing moment), opened her mouth and what seemed to be petroleum oozed for her mouth, like a waterfall.

Beware of the cat in the hexagon room

With pointy ears and eyes of doom

He’s looking at you so you can see

That there’s a way for you to be free.

He won’t move and he won’t die

He’s always there for you alive

Get out before it’s too late

Because the cat forever won’t be there.

And then she exploded into millions of electrons which were sucked by the swirling floor underneath her. The white paint completely covered the black room, which of course turned white.

Then everything shifted and I was falling and falling. I couldn’t see exactly where, but the fall felt pretty real. I began to scream from the tip of my lungs until…

I blinked open, screaming, in the empty classroom. Paul, was looking at me straight from behind. How did I knew? Well I felt his eyes. It was my mind looking at him; a sixth sense.

I sat there froze for almost three minutes, with the blood boiling like an arrow to my head and my mind sparking in flames. I didn’t know exactly what was going on in my body, but it was a feeling I couldn’t exactly explain you.

Then, I felt Paul’s hand on my shoulder trying to wake me from my comatose state. My body reacted differently. I punched his chest with both of my hands, sending him flying above the chairs and banging against a wall.

My eyes widened. I had injured my friend. I got to up to him, but instead of walking my body levitated completely to Paul’s side. In this moment, I hated my body for taking control of me.

I kneeled down to help Paul sit up.

“I’m so sorry Paul. I don’t know what happened. My body reacted this way without me being in control” I said apologizing.

“It’s okay. I know you are experiencing the first moments of your powers. It happened to us too” he croaked.

We both grunted as I help him up.

“Do you think you can take the next class?” I asked trying to avoid any questioning coming from my seconds of coma.

“Of course I can! I am not injured” he said very convincing.

Okay, I’m not going to bore you with the details of what I did in the morning. Just know that it went completely slow and filled with problems. Everytime a teacher talked about priorities and what’s right, I scoffed bringing attention to me. I was seen as a rebel, someone who was trying to break the school code.

And guess what?

I was. I was going to escape from that jail, even thou it took me hurting myself badly.

I didn’t know what was more disgusting, if it was the way so delicate they were eating or that the food was repellent. To me, they weren’t chewing. They were putting the food in the mouth and swallowing it, all with their serene faces. Nobody talked while they ate or even flinched. They were completely communicated with their food.

But me, of course breaking the rules, I was eating grotesquely. I was chewing the spaghettis which splattered in my cheeks, the meatballs making a liquid slurpee in my mouth with them and then spitting all back to the tray. GROOSS!

Still nobody noticed. I had had it.

I stood up and went directly to the supposedly garden. There I found Beadrel, reading a book underneath a tree. The trees were real, somehow they managed to plant a tree underneath the earth. I sat beside her.

“Hello!” I greeted

“Hi there” she responded

“What are you reading? How to hack this freaking school?” I asked trying to make a joke which didn’t worked because she didn’t smile.

“Nope. The raven from Poe” she said very simple.

“Oh! That’s nice I have read it before” I lied. Never felt interested to read Poe.

“You liar. Remember! I can read your thoughts” She said reminding me that she was a clone of a vampire.

“Right! Vampire chick” I said nodding slowly.

“So how you been?” she asked.

“Good! Making trouble in school, my brilliant plan” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve heard. You’re quite popular around here.” She said to me.

Then from out of nowhere, and let me tell you we are in nowhere, came slithering a yellow worm. Both of us looked at it sharply, as our jaws dropped. In a sudden second, the worm was picked by Beadrel and it went down her throat like hot sauce dipped oysters. I jaw was on the ground, I was shocked. She jugged the worm with no wrinkling of the forehead or anything.

“And that is a B-I-G turnoff for guys” I said wrinkling my forehead.

We both locked our gaze and smiled.

“I’m sorry. Is just that whenever I get to savor real blood even thou is a tip, it feels like the whole world means something” she said sighing.

“Don’t worry. I don’t mind” I really didn’t. She was so beautiful that by looking at her it all went away. She was pale as a paper and her yellows eyes were pulling me towards her. I never felt like this before. This wasn’t a stage of love or crush, this was real. It felt like someone had taken away from me all that made sense and clustered stupidity in my hormones, blood and mind.

“HEY GIRL, COME HERE!” an Enibal shouted.

“Oh crap! He saw me” she mumbled.

“Don’t worry, since you can read their thoughts you’ll know to defend” I said.

“I can’t read their thoughts. Everybody here knows how to block them, that’s why I haven’t escaped” She confessed.

We both walked to the Enibal, whose eyes were completely bloodshot.

“What does the second rule says?” The Enibal with wrongly mutated face asked.

“I must never use my powers in school” Beadrel said looking down, filled with fear.

“Then WHY you ate a worm you freak?” He said very mad poking her right shoulder.

“Hey! Don’t touch her” I said joining the argument.

“Who said you could talk?” He addressed me.

“I did. You pig” I responded mad.

He pulled out a malevolous grin.

“Then pig THIS” He said punching Beadrel in the face making her fly back and knock into the walls of the dome. Then he leaped and landed next to her. He furiously kicked her in her stomach and again, like a rag-doll, Beadrel was sent flying.

Rage entered my veins, adrenaline pumped in my head, my body shivered with excitement and my blood sang, as I leaped high in the hair and landed behind the Enibal in a perfect crouch. I grabbed his hair and pull his head back to meet my eyes.

I landed a perfect high kick in his back sending him straight forward at warp speed. He managed to stop in his track. He looked back and came running towards me. I didn’t know what to do, but my adrenaline was singing opera to my bones. When he got one inch close, I jumped above him, twisted in the air and kicked outward, with both of my legs, the Enibals nape.

I heard every bone snapping and every joint slashing. He collided on the ground…dead. I looked at him huffing and puffing with my chest heaving. I dind’t know what to do. Everybody was looking at me, scared and also relived.

Still, I had killed a living experiment. When I looked back at Beadrel she was standing, looking at the Enibal with a sharp killing look. But her eyes were completely changed. They looked RED.

In a flash she was standing next to the Enibals and in seconds she started to bite his body and slurp his blood. Her eyes red to capacity and her face relieved. I pulled back shocked to her animalistic moment. I was stunned; she looked like a demon to be sincere. She kept on until her eyes went back and she collapsed on the ground with her cheeks stained in blood.

One of the Enibals grabbed her and pulled her away from the body. He took out a pill, shoved down her throat and took her away. Her body was slumped and looked like streaking red ribbons.

I went to my room, I couldn’t take the day. I was dumbfounded by the situations. I had seen a guy in only bones, I had punched a friend, I levitated, I flew and I killed a guy. All in one day—oh! And I had a poem singing in my head about the dead corpse in the class, because if all this wasn’t much, I was seeing dead people talking to me in vision.

What could all this meant? I knew I had powers developing and in a way I was glad that I had killed that Bastard but nothing was mixing right. The corpse talking to me meant something. She talked about a Hexagon room and cat with eyes. There was something, a clue. She was trying to tell me a way to, escape?

“Exactly, she said he wants me to be free, but oh damn! They had the wrong person, I don’t even know what a hexagon is” I said speaking to myself.

I lay in my bed trying to think, but I actually went to sleep.

I blinked my eyes open when I heard the front door unlocked and some steps getting closer to my bed. They were here, I killed a man. They were going to kill me. I sent shocks to my body, so it could be aware of everything. Since he was acting for himself and helping me. Isn’t a wonder how I speak of my body as another being?

Paul’s face peered in the door.

I sighed relieved.

“Paul, how you got in?” I asked.

“Door Unlocked, of course!” he said sitting by my side in the bed.

“Forgot!” I said sitting up.

Paul’s face slinked as he passed his fingers through his hair. “There’s something wrong” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked curious.

“It’s the girl who sucked the blood from an Enibal” he said referring to Beadrel.

My body became alert and I tensed up. “What’s wrong?” I asked frowning.

“They are going to Black her” he said with a depressing tone dangling in his vocal cords.

“What?” he had me at Black Her.?

“She has taken the blame for your actions and hers were pretty clear. So, tomorrow at night they are going to black her”

“Fine. But what does black means?” I asked.

“It’s a blindfold that drains away everything from her” he informed.

“Then she won’t be a clone?” I asked.

“No. She won’t be anybody, she’ll die” he said.

And there my friends my world collided.

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WOW! The ending... Very good! This sounds amazing. Keep writing!

Sun, March 15th, 2009 6:27pm


Thanks! Will Do!

Sun, March 15th, 2009 12:24pm

aria aiedail

im sorry i didn't get to comment earlier, my internet disappeared yesterday.. butits back!! I like that he can see through walls O.o
and the vampire chick is awesome

Mon, March 16th, 2009 10:57pm


Hehe! Yeah!

Mon, March 16th, 2009 4:21pm


wow very creative...keep on writing............hope they dont black her....I like her...... damn the enibal!!!!!

Wed, March 18th, 2009 3:41pm


je thanks!
Glad you did!

Wed, March 18th, 2009 12:53pm


really nice! luv it ?

Wed, March 25th, 2009 12:22am


Thank you!
Really Appreciate it

Tue, March 24th, 2009 9:00pm

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