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“Why me?” Aubrey asked Leo.

The medium build body with charcoal eyes, Faux-Haux black hair, jutted face bones and wicked smile of Leo had the chubby body, pale skin, red-brown hair twisted in braids and small figure of Aubrey pinned against a wall.Leo had his hands playing with the waist of Aubrey.

They were both outside of the school, in a corner; Leo’s favorite corner. It was the corner where he used to kiss every girl, his shag.

But why ask, why me? Did she knew about the games that Leo had with his friends?, Leo thought.

“What do you mean?” Leo asked frowning.

“Well, I’m chubby, I’m not blonde or tall, I’m not rich, I suck at sex and even worse, I wear grandma’s panties” Aubrey said.

“Those panties are what makes everything more interesting” Leo said smirking.

He pulled her by her waist. Their bodies touched feeling the warm blood traveling their bodies in rage. Leo pressed his lips on Aubrey’s. The kiss was intense, it was happening again: the same sex, scene that had happened days ago in that corner with Linda. For Leo, it was a normal day but for Aubrey he was her favorite Vanilla Ice-Cream.

But Aubrey knew better and she pulled away “I can’t. I can’t do this! Let’s go inside” she said under her breath feeling the temptation to strip down her clothes and make love in the open air.

“You sure?” Leo asked. He felt the same, it wasn’t the first time that a girl had let him down.

“Yes” Aubrey said.

“Okay, let’s go. I respect you” Leo said. He smiled inside because that word respect was going to work inside of her like a blender machine when it makes smoothies.

“And that’s what I love about you” Aubrey said.

When they turned around, for Leo’s surprise, Linda, a tall blonde with curvy hair, slim body, and honey eyes was standing behind them with a cigarette on her hands.

“Oh please, you believe that crap?” Linda asked.

Leo’s eyes wheeled back. This was the first time a girl had come back to him. He always left them craving for more but they never came back to haunt him.

“Who are you?” Aubrey asked hugging Leo.

“Oh, pardon my manners. I’m Linda, the girl that Leo banged last week on this same corner” there was a silence. Aubrey’s face turned red and then purple. She was feeling rage “yeah, I know…crazy. Did you know that Leo keeps a notebook with all the names of the girls he sleep with? Oh and he gives her points depending on how you look without clothes” Linda informed.

Leo was about to choke and die.How did she know about the notebook? About the points? Damn, Linda was very smart she had figured everything out.

Aubrey turned to Leo “What?!” She screamed.

Linda opened the notebook that she had on her arms. But it wasn’t just a notebook, it was the notebook.

“Hmm, Aubrey? It says here that he gave you forty points. Your underwear is a nasty looking diaper and your body looks like Jabba the hut from Star Wars” Linda said quoting what was written about Aubrey.

Aubrey hands coiled into fists. She didn’t have words. She felt betrayed. She wanted to kill Leo. What a fucker! Wrath hanged on her fists and she punched Leo’s stomach. Then punched his faceand for the last abusive scene, she kicked him in the groin.Leo’s eyes went up.

It was painful.

“You cracked my balls!” Leo said kneeling on the ground.

“That’s for being a dick!” Aubrey said and spit him. “I hope your balls finish like Jabba the hut, you asshole” Aubrey spat.

With that Aubrey walked away.

“You see? You were always so trustful with girls. But you know something? Never mess with a girl that will do everything to bring you down” Linda said and then she slapped him with the notebook on his face “There you have your Lust Games”

Linda also walked away, leaving Leo on the ground holding his manly area like it was about to deteriorate. For minutes he laid on the floor moaning in pain.

“You know, Laura, Linda and Aubrey in a month? That puts you on top of our list” Riley said smiling showing his dimples. Riley, is tall, toned skin, average body sculpted, blonde hair and brown eyes. His body was a dark stone shining in the pure sunrays that were striking the outsides of the school. “Such a shame that you had Aubrey who is an excellent Judo fighter” Riley said.

“You knew about this?” Leo said trying to stand up.

“Hi soldiers!” Said two brunette bubbly girls that walked pass them.

Riley turned around and waved at them smiling. He puckered his full lips and the girls smiled. Always work Riley thought.He turned back to Leo.

“Yeah, we knew but we decided to keep quiet. It was a challenge for you” Leo said chuckling.

“You little rats” Leo said “Let’s go before more girl land on top of me and not for the good reasons” Leo said.

Riley and Leo walked away from the corner towards Riley’s car. This had never happened before. The girls never attacked back mad at Leo.A rage against him meant he had passed the eight grade in the Lust Games.

Now what awaited him was the ultimate grade: pick a girl for the whole summer and then break her heart. The ninth grade, the one he was psyched about.

Submitted: April 29, 2009

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