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Leo’s room had posters of different rock bands and the portrait of a river with a wild forest behind it- random isn’t? The bed was all stacked with wires and different kinds of notebooks. On a corner stood a guitar and a drum set.His foyer had a plasma TV and the floor was rugged.On the corners of the room were his other two friends: Leroy and Jacob.

Leroy, was laying on the rugged floor without his shirt. His black pants were low waist showing off his abs and many tattoos with tempting words. His hands were cushioning his head his biceps bulging and his shouldered blonde hair gleaming like a halo.

Jacob was sitting in the chair of the drum set playing absentmindedly with his telephone. His toned skin combining with the astonishing white of the drum set and his sapphire eyes gleaming powerfully with the gleaming sunrays that entered the room.

Riley was standing on the window looking outside, compeltly lost in another world.

“So? How are you going to get your summer love?” Leroy asked.

“Well, obviously I need a job there I can find a girl” Leo responded.

“A job dude? But where?” Jacob asked.

“At Burger Palace around the corner of the school” Riley said turning around and walking to Leo’s bed. “ they are recruiting! Plus they have two hot blonde girls, two black girls with amazing boobs and body, one asian that people say that’s hell on kissing and of course my sister—which is totally of the game” Leroy informed sitting on the bed beside Leo.

“It sounds like the perfect place for me” Jacob answered first.

“yeah, that would be the perfect place for me too” Leo said.

A knock on the door made every guys face turned at it. The door opened and a paled face, with dark eyes and trimmed hair peered.

“Hey, when you are done with you self-eating ego games of womanizing you’ll be needed downstairs” The guy said.

“For what?” Leo asked.

“I don’t know mom is anxious calling for you.It seems like she needs something from you.Oh, and Aubrey called and said that if you dared coming near her she’ll throw you the whole Judo team. I gave her the address just in case and you kno—“

The guy was cutted off by Leo who pushed him to the hallway out of the room.

“Marshall you don’t need to embarrass me infront of my friends” Leo said.

“What? “ he whispered in a low octave.

“I don’t embarrass you in front of your boyfriend telling him when you used to stand in front of your mirror and sing Mariah Carey” Leo said.

Marshall gave him a dirty look and darted downstairs, Leo followed.

Leo’s mom was wearing an apron underneath a polka dots blue dress. She was on the kitchen baking a cake. Her hair was blonde and her lips painted in blood red.

“What up mom?” Leo asked opening the fridge.

“Can you go to the grocery store and buy me chiken? I’m making pasta” she said.

Marshall came in and sat on the kitchen island.

“Why don’t you send your gay son? He loves visiting the place” Leo said knowing it would tick off Marshall.

“Asshole” Marshall sang.

“Shove it punk” Leo said.

Leo’s mom made a loud sound coming from her clapping. “Do not insult your brother Leo”

“I was joking and he knows that” Leo said. “Anyways, I can’t. I’m going to the Burger Palace to see if I can get a job”

“A job? You?” Marshall guffawed “I’d pay to see that”

“Seriously honey? A job I’m so proud of you” Leo’s mom said hugging him with frosted hands.

“Yeah yeah! Let’s see how it turns” Leo said

“Well then can you go Marshall? And ask your lover to give us a discount?”

“Veronica? He is not my lover, his an old dude with detestable breath. Ugh!” Marshall said

Leo chuckled and went out of the kitchen. He ran upstairs and went to his room.When he opened the door Riley was laying on the bed, Jacob was speaking sexy on his phone and Leroy was throwing a ball in the air.

“Well, Burger Palace here I go” Leo said to them.

Arriving at Burger Palace brought joy to Leo. He remembered when his dad, before he died,used to take them there. That was when everything was normal on his family. When his life made sense and when Veronica was happier than ever.It made his heart jump in allegory.

Leo stepped out of his Jeep and went inside the Burger Palace. The rectangular eating place looked like the eighties from the inside. The music,the tables, the signs, everything was cooler than Leo expected it to be. He walked towards the cash register where Kimmy, the hot and steamy Asian girl was standing behind it.

“Hi there how may I help you?” Kimmy asked jolting.

“ I believe I have a date with you. I mean a job interview with your boss” he said chuckling.

“yeah” Kimmy answered in a low voice. “ I don’t think they are looking for a guy and specially a guy that’s using old lines to get inside a workers jeans” Kimmy said.

Then the tall and frigid Lauren came out from her office and entered the cooking spot. Kimmy glanced back and called her by boss. She walked to Kimmy with a raged face.

“What is it?” Lauren asked annoyed. Like she always was.

“This guy here says you called him for an interview” Kimmy said pointing at Leo.

Leo winked Lauren and his dimples showed.

“Oh I did?” she said sounding amazed. “Very well then, here’s the question that’ll land youthe job. Ready?” Lauren asked Leo.

Leo grinned.

“For five years the only employess have been girls. What makes you think I need a guy now?” She asked.

Bitch! Leo thought. She had hit him with a good question. He knew what to answer but he wasn’t sure that It would get him the job. “Change! We all need it. In life we all go through phases and so does the jobs” Leo answered “Plus, what do you have to lose with such a beautiful, neat and workable guy like I am?” then he added.

Kimmy snorted, Lauren made no expression.

“Aren’t you full of yourself?” Lauren said crooning with a fake smile.

“I don’t think is yourself he’s full of. I’d say he’s more full of sh—“

“Kimmy please!” Lauren voice was high cutting off Kimmy.

Lauren sighted and gave a low grunt “Go to my office. I’ll be there in two minutes” she ordered “Is the last door on that hallway” Lauren informed him pointing at the hallway.

Leo walked to the office; his veins filled with victory. He knew he already had the job, because, who can avoid having such a hot guy on the job? He always got everything he wanted by being so sure of himself. It was something he loved about himself: being so sure and so decisive in what he wanted. It always made him feel like he was on top of the world.

Leo sat on the chair. In front of him laid a desk stacked with mountains of loosed papers and souvenirs. The walls of the jail-like room where white and crammed with posters of Burger Palace from when it started, till what they are now. Something trapped Leo’s attention: there was no picture of Lauren or anything that seemed to be hers; there were only work papers.

The door opened and Lauren came in. She sat behind the desk and remained looking at Leo for seconds, without saying a word.

“So, you wanna work here” She finally said.

“Yeah, I do” Leo said feeling weird, because he thought he had made that clear.

Lauren eyes rolled “Look, you better work here because you need the money, not because you need to satisfy your sex hunger. If I ever catch you hitting on a girl or looking at her weird—you’re toast. Is that understood?” her eyebrows sprang up wanting to touch her hair line.

I am already toast. Shit! Leo thought.Then he sighed “Fine. No touching, looking or hitting my employee friends” Leo assured her. He knew he had made a commitment to her that was untrue, because the whole reason he came here was to play a Lust Game with a female work.

“Then, it’s done!” Lauren said, finally pressing a smile. She opened the drawer and took out a paper from it “Here. This paper tells everything you need to bring tomorrow so you can start when you finish school. Which by the way when it’s that?” Lauren asked.

“I finish school on Friday” Leo informed.

“Good! Then we’re settled. See you next week” Lauren said and stood up.

Leo also stood, shook her hand and went out of the Burger Palace. He was feeling happy and strong, there was nothing that could stop him now. He knew it was going to be easy, but not this easy. He entered his car and went to his house with the music so loud that the windows could explode.

When he arrived home he realized that Riley’s car was there. Leo grunted, he wasn’t in the mood to deal with the whole Lust Games now. He knew that Riley was there to speak about how it went, so he could speak to Higher Gamer (the ones who pays them for every Lust Game they make).Leo got out of the car and entered his house. He found Marshall sitting on the couch watching a movie with two boys kissing in it.

“Can you be more pathetic?” Leo said to Marshall.

Marshall startled in surprise. He glanced back at Leo “What do you mean?” he asked.

“You have a Laptop for school and a desktop for home. What are you doing watching porn here?” Leo asked, wanting to laugh but he was sounding serious.

“What?” Marshall asked frowning. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing “Get the fuck out of here!” he said out loud “Jackass” he muttered.

Leo guffawed and ran upstairs to his room where he knew he would find Riley. He was right, Riley was there on his computer, chatting.

“Whatcha doing here punk?” Leo said launching in his bed.

‘“How did it go?” Riley asked not taking his eyes from the computer.

“Excellent, I can’t wait to start next week” Leo informed.

“You got the job?” Riley’s brown went up. He was stunned, because he did have low expectations on Leo. Riley had a low percent of envy in Leo’s confidence.

“yeah man what did you expect?”Leo said.

“I didn’t know what to expect” Riley said, his voice low and deep.He whirled on the chair facing Leo “For the two months you’ll be given a thousand dollars, if it’s complete. Is that understood?”

Leo sighed “Piece of Cake dude, piece of cake”

A week Later

There were a swarm of people entering to Burger Palace. All the tables were filled and the muttering of people was like the buzzing sound of bees. Leo was shocked, he didn’t knew that it would be so packed with people, but then again it was lunch hour. Leo had already learned, how to make Coffee, fry the fries, make their homemade buns and the burger pattie.He was a pro already!

Who could destroy him now? He was invincible, it was his first day and he had conquer so much that even Lauren was stupefied. Leo chuckled everytime he saw Lauren’s face whenever she asked him to do something and he did itin less than ten minutes.He was proud of himself.

Then came the time to hit the front counter. The place where he had to take orders, where clients paid and from where he had to take the order to the tables. Piece of cake he thought. Leo walked to the counter from the kitchen, realizing how short the whole place is. In front was Kimmy and Veronica: the hot black skin girl, with dark brown hair that waterfalls to her mid-back, brown eyes, dark eye-lashes that made her eyes stood out more, pink nails and huge smile.

Her make up is so bronze and white that her face looks cherubinistic, Leo thought.

“Hi” Leo greeted to Kimmy and Veronica.

Kimmy raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes. She opened up the cashing machine and took out the petty money. “Have fun” Kimmy said sarcastically with a fake smile. Then she disappeared through the door.

“Hi” Veronica said back.

“Is she always this rough?” Leo asked referring to Kimmy.

“No. But you don’t want her being nice to you, because she talks like a parrot!” Veronica said pressing a smile.

Leo smiled back and he knew this was the moment to do something and fast. He needed to ask her out or to say something that could bring her around back to speak more with him. The thing was that he only knew one thing about Veronica: her dad was a painter. That was his viable connection to her.

“Hey, I heard your father is a painter. Is that right?” Leo asked.

“Yeah he is. He paints houses, and sometimes do art work” Veronica informed as she cleaned the coffee machine.

“I feel very stupid saying this, but I need someone to paint my house.The paint it’s already fading and it needs a new color. I would love if you could go and me—“

Veronica snorted and laughed “Dude, you seriously need better lines. They are getting old” she said interrupting. “You are lucky that I’m not a blabbermouth, because for that I could get your ass fired. Lauren talked to all of us of a possible hitting on us by you” Veronica said and with that she brushed her hand in Leo’s shoulder, tempting him. Then she leaned forward to his ear “It’s like, we can tease you and you can’t do anything about it. How sexy and introverted is that?” Veronica said and slapped Leo’s but.

Leo felt defeated and at the same time mad. Lauren had thought first than him. He needed to do something to overwin her. She was a smart old lady with a bad sense of humor and fucking bad breath.

Then, the door sprang open and in came Magdanele: blonde, tall, blue eyes, curvy body, and wearing no make up, followed by Melene: milk-coffee skin, dark eye lashes, honey eyes, short light-brown hair, mid-height, wearing a short blue dress, ankle-high black boots, a short black leather jacket over the dress and a white scarf around her neck. She was beautiful.

Magdalene came around the counter. Threw her bag underneath the counter and pushed in a ponytail her blonde hair sighing. Melene sat in the stool in front of the counter. Absentminded, Leo found himself drying the cups of Coffee.

“So, I;m telling you this. The asshole was never good enough for you anyways Melene. I don’t know why you are worrying” Magdalene said passing a weat cloath in the counter-top.

“I don’t worry. Is just that I find him everywhere and I feel he’s following me all the time. It’s like I broke up with him and it kills him, so he wants me more back” Melene said.

“God! The dude is a loser. You should put him a restraining order, maybe that’ll keep away the freak-o” Magdalene responded.

Leo knew this was his time to speak.He was still dumbfounded by the beauty cast upon him by Melene. By the girl with the white scarf as he was saying to himself.Maybe she was the one he could use. The rules didn’t really involve a girl from a job, it just said ‘Summer Love’.Still he decided to act.

“Sorrym to introduce young ladies. But what exactly did you said to him?” Leo asked to Melene.

Melene looked at Magdalene and then back at Leo. She was having seconds thought on sharing with a stranger her personal life.

“Well” she said hesitating “I said to him that I needed time off. Because he was being very boring, but of course I didn’t said that to him” Melene said.

“It figures. Never say to a guy that you need a time off. It will only bring him uncertainty, make him think why time off. He will doubt on himself for making you think he’s not good enough for the moment. Plus, it compromises you to go back to him, because he’ll be there waiting for you” Leo informed sure of what he was saying because he had been through that a couple of times.

“What are you doing?” Melene asked to Magdalene who was writing something in a napkin.

“Well what you think? I’m not smart enough to come up with something like that. So I’m writing it down so I can’t commit that mistake…again. And then have to end it all kissing a bunch of guys, so he could think I’m a whore and forever leave me” Magdalene said.

Leo chuckled. “You’re funny” he said to Magdalene.

“I’m Magdy” Magdalene said shacking her hand with Leo “and she’s Melene but I call her by her second name Paxon” Leo shook hands with Melene.

Then there was an akward moment and silence.Leo looked around to see if there was something that he could use to break off the awkwardness but he realized that the bunch of people that were an hour ago sitting, had gone away. The place was empty, left only with dirty floor, tables and dishes.

“Hey, you should go to the party on my house tomorrow. It will be a blast and bring a swimsuit, there’s a pool!” Magdy invited.

Excellent! Leo thought. This would be the perfect time to get Melene or Magdy. He was on a roll!

Submitted: April 29, 2009

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very nice, so now theres money involved
cant wait for more!

Wed, April 29th, 2009 10:26pm


jeje Thanks!!

Wed, April 29th, 2009 4:34pm

aria aiedail

what kinda sick b****** pays someone to be like that. ^.^ twisted

Sat, May 2nd, 2009 2:36pm


yeah!!! hehe

Tue, May 5th, 2009 7:21am

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