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Chapter 1 (v.1) - dehind closed doors jims door

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



and walks over to a tin bath he leans over the bath and reaches down and pulls up an arm by its wrist takes the knife and slices two pieces of flesh from it the slices fall back into the bath and float on top of the blood soaked water, Jim puts his knife back on the table and gets the skewer and retrieves the flesh from the water and places it on the skewer and props it up in front of his fire.

Returning to his table he hears a knock at his door which he promptly goes to answer closing his dinning room door as he goes, opening his front door he meets the smile of Cath a young lady who lives next door to Jim.
“Hello Jim I’ve just brought this round” holding out a parcel. “the postman brought it this morning”
“Thank you Cath, how are you? “
“fine thanks”
“Sorry I can’t chat got tea on don’t want it to burn”
“Something nice you enjoy Jim”
“Will do prime cuts” Jim says with a grin
Closing his door Jim inhales a breath of fresh are the air is full of the smell of lavender.

Jim returns to his dinning room and heads straight for his meat, glancing down into the bath of bloody water he sees the face of a young man which is slightly submerged in the water. Jim takes his meat and returns to his table and sups his now slightly warm tea and applies sum mustard to his meat and bread and takes a small bit “perfect” Jim mutters to himself with a smile of contentment spreading across his face

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