Falling For Him

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[This is a BoyxBoy story, meaning it's a gay love story. Don't like? Don't read.]

Hart was an ordinary guy. He was sweet, but he had no friends, he ate lunch alone, and sat in the back of the class. But on the last day of school he has to do a Summer project with the mute kid, but when he finds out his dirty little secret and is required to be one of them. Could he still be falling for him?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Falling For Him

Submitted: February 22, 2014

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Submitted: February 22, 2014



I impatiently tapped my fingers on my desk, waiting for the bell to ring. When the bell rings, I know what to expect; we'd get our daily scolding from Mr. Felt, he would then give a speech about how the last day of 12th grade doesn't mean we are guaranteed to never step into a school again, and then we'd do work or just sit there the whole time.  

 When the bell actually does ring, the absolute oddest thing happened: Mr. Felt smiled at the class. Yes, he smiled at his least favorite class. And it wasn't a warm-hearted smile, it was creepy and it made him look insane. But the insane part kinda did make sense, especially since this class did seem to drive him to the point of complete insanity. 

"Today, class," Mr. Felt started. "We are going to try something different today. Everybody partner up!" He yelled, clapping his hands before adding, "Make sure you don't know know the person,"

Nobody really paid attention to the last part. As usual, the twins stayed together, Macy and her boyfriend stayed together, and everybody else seemed to be with their best friends. I, Hart, only have one friend and he does not have this class with me. I seemed to be the only one without a partner, except for that mute kid that sits right next to me.

 Awkwardly, I turned to him, "You, uh, wanna be partners?" He looked up at me with wide, puppy dog eyes. Honestly, he looked like a scared little kid. When he stood up, he looked to be about fourteen. No, I am not kidding. He softly nodded and pulled the sleeves of his sweater over his hands. 

 For about twenty to thirty seconds I just stood there staring at the boy, I honestly had no clue what to say. He probably wasn't gonna tell me his name, maybe it's on one of his notebooks. I casually glanced around until my eyes met his binder, I bit my lip and leaned on my toes trying to see the corner. 

Once I almost saw his name, Mr. Felt walked over to us. He placed a hand on my shoulder and forced me to stand flat on my feet.

"Hart, Lucas." He said nodding to us. So, that was his name. Lucas. "I have a summer project for you two." He then looked at Lucas, "And it includes talking." 

Lucas stared at him like he just told him he was the one who killed his mother, it was a horrified look. 

  "I will know if you two don't do the project, because by the time you are heading to college, all the projects will be sitting in this room."

Finally I spoke up, "What's the project on...?" 

Mr. Felt smirked, "Whatever you two want it to be on." He said and walked up to the front of the room, he sat on his desk, smiling.

 "What do you want the project to be on?" I asked Lucas in a soft voice, I felt like I'd scare him off if I talked any louder. 

 "An-anything." Lucas stuttered out, he shyly glanced at the ground. 

  Just by looking at him, I could tell Lucas wasn't like most guys. He was small, shy, and fragile. But as far as I knew, that was only in school. At home he might be the most outgoing, idiotic, and tough teenager ever known.

 After several minutes of talking about what are project should be on, we decided to do it on supernatural creatures. We chose that for two reasons: 1. At the time I had just started watching Supernatural, 2. He seemed to perk up at the thought of it.

 We decided I'd go to his house for the project, then we'd check out possibly haunted areas. I was honestly most interested in the ghosts, but Lucas seemed to love anything related to werewolves. And let me tell you this: it was adorable when he giggled about Teen Wolf.

When I walked to Lucas' house, I would try and get more than two words out of him. But when I tried to talk about something he'd just say 'yeah' or 'oh, cool', but I never got more than that.

 Until I tried a more challenging question: "Why don't you talk much?" 

 When I asked him that his whole attitude seemed to change. He narrowed his eyes and turned around.

"Why do you want to know?" He spat at me, it was terrifying. I never knew someone so fragile looking and acting, could act so venomous.

"I-I just was wondering, w-why you are s-so quiet." I whimpered out in terror. Was this kid bipolar or did I hit a soft spot? 

He seemed to relax when I told him that, he turned around and went back to speed walking. I followed quickly, deciding that he was trying to tell me the discussion was over. 


When we got to his house, it was already seven, and it was getting dark out. I didn't really mind it, but when he suggested that I go into the woods with him to find some spirits, I got a little scared.

  By a little I mean, curled up naked in the shower kind of scared. Yeah, pathetic I know. 
"C'mon, don't be such a wimp," Lucas told me, as he dragged me outside. He smirked pushing me into the woods first. "You know, you're actually kinda hot when you're scared." He purred in my ear as we walked.

Once we reached a bridge, he smiled at me. He honestly looked like an excited little kid when he smiled like that, and it was freakin' adorable. I felt like picking him up and carrying him around with me like a giant teddy bear- oh my God, that is possibly the creepiest thing I've ever thought about doing.

I bit my lip nervously, "Don't you think crossing that looks a little unsafe?" I whispered. My hands began shaking and I chewed roughly on my bottom lip - I usually do this out of nervousness, but this time I was scared. What if we fall down there, will anybody even know we're dead? Would anybody care? When they see our names in the newspaper, will they cry?


"Hart, have you listened to a thing I've said? I've been talking to you! Hello, Hart!" Lucas snapped at me, pulling me away from all my negative thoughts.

"Luke- sorry, Lucas," I corrected. "I am sorry but, uh, it looks really unsafe. I mean seriously, what if we fall?" I said, whispering the last part like someone else could be listening to us. 

Lucas chuckled and stepped closer to the water, he looked down at the water as he began speaking. "If you can swim, you might get lucky and be able to get out. If you can't," he looked back at me, "I'll save you."  When he said that all my worries seemed to magically drift away.

He smiled and started walking across the bridge by himself. About two seconds later the bridge creaked- wait, it sounded more like a groan or a moan. Not, a creak. 

"Lucas." I whispered as he took another step, causing the bridge to send out that groaning noise again. "Lucas! P-please get back here, this is stupid. Y-you shouldn't be walking over there! Th-there is probably another way around," I said as he got to the end and hopped off into a small puddle.

"Come on, Hart, it isn't that bad." He chuckled, he patted his leg like he was calling a dog over. 

I bit my bottom lip and closed my eyes, taking one step onto the bridge. I mumbled a swear word each time I took a step. Once I reached the exact center, until the bridge groaned softly and it wobbled a bit. My first instinct was to turn around and run, but I knew I'd come face-to-face with whatever caused the bridge to wobble.

"Hart, I want you to slowly walk over here." Lucas whispered. "Don't look back, don't do anything but walk over here. And when you do get over here, just continue walking." 

Once I began walking I felt the bridge, once again, wobble. This time it wasn't just me walking, it was that thing standing behind me. That thing, that was probably not human. By the way Lucas spoke, I was pretty sure it was big and it could kill me like I was nothing more than a butterfly. Because, I am not intimidating and I am pretty horrible in a fight. I am good with archery, but that is truly all I am good at. 

When I reached the end I glanced at Lucas, he was holding a cutco knife and looked ready to kill. 

"Hart, I want you to run. Don't stop until you reach my place, when you get there. Tell them that I sent you and that he's back. They'll know what I mean," 

"Whose, them?"" I asked in a panicked tone. I didn't want to leave Lucas alone with whatever was behind us, it could kill him! He could die because I didn't help him.

"Please, Hart, just run." 

So, I did.


A/N: Sorry for a sucky (and semi-short) first chapter. I am aware that there are grammar and spelling mistakes. I will fix them later when I have the time, but right now I am supposed to be cleaning. 

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