America's Sweetheart

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Give it up for America's sweethearts, I must confess

Chapter 1 (v.1) - America's Sweetheart

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



I frowned into my Bran Flakes already dreading today. I know everybody hates school, high school's the worst and all that but what the hell with it! Today was Monday and the only thing I was looking forwards to was sitting next to Brandon in form room. Somehow expecting to see him caused a flutter of love inside of me.

He knew I liked him but I wasn't so sure if he liked me...

"Cass are ya ready yet?" My Mum called from the bottom of the stairs, I had burrowed away in my bedroom sat on my bed doing last minute homework and eating my breakfast. On Facebook Messanger I messaged Brandon. 'Heyy morning! :)' I sent it.

I wasn't sure if I was gonna get a reply. I knew I wasn't and that was a fact. I don't even think he was up yet! "Yeah I'm driving this morning Mum don't worry alright!" I rolled my eyes as I shouted at her.

Okay I'll save explanations and greeting for when I can think in the car on my way to pick up Emily, she's my best friend, and stands by me when the going gets rough if you get what I mean? I quickly messaged her via the same way as I had with Brandon.

'You ready yet? :)' I pressed sent and ate the rest of my cearal. I checked the time on my phone.

It was 7:49. You had to be at Poshton high for round haf eight it wasn't long drive but me and Emily liked to call into Morrisons for food to endure us through the tough day.

She should be ready, I'll set of now. I picked up my tarten backpack and soothed my ginger locks. I kinda like being this colour because it's not your avarage brown or blonde.

I picked up my phone and put it in the top pocket of my shirt. I shrugged into my Jack Daniel's jumper and slipped the straps of my backpack onto my shoulders in one smooth movement. I then strapped my watch to my right wrist and walked down stairs my nose in a book called 'The secret shoppers revenge'.

Already after staring from half 11 last night I was on page 305! Yeah you could call me a fast reader if you want. I put my emtpy milky bowl in the sink and looked around to see where my Mum went.

"Finally you're awake Cass!" My little brother, of 8 years, called to me. He ran and hugged my knees tightly.

"How is my little Lou?" I smiled down patting his soft golden curls.

He pouted staring at the floor unhooking me from his limpit grasp. His bottom lip was jutted out in a comical way, I had to bit my cheeks to stop me laughing at his adorable face. "Mum and Dad won't let us have a dog. Tell them off Cassie, tell them we want a dog!"

Dad was at work by this time leaving 'we can't have a dog honey explanations' to Mum. Typical. Sorry maybe I'm giving the bad image, I do like my Dad but sometimes he can be a bit... well? Strange.

"Louis we've talked about this...." Mum trailed off them stopped smiling at me her eyes shinning. "You look nice honey any boyfriends yet on the scene or I should know about?"

"Mum!" I yelled at her. "I'm concentrating on work I don't want a boyfriend!" We both had an agreement. I told her more gently that no I wasn't gay, but I wanted to focous on work get a job no distractions offordable.

"You will one day" Mum sighed picking up my little brother and returing to Mum mode. "Have you got your keys?"

"Yes Mum" I rolled my eyes dangling them from my index finger in front if us giving out a little smile. She is such a worry pot sometimes! Then she handed me some money for my food today.

"Drive carefully and come back straight after school!" She shouted as I stomped down the driveway ignoring the fact that some people were looking in our direction.


Why were mothers so embarrasing sometimes seriously it got old after a while. And so do Mum's. I smiled at the little joke I'd just made and then leaped into my cherry red mini car with the union jack on top. My dream car! I started the engine.

Right okay so here goes nothing. My full name is Cassie Ellie Clare Fleming, and I'm from the UK.

For all you perverts out there, today I'm wearing black skinny jeans, and a dark green humming bird shit with my jumper on top, also converse, black with white words written on them.

My favourite shoes!

I'm 17. I have a car. I don't have a dog. I do want a dog though as long as it's a big dog. My best friend is Emily Louise Baker, and although I tell my Mum I don't have a boyfriend, I do have a crush. And his name is Brandon Young and he had dark smoldering blue eyes.

I really don't know what makes him hot but I sure do like his soft looking brown hair and his eyes. My phone buzzed three times, it did that weird thing where it buzzes like that because I get two messages.

I pulled up on the drive to Emily's house expecting her to give me two messages, but there were two little icons? Meh probs someone at school asking about last minute homework.

I flicked the bar on my Iphone down and saw one message was from Brandon and one from Emily. Despite wanting look at his first I looked at her's. 'Yeah see you on the drive way;)' Emily had put back to me.

I beeped the horn to show her I was here.

Then, and only then I looked at Brandon's message. He'd put. 'Lol morning angel :)' I sank into my seat smiling. Without thinking about if he would just see it or not I sent. I still couldn't believe he had messaged me back! :D!!!!!!

'So how are you today then Bran? :)?'


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